EURO-1960: results

The idea to hold a tournament between European teamsappeared in 1927. At that time, it did not work out. After 30 years, UEFA returned to this idea and created the European Championships, or the Henri Delaunay Cup. The first rally took place in 1960. The final part was taken by France.

Euro 1960


Not all European teams supported the idea ofthe holding of EURO-1960. Of the participation in the tournament, 13 out of 30 countries declined. Among them, Italy, England, Germany, Belgium and Sweden can be mentioned. Football federations believed that the draw of the cup prevented players from recovering after the season.

Other 17 countries that are members of UEFA participated in thethe draw of 1/8 and 1/4 finals. It was held in early June 1958. 14 teams, including the USSR, began performances in 1/8. Ireland and Czechoslovakia conducted a classification duel.

In 1/8 and 1/4 finals there were two matches: at home and on the road. The semifinal and final of EURO-1960 took place in France, as Henri Delon was chairman of the French Football Federation.


During the EURO-1960 draw was not strictlyregulated calendar - the leadership of the teams themselves agreed on the place and time of the meeting. The qualifying matches, which, in theory, should be held in the first place, took place only on April 5 and May 10, 1959. The first match of the house was won by Ireland with the score 2: 0. The reciprocal game was held in Bratislava, the Czechs were able to score four unanswered goals and passed on.

Euro 1960 Football

The debut game EURO-1960 took place on September 28, 1958. The USSR-Hungary meeting was the first in the history of the European Cup. The match took place at the stadium "Luzhniki".

1/8 finals

EURO-1960 in football Russia (USSR team) beganwith a home match against the Hungarians. On the duel came 100,000 fans. The first goal in the match (and the history of the European Championship) was scored in the 4th minute by the Soviet football player Anatoly Ilyin. At the Euro-1960 in football, the USSR became the first in everything. Vyacheslav Metreveli soon increased the score, and Valentin Ivanov made the score devastating. Hungarians could only answer one ball in the 84th minute.

The return match was held a year later - September 27, 1959. Once again, luck sided with the Soviet team. Minimally defeating the Hungarians, the USSR went to the quarter finals.

In the second pair, the French and the Greeks came together. The first match took place in France. Filled with "Park de Prens" saw eight goals, with seven of them scored by the home team. The return match ended with a score of 1: 1.

The first match between Romania and Turkey took place inBucharest. Rumanians proved to be stronger, having scored three unanswered goals. April 26, 1959 in Istanbul was the reciprocal meeting. Turkey won 2: 0, but that was not enough. The Romanian team went to the quarterfinals.

The Norway-Austria pair played the first game in Oslo. With a minimum score, it was possible to defeat the Austrians. The return meeting took place in Vienna and ended with a score of 5: 2 in favor of Austria.

Yugoslavia and Bulgaria met in the 1/8 finals of the EURO-1960 in football. The favorite in the pair was obvious. The first match was won by the Yugoslav team with the score: 2: 0. The second ended in a draw (1: 1).

An interesting pair in the EURO 1960 becameGDR-Portugal. The first match took place in Berlin, where the hosts lost (2: 2). In the guest meeting in Portugal, the Germans scored twice, but the victory remained for the hosts (3: 2).

The outcome of the pair Spain-Poland was pretty obvious. On a visit the Spaniards won (4: 2). Houses won 3: 0 and went to the quarter finals.

In the final pair Denmark played with the winner of the qualifying round - Czechoslovakia. In Copenhagen, the winner could not be identified (2: 2). At home, the Czechs defeated the Danes (5: 1).

1/4 finals

The most expected match was the USSR-Spain. The winner in advance was difficult to predict. But the fans were not destined to see exciting confrontations. The reason was the political relations between the two countries, which in those years were strained. Spain refused to visit the USSR, offering to hold matches in a neutral territory. UEFA responded with a refusal, fining the team and appointing a disqualification. Thus, the USSR went to the semi-finals of EURO-1960.

euro 1960 football national russia team

France in a couple went to Austria. The French won both matches. The first ended with the score: 5: 2, the second - 2: 4.

Portugal opposed Yugoslavia. The first match the Portuguese had difficulty winning with the score: 2: 1. The return meeting, held in Belgrade, ended in the defeat of Portugal (5: 1).

In the last couple met Romania and Czechoslovakia. Being in the rank of a favorite, the Czechs confidently won two matches - (0: 2) and (3: 0).


At the end of May 1960, the drawing of semi-finals took place. Czechoslovakia went to the opponents of the USSR. France played with Yugoslavia.

The match with the participation of the Soviet national team took place in the arena"Velodrom". Without much effort, domestic players defeated the Czechs. The first goal scored Ivanov, in the second half, he doubled the result, and Victor Monday put an end to the match.

euro of 1960

In the second match the favorite was France,despite the absence of several key players. The Yugoslavs led 1-0, but immediately missed. The French took the lead in the game and by the 53rd minute they were leading 1: 4. At the 55th minute, the guests scored the second, but this was clearly not enough. And then the incredible happened. Between the 75th and 79th minutes the Yugoslavs were noted three times, and reached the final.

Match for third place

Frustrated by the loss of France, very uncertainheld a final match against the Czechs. Dissatisfied fans cheered their team for any mistake. The result was the victory of Czechoslovakia with the score: 2: 0.

euro 1960 national team of the USSR

The final

The USSR-Yugoslavia match was held on a wet field, underrain. In general, the game was equal. At first the Yugoslavs looked better. At the 43rd minute Galich led the team forward. Soviet players were able to reply in the 49th minute. The second half was held under the onslaught of the USSR. It was not possible to identify the winner in the main time. Only on the 113th minute Victor Monday scored the second goal. EURO-1960 team of the USSR won, thanks to the persistence of football players and the concomitant luck.

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