Eye cream

The most delicate skin of a person is around the eyes. She is always in sight and constantly exposed to the environment. It is difficult to take care of, and many even forget to do it. As a result of this negligence there are dark circles, swelling under the eyes and small wrinkles.

Caring for the skin of the eyelids should be at least 25 years old, but rather a few years earlier.eye cream

The appearance of the above signs maycause cause for concern, because they can be the result of a disease. For example, impaired kidney function. In order to eliminate doubts, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

If the health is ok, then the reasonthe appearance of dark circles can be excessive exposure to the sun, wind, stress, prolonged stay at the computer and, of course, age. Cream for the skin around the eyes will help to cope with these problems. He can have a different composition, depending on the problem that he is called upon to solve.

As a rule, a good eye creamcontains fruit acids. These substances restore and treat damaged skin cells. Such creams quickly cope with skin pigmentation and swelling.eye cream

Effectively fights with dark circles cream forskin around the eyes, which contains peptides. This substance brightens and smoothes the skin, eliminating the signs of aging. The most effective in this case are: haloxyl, chrysin, palmitol. Thanks to such ingredients, the cream reduces the amount of subcutaneous fluid and stimulates the circulation of lymph.

Eye contour cream for young skin shouldcontain as many natural ingredients as possible. The chemical compounds that form part of most creams can damage the delicate skin and even provoke an allergic reaction.

An example of useful components isretinol and vitamin K. The cause of the appearance of dark circles may be a deficiency of this vitamin, as well as antioxidants. In addition to a suitable cream with this problem will help to cope with fresh vegetables and fruits. They are able to saturate the body with vitamin B12. In addition, it is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible. It will accelerate the metabolism in the body, thereby preventing its accumulation under the skin.

Anti-aging eye cream, reviewsabout them in the majority testify about efficiency, should contain retinol. This stunning component smooths and tightens the skin, hides wrinkles and prevents their appearance.

eye cream for young skinA cream for the skin around the eyes, containing retinol,must be selected especially carefully. It is best to consult a doctor before use. A good dermatologist will be able to determine the required dose of retinol in the cream. If it is too high, the tender skin of the eyelids can react badly to it, there will be itching, allergy and so on. Retinol in combination with glycolic acid exfoliates the horny skin particles and prevents pigmentation.

The cream for the skin around the eyes is a very important part of complex care. He should be in the cosmetic bag of every girl and woman.

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