Football player Karim Benzema: biography, personal life, photo

Karim Benzema is one of the most famous modern footballers. Not surprisingly, he has been playing for the top European club Real Madrid for almost 10 years. He has impressive performance and an interesting style of play. So now we should pay a little more attention to the study of his biography and career.


Karim Benzema, whose photo is shown above, was born in a large family of poor Algerian immigrants in the northern suburb of Lyon. Besides him, parents had 5 more daughters and 3 sons.

The family lived in a small house in an area where high unemployment reigned. Despite the difficult situation in the family, the boy gave the football school at the club "Bron Terrayon." Karim was then 8 years old. He was immediately noticed by the coach, since the boy’s abilities were much higher than the average.

Benzema's first coach predicted a great future for him. He said: “Karim will go far.What is important, he got into the people of such an area, from which it is difficult to get out alive ”.

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Go to the "Olympic Lyon"

In 1996, Karim Benzema became part of this club. In “Lion” he spent 8 years. When he turned 17, he became one of the best players in the reserve. Not surprising, because the young man scored 30 goals in one season. So in December, he became part of the main part of Lion.

Footballer Karim Benzema surprised many with his technique. First, he was compared with David Trezeguet, and then with his idol - Zinedine Zidane.

He became the main striker in the 2006/07 season. During that year he spent 21 games and designed 5 goals. The following season, the figures increased several times - Benzema sent 20 goals to the opponents' goal, making him the top scorer.

Of course, such clubs as Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool and Real began to show interest in him. Oddly enough, but Karim refused to leave the “Lion”, because he was going with him to win the Champions League.

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Moving to Spain

However, from the "Lion" Karim Benzema, nevertheless, left. Real Madrid bought it for 35 million euros in the summer of 2009. The contract was signed for 6 years with a salary of 6.5 million / year.For this deal, the agent Benzema paid a maximum of 10%.

In the first season, the player, of course, rarely appeared on the field. If you leave, then more often to replace. Of the 26 matches, he had only 14 at the base. And only in 4 games he played 90 minutes.

Then Jose Mourinho came to Real Madrid, but the situation for Benzema did not change. He began to appear on the field from the first minutes after Gonzalo Higuain’s injury. And Karim showed himself. Moreover, on December 8, 2010, he designed his first hat-trick. It happened in a match against FC Auxerre in the Champions League. The second hat-trick Karim Benzema designed in the 1/8 finals of the Spanish Cup.

Mourinho's confidence in a football player was able to win, scoring 10 goals in 10 games in all tournaments. There were even a few doubles - at the gates of “Hercules”, “Racing” and “Malaga”. And just for the 2010/11 season, the striker spent 48 games and designed 26 goals.

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Further career

The following season, Karim Benzema began impressively. He scored 8 goals in 7 pre-season games! Next footballer showed himself even more effective player. In the Champions League, he scored almost every game, and at the Dynamo goal from Zagreb he scored a double.

That year Benzema was the one who helped Real Madrid win the Spanish Championship, because in the last 10 games he scored 7 goals.

But the best season for him was 2013/14.In the framework of the Championship of the country, he played 35 matches and scored 17 times. At the same time formed his strong bundle with Bale and Ronaldo. Together they scored 66% of the goals.

The following season, Karim Benzema played 3 less games, but scored the same number of goals.

Now the football player demonstrates an enviable and stable performance. In his entire career at the Madrid club, he played 279 matches and scored 131 goals.

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France team

Talking about the biography of Karim Benzema, it is impossible not to note the attention and the way he showed himself playing for the national team.

At the age of 17, he became the European Junior Champion. It was the first such victory in the history of the youth team. Then he joined the team to 18 years old, with which he won the Meridian Cup. He went on the field in all matches. It was Karim who scored 5 decisive goals - thanks to him the team won.

In the first national team he received a call in December 2006. But no luck - the young man was injured, and the field could not get out.

Interestingly, the football player was offered to play for the North African national team. Karim Benzema then said that Algeria will always be in his heart, because his parents are from there, but he will speak for France.

His full debut took place in 2007, March 28th. It was a friendly game with the Austrian national team. It was Benzema, coming out in the second half, brought the victory to France, scoring a goal.

But then, unfortunately, things for Karim went to the national team not very well. At the 2010 World Championships, he was not even included in the preliminary application. And after Euro 2012, he could not score another 1222 minutes of playing time.

Successfully Benzema showed himself at the 2014 World Cup. At that tournament, he became the best scorer of the national team, despite the fact that it did not go beyond the ¼ final.

Benzema and Ronaldo


During his entire not yet completed career, Karim Benzema received 23 trophies. Among his achievements:

  • Four victories in the French Championship.
  • One cup and two French Super Cup.
  • Double victory in the Championship of Spain.
  • Two Cups and the same number of Spanish Super Cups.
  • Four wins in the Champions League.
  • Three UEFA Super Cup.
  • Threefold victory in the Club World Cup.
  • Meridian Cup.
  • Winning the UEFA European Under-17 Championship.
  • Bravo trophy.
  • Three-time title of Football Player of the Year (France).
  • The status of the top scorer of the French Championship in 2008.

In addition, Benzema was the author of 300 goals of Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Benzema in the Champions League

2015 scandal

In 2015, Karim Bensema was removed from the games for the French national team because of what happened between him and football player Mathieu Valbuena, a midfielder of the Fenerbahce club.

What happened? In short, the 20-minute telephone conversation between Benzema and Karim Zenati, his childhood friend who was in jail more than once, was made public.

The offender on the orders of the blackmailers, who had compromising on Mathieu of an intimate nature, asked his star comrade to talk with Valbuena on this topic. In fairness, I must say that in conversation, Benzema tried to convey to a friend that he and his buddies would simply ruin a person’s career and life by this act.

But the law was not on the side of Karim. Based on the conversation, with the full version of which anyone can read (he is in the public domain), Benzema is almost an intermediary in blackmail. Happiness that he was simply removed from the games, and not given a 5-year term.

In general, at first, Karim was simply not included on the shortlists of players to prepare for the games, and then, in 2018, the president of the French Football Federation announced that Benzema would never be called up to the national team again.

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