"Ford Focus 2": reviews, descriptions, specifications, advantages and disadvantages

Ford Focus 2 is a very popular car in Russia. This machine belongs to the C-segment. Serial production of the second generation "Focus" lasted seven years. The latest copy was released in 2011. Despite the cessation of production, the car is still in demand among motorists. Should I buy this car in the secondary market? Reviews about "Ford Focus 2", specifications and much more - later in our article.


This model was produced in several bodies:

  • Four-door sedan.
  • Three-door hatchback.
  • Five-door hatchback.

Externally, the car looks very nice - say reviews. But to stand out from the stream on this car you are unlikely to succeed. Front - dynamic silhouette with almond-shaped headlights and bumper embossed. Windshield lightly comes to the roof.ford focus 2 reviewsThe distinctive feature of the "Focus" of the second generation is the muscular wheel arches. They give the car a more expressive look. Depending on the configuration, 15- or 16-inch wheels can be installed here. But lovers of styling manage to ride on 18-inch wheels.

Are there any problems on the body on the "Ford Focus 2"?

Reviews of the owners say that over time, corrosion begins to form in the area of ​​thresholds and hidden cavities of doors. Although the manufacturer itself claims that the body is galvanized. Most likely, the galvanization was carried out by the cold method. Also begins to rust the trunk lid under the lining. Now about the quality of the paintwork. Varnish tends to grow thin and peel. This is especially noticeable in the places of “sandblasting” - the front bumper, the edge of the hood and the rapids. Many owners break the bar that goes from the larva of the lock to the bonnet fixer. This item is made of plastic and can not withstand stress. The new castle costs around $ 65. But the owners practice a more economical option - the installation of steel traction from the Ford Mondeo.

Salon "Ford Focus 2": description and impressions

The interior design is modest and without excesses: round ventsair ducts and the old radio with navigation. Surprisingly, the interior is very ergonomic - note the reviews. The color scheme may be different, depending on the configuration. The acoustics sound good, but many owners change their regular speakers to more powerful ones. By the way, the instrument panel on the Ford Focus 2 was different. In expensive trim attended a trip computer. But in any case, the instrument panel on the Ford Focus 2 is very readable and informative - the owners note.

Air conditioning works well in the car. Its power is enough to cool the interior in the 40-degree heat - say reviews. By the way, climate control is available in the luxury versions. As a finish, wood inserts or brushed aluminum are used. Seat upholstery - fabric or leather.dashboard ford focus 2Chairs have good lumbar and lateral support, moderately hard and have a good range of adjustments. Rear can accommodate up to three people. There is also an armrest. The luggage compartment of the sedan is designed for 467 liters of luggage. This volume can be expanded by folding the rear seatbacks. As a result, a flat loading platform is formed, which allows to transport loads of up to 930 liters. As for the hatchback, here the numbers are more modest - 282 liters.With folded seat backs, this figure rises to 1,145 liters. What they say about the trunk, "Ford Focus 2" reviews? Among the advantages of the owners note the low loading height and wide openings.

Deficiencies around the cabin

Over the years, problems begin with the electrician. So, owners of sedans say that the electric cable of the trunk lock is breaking. Heated seats and mirrors may not work. The cost of new heating threads for the latter is around $ 55. You can restore heated seats for $ 100. For cars equipped with climate control, there is a temperature sensor in the cabin - and so, it can fail. After 50 thousand kilometers the stove motor resistor burns. If it is not changed in time, the motor itself will refuse. In the first case, the cost of repair is $ 20, in the second - 300. On older models, when the stove is turned on, a characteristic squeal appears at high power. This indicates wear of the shaft bearings.Ignition Ford Focus 2After 150 thousand kilometers plastic begins to creak. Reviews say that the problem can be solved by additional noise insulation. However, instead of vibroplast, modulin should be used.The last pasted over the joints of plastic parts. The problem with the creaking cabin then leaves.


The Focus 2 was offered with multiple engines. In the line were present:

  • Five petrol engines "Duratek".
  • Turbocharged diesel "Dyuratrog".

The base in the line was a 1.4-liter unit for 80 horsepower. The motor was equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox and accelerated the car to a hundred in 14.2 seconds. The maximum speed was limited to 166 kilometers per hour. The only plus of this engine, according to car owners, is low fuel consumption. At 100 kilometers in the combined cycle, the engine consumed 6.6 liters of the 92nd.Ford Focus 2 SedanOne of the most popular is the 1.6-liter engine. It was offered with multiple boost options. The junior developed exactly 100 horsepower, and the older, 116. The first unit was equipped with a manual gearbox in five stages or a four-band automatic. What are the dynamic characteristics of the Ford Focus 2? Acceleration to a hundred took 11-13.6 seconds, depending on the installed checkpoint. The senior motor for 116 forces was equipped only with a gun and gained the first hundred in 10.8 seconds. The maximum speed of a car with engines from this line is 175-193 kilometers per hour.

Also in the line was a 1.8-liter unit with a capacity of 125 horsepower. This engine accelerates the car to a hundred in exactly 10 seconds on the manual transmission. Ford Focus 2 consumed 7 liters of gasoline in the combined cycle.

The top among the gasoline on the second "Focus" is a two-liter unit. It has electronic injection and an upgraded ignition system. "Ford Focus 2" with a two-liter engine has a good dynamics - say reviews. The first hundred car dials in 9.3 seconds on the mechanics. With automatic transmission, this figure is slightly higher - 10.9 seconds. But the fuel consumption is about the same - 7.5 liters per hundred in the combined cycle.

The diesel engine is not so popular in Russia, but still such versions are found here. This engine has direct injection and develops power up to 115 horsepower with a volume of 1.8 liters. "DuraTrog" - perhaps the most economical engine among others. So, for a hundred diesel "Focus" spends about 5.3 liters of fuel. The turbodiesel is completed only with a mechanical box. Acceleration to a hundred takes 10.8 seconds. According to reviews, “Dyuratrog” has an excellent burden - torque is available from a half thousand revolutions.This engine is equipped with both a sedan "Ford Focus 2" and hatchback.

Engine problems

Almost all the “Focus” before restyling, there was a problem with moisture on the candles. It was formed due to poor-quality windscreen washer hose mountings. As a result, the liquid fell directly on the wells. After 2008, this problem has been fixed.Ford Focus 2 SpecsAccording to reviews, the Ford Focus 2 with engines of 1.8 and 2 liters (Dyratek) is subject to overheating. By 100 thousand, the thermostat refused, which is why the engine temperature sharply increased. Also on the engines "Duratek" slipped the alternator belt. The problem was in the simplified tensioner. As for the generator itself, it serves without problems 200 or more thousand kilometers. But by 150, the replacement of brushes is required (otherwise the battery will not receive a charge).

Judging by the reviews, the most reliable engine on the Ford Focus 2 is the 1.6-liter Dyrutek. The same motor was installed on the first generation of "Focus". This engine needs only regular replacement of consumables - oil, filters and timing belt. But on the 1.8-liter engine from the line "Duratek" there were problems with the software of the engine ECU.Because of this, the car could troit "on the cold" and twitch at a set speed. The problem was solved by flashing the electronic unit. The throttle unit needs to be cleaned every 50 thousand kilometers. Otherwise there will be problems with idle speed.

As for diesel engines, they are more reliable. But rarely found on sale. Among the features - fastidiousness to the quality of fuel. Otherwise, you can "fly into" to repair the fuel pump. The cost of his recovery - 650 dollars.


All motors comply with the standard not lower than Euro-4. Therefore, in the design of each car there is a catalytic converter (on diesel engines it is supplemented with a diesel particulate filter). Element clogged after 100 thousand kilometers. Also the USR valve (gas recirculation) fails. Naturally, nobody repairs it. This valve is cut out programmatically, and plugs are put on the motor. As for the catalysts, they are also removed and put the flame arrester. The cost of the operation is about 10 thousand rubles with a flashing.

Which engine is better to choose?

Reviews do not recommend taking the engine 2.0, because there is a dual-mass flywheel.steering Ford Focus 2Its resource is about 100 thousand kilometers, and the cost of replacement is 700 dollars. The best option is a 1.6 liter “Duratek” aggregate (for 100 or 116 horsepower) or a diesel engine.


Over a mechanical box, glands run down over time. If the problem is not fixed in time and the oil level is not followed, the gear shafts and crown gears will quickly fail. To 60 thousand the release bearing wears out. But the clutch disc runs for a very long time - up to 120-150 thousand kilometers. Some owners face the problem of knocking out gears. This is due to the weak tension of the cable mechanism. The problem is solved by tightening the cables. Automatic transmission is more reliable, but subject to regular replacement of ATP-liquid. This operation must be done every 60 thousand kilometers.

Control mechanisms

The steering on the Ford Focus 2 is generally robust. After 65 thousand, the steering rods wear out. The rake itself can knock. Previously, they changed the warranty. But when choosing a car with hands, it is better to refuse such an instance. The hydraulic booster may freeze due to condensation in the hoses.Ford Focus 2 engineMoisture accumulates on the relief valves.To ensure that the steering lasts a long time, it is recommended to change the fluid GUR every 50 thousand kilometers.


So, we found out what features and features the Ford Focus 2 has. As you can see, this car is not without flaws. But on the "secondary housing" can still be found not killed instance. In addition, all the problems and breakdowns have long been studied. And the cost of maintaining a hatchback or sedan "Ford Focus 2" will be at the level of "Toyota Corolla" or "Chevrolet Cruze."

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