Franzue fuagra: cooking recipes

French cuisine is famous all over the world. Often in the restaurants of our country in the menu, we can see such a dish as foie gras. What is this, we'll find out now.

What is foie gras

This is a French delicacy, it can be said, an attribute of luxury, which is a fat liver of a goose or duck and has a delicate creamy taste and a soft texture. This gastronomic delight is very useful because it is rich in saturated fatty acids. Consider how to prepare the fuagra. Recipes are given below.

Fuagra recipes

Duck foie gras

Ingredients: one duck liver (approximately four hundred grams), one bottle of Sauternes, salt and pepper to taste.

How to cook?

One day before starting to cook, it is necessary to clean the liver of channels and films, sprinkle it with salt and pepper, pour it with wine and put it in a cold place. The next day, you need to warm up the oven and put into it a baking dish with a prepared liver, tightly closed lid.Before cooking the fuagra, water is poured onto the baking sheet. Thus, the baking dish should be dipped into it by one third

What's next?

After thirty-five minutes (at this time, the duck's liver will release enough fat), the form is taken out and put into water with ice, which contributes to maintaining the dense structure of the product. The cooled dishes are placed in a cold place for several days. Fuagra, whose recipes are quite diverse, is served as a main course with chestnuts, fruits or mushrooms. It also combines nuts, fruit sauces, various spices and marmalade.

fuagra what is it

Foie Gras with Berry Sauce

Ingredients: one ready-made fuagra (recipes are given above), four hundred grams of a mix of wild berries, five tablespoons of granulated sugar, four tablespoons of water, spices and mint leaves.

Cooking process

The berries are laid out on a pre-heated pan, sprinkled with granulated sugar, mixed, added water and cooked over low heat until the mass begins to thicken. Meanwhile, the foie gras are cut into slices, and then spread on a frying pan, sprinkled with spices and fried on both sides.The finished dish is spread on a plate, poured over berry sauce and decorated with mint leaves.

Canned foie gras

how to cook fuagra

Ingredients: goose liver or duck, half a spoonful of sugar, port wine, salt and spices.

Cooking for storage

The liver needs to be cleaned, salt, add spices to taste, put in a jar, which is tightly closed, add sugar, pour all the port and sterilized for half an hour. Fuagra, the recipes of which are presented in this article, can be consumed immediately after cooling, it can also be stored for three months (in this case, the liver becomes more tender). At the same time it is cut into slices and usually put (not spread) on heated toasts, baguette or brioche.

What is served to foie gras?

This French delicacy requires a very careful selection of wines. So, sour young and light wines can spoil the impression of foie gras. Armagnac, champagne, Sauternes, Bergerac, Chateau d'Icem and many others can be a good addition to it. The dish will have an exquisite taste if it is used with nuts or marmalade, sprinkled with various fragrant spices.

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