Frog from plasticine do it yourself

Plasticine modeling is an exciting and useful activity for children. It develops fine motor skills, the ability to concentrate and creativity.

Plasticine Sculpting

That is why it is very important for children to engage in this type of activity every day, at least for a short time.

How to interest the child and bring to these classes? Offer to make something familiar. Most children love animals, birds, trees, any heroes of their favorite animated series.

Animals are made quite easily, if you have already had experience of similar modeling. However, not all adults have an idea of ​​how to blind an animal. Therefore, before you begin the lesson of modeling with a child, prepare in advance.

Sculpt a frog together

Below we will look at how to make a clay frog. There is nothing complicated about it. But for a plasticine frog to turn out beautiful and believable, follow the mandatory tips.

  • Prepare green and white clay.
  • Roll two balls of green plasticine.One ball should be slightly larger than the second.
  • Fold these two balls.
  • Grab two more small green balls and attach them on top, next to each other.
  • To make eyes, on two small green balls, stick on thin circles of white color. Now, from any other color, form the pupils, for example, blue and stick them to the white base.
  • Push the nostrils and mouth with a toothpick.
  • How to make the hind legs? Roll two sausages out of a mass of green, then bend them, and flatten the front part to make it look like flippers.
  • Fix the limbs on the lower torso.
  • Front paws make shorter rear. They will be straight, but the foot should also be flattened. The frog has three "fingers" on each foot. Labels are labeled with a toothpick. The plasticine frog is almost ready.
  • You can arrange it in any position. She can sit, lie on her belly, or even stand.
  • The order of assembly can be changed, as well as colors.

plasticine frog

Plasticine frog is ready. It turned out nice, and the child will surely be delighted with his own crafts.

How else can you make croaking with your own hands

And here is another way to make a frog out of clay:

  • Take green, red, white and black clay.
  • Roll a short, fat sausage out of plasticine of green color and cut it in half.
  • From one half make another sausage with a pointed one end. At the other end, lightly flatten them with the pads of two fingers to create two oval grooves, with a bulging forehead above them.
  • Using a toothpick or plasticine knife, divide the forehead into two parts, depicting eyebrows.
  • Make two very small balls of white plasticine and attach them to the lower parts of the recesses.
  • Make small pupils of black plasticine and fix them on the white base of the eyes.
  • Push through the mouth using a plasticine knife or toothpick. Make a tongue of red plasticine and stick it in your mouth.
  • Push two nostrils over your mouth.
  • From the second part of green plasticine, roll out the sausage, divide it into 3 equal segments, one of which, divide into two parts.
  • From smaller parts, roll up short sausages. Slightly flatten their edges and make three “fingers”. These will be the front legs.
  • Using the same technique, make the hind limbs of the remaining clay. They should be slightly longer than the front, in addition, curved.
  • It remains to attach the legs to the body, and the frog made of clay is ready.

how to make a plasticine frog

Other modeling methods

Sculpt toads interesting and informative. In addition, each time you can do different jumps to diversify the process and get new to make a frog from plasticine

Experiment and develop your skills. Do not be limited to only two ways. Use different colors, because even in nature there are many types of frogs that are very different in appearance.

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