Garshin, "The Tale of the Toad and the Rose": a brief summary

The Tale of the Toad and the Rose is the most famous work of Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin. This literary tale has long been part of the school curriculum and enjoys the love of little readers. In this article we will present a brief summary of the work and give its analysis.

"The Tale of the Toad and the Rose": a summary

the tale of the toad and the rose

Once lived a toad and a rose. On the flower bed, which was located in front of the village house, and there grew a bush where the rose blossomed. This flower bed was very neglected; it was overgrown with weeds, which had already reached the tracks. The wooden grille surrounding it completely collapsed, and the green paint was peeling off. Part of the small fence was taken away for games by boys and village men - to fight off dogs.

However, the beauty of the flower garden did not suffer from this desolation and destruction. The remains of the lattice braided flowering shoots of hops and dodder, mouse peas. Even overgrown nettle adorned the flower garden with its rich green color.


The Tale of the Toad and the Rose depicts an idealistic picture of natural beauty in nature. It was here, in this neglected, but harmonious, place of the May morning, the rose blossomed. The morning dew left a few drops on it, and it seemed that she was crying. However, peace and quiet reigned around her, she was well under the gentle rays of the sun and the breath of the morning breeze. And indeed, she could cry, but not from sorrow, but from joy. Rosa was speechless, but the subtle smell that she exhaled served her with words and tears and prayers.

Down on the damp ground, in the roots of the bushes, sat a fat old toad, who decided to rest in the shade after a night hunt for midges and worms. Her eyes were tightly closed with webbing, she could barely breathe, inflating her gray warty sides. One paw was set aside, because the toad was too lazy to move it closer to the belly. She was not pleased with the sun, the morning and the good weather, the toad was already pleased, because she had eaten and now is resting.

tale of toad and rose content

Brother and sister

On the beauty and ugliness tells "The Tale of the Toad and the Rose." Its main task is to show how these concepts are dissimilar and incompatible.

But then the breeze subsided, and the smell of the rose, which had previously been carried around, reached the scent of the toad and caused her strange uneasiness. But for a long time the toad was too lazy to see what exactly this fragrance emitted.

In the flower garden where the rose and the toad lived, no one has appeared for a long time. Last fall here was the last time a boy visited, who had previously spent the whole summer here. On the same day, the toad found a beautiful hole in the stones of the basement, where it could easily fall into hibernation. The boy was near the house, and his elder sister was sitting by the window. She settled herself by the window, looking after her brother, and sewed or read something.

Her brother Vasya was about seven years old, his body was thin with “big eyes and a big head”. The boy loved this flower garden very much and considered it his own, since no one ever went here except him. In this deserted place, he basked in the sun, sitting on an old wooden bench, which stood on the sandy path next to the old house and survived miraculously. On this bench, the boy spent the summer days reading the book he had brought with him.

Meeting with a hedgehog

tale of the toad and the rose summary

It is not by chance that Garshin introduces these two heroes into his narrative (The Tale of the Toad and the Rose).It is these two images that will help the writer to fully reveal the difference between beauty and ugliness and the unequal power of these principles.

Sister more than once during these summer days offered her brother to leave a book and run a little and play with the ball. But Vasya refused each time, preferring to continue reading. The boy sat for a very long time on a bench and read about wild countries, Robinsons, sea brigands. When he was bored, he climbed into a flower garden. Here all plants were familiar to him to the last stalk, and he watched insects for a long time: ants, ladybirds, spiders, dung beetles. Once he even managed to see a hedgehog. Vasya almost shouted for joy and began to clap his hands. Fearing to frighten the animal, the boy lurked. He watched as the hedgehog snorted and sniffed the roots of the bushes, looking for worms, while the hedgehog ridiculously sorted out with “plump paws”, very similar to a bear.

Why the boy does not go out into the garden

Despite the title of the work - “The Tale of the Toad and the Rose” - the main character is still the boy Vasya. It is about his fate tells Garshin.

He was still watching the hedgehog when his sister called him home.Hearing a human voice, the animal was frightened and immediately turned into a thorny ball. Vasya touched him, and the hedgehog shrank even more and puffed like a "small steam engine." Later, Vasya got closer acquainted with the animal. The boy was so quiet, weak and meek, that even small animals and insects, as if realizing this, quickly got used to him and began to admit closer to him. It also happened with a hedgehog. Vasya began to feed the animal.

But this spring, the boy could not go out to his favorite flower garden. The sister also sat next to him, but now not by the window, but next to the bed. She read the book out loud to him, since Vasya could no longer lift his head from the pillow or hold the book in his thin hands. And the author assumes that the boy will probably never be destined to go to his flower garden.


garshin tale of the toad and the rose

Of course, only reading will help to deal with all the twists and turns of the plot. The Tale of the Toad and the Rose is a work that requires thoughtfulness. Nevertheless, even a brief content makes it possible to get a general idea of ​​the work.

The boy, lying in bed, asks his sister about how his garden is there and whether roses have bloomed there.The girl with tears in her eyes kisses her brother on the pale cheek. She says that the roses have bloomed, and promises Vasya on Monday to go out there - the doctor must allow. In response, the boy is silent and only sighs. The sister continues reading, but her brother asks her to stop - he is too tired and wants to sleep. The girl straightens his blanket, Vasya turns to the wall. The sun's rays fall from the window, which goes directly to the flower garden, onto the boy's bed, illuminating his slender neck and hair.

Rosa at the same time, knowing nothing about the boy, grew and enjoyed life. The next day, it was supposed to bloom in “full color”, and in three days to wither and crumble. This will end her "pink life." But before that, she will have to experience a lot of grief and fear. Rose finally notices a toad.

Toad and rose

The tale by V. M. Garshin is very poetic and at the same time tragic. Toad and rose finally meet. The first to notice the flower with its ugly evil eyes is the toad. She could not look away from the delicate petals. Toad really liked the rose, and she wanted to be closer to her. She did not know how to express her feelings, so she said: "Wait, I'll eat you up."

From these words, the rose was frightened.Why did she have the fate to be stuck to the stalk, because she could be free, like birds or butterflies flying around. At that moment she was very jealous of him. If she had wings, a rose could fly away from evil eyes. She was unaware that the toad often hunted butterflies.

The main idea of ​​"Tales of the Toad and the Rose" is the incompatibility of ugliness and kindness, beauty and malice. And here the toad again repeats: "I devour you." Despite the fact that she wanted to speak more gently, it turned out even worse and dirtier. Toad repeated these words again.

Rose, horrified, noticed how sticky toad legs cling to her bush. But it was difficult for her to climb up - a flat body could only jump in a straight line and crawl. Toad constantly interrupted her ascent and looked up. At that moment, the rose died and prayed for any other death.

The toad continued to climb. But then she had to crawl on a young vine littered with needles. The toad stabbed her belly and paws about her, and then, bloody, fell down. With hatred she stared at the rose and repeated all the same words.

Death approaching

the main idea of ​​the tale of the toad and the rose

Makes the reader feel the horror of a defenseless creature, followed by a merciless enemy, "The Tale of the Toad and the Rose." The content does not release the reader for a minute.

The evening is approaching, the toad thinks about dinner and sets off to hunt for insects. Malice did not prevent her hearty meal. And her wounds were not so deep, so after dinner the toad decided to rest and try again to get to the rose.

But she rested for a long time. Morning and noon passed, and the rose almost forgot about the terrible threat. Her petals are almost blossomed, and she became the most beautiful plant in the flower garden. But there was no one to admire her - the boy was lying exhausted in bed, and his sister did not leave him and did not even approach the window. Only birds, butterflies and bees flew around it. The nightingale sat on the rosebush and began to sing. And how this voice did not resemble toad wheezing. Rose was happy, it seemed to her that this song was for her. She did not notice that her enemy was getting closer.

Toad has not regretted his belly. Bleeding, she kept crawling up. And then the rose heard nasty wheezing through the nightingale singing: "I said that I would eat it, and I would eat it." Toad looked from a nearby branch at the rose. One movement would be enough for an evil creature to grab a flower.

Unfulfilled desire

The Tale of the Toad and the Rose continues. Vasya has long been out of bed.Nearby the sister who was sitting thought that the boy was sleeping. The girl did not sleep many nights, taking care of the sick, and now gradually fell asleep. Suddenly her brother called her. Sister at that moment dreamed of last summer, as her brother was playing in the garden. Hearing his voice, she shook herself.

Vasya asked his sister to bring him one rose. The girl looked out the window and saw only one beautiful flower on a bush.

She went out into the garden, taking the scissors. The girl approached the bush at the very moment when the toad was about to grab a flower. Seeing this, she screamed "how disgusting." After that, I shook the branch - the toad could not resist and fell to the ground. The ugly creature tried to jump on the girl, but she threw her away. From a distance she watched helplessly as the flower was cut and carried into the house.

reading the tale of the toad and the rose


Incredible thirst for ugliness to destroy beauty is the main idea of ​​a fairy tale about a toad. At the same time, the unenviable role of the defenseless victim is assigned to the rose - even the thorns cannot save it. For her only grace is death, not from the paws of a toad.

Seeing the flower brought by his sister, the boy smiled for the first time in a long time, and then asked for him to sniff it.He inhaled the scent, finally whispered “how good” - and died.

Despite the fact that the rose was cut before the petals were flown around it, she felt that she was dying ahead of time not in vain. The flower was placed in a children's coffin. There were many other colors here, but they were not interested in anyone. And when he started to wither, they dried him. After many years, a dried rose was presented to the narrator - this is how he knows this story.

"The Tale of the Toad and the Rose": the main idea and analysis

So, the main images of the work (the toad and the rose) personify two opposing principles - the ugly and the beautiful, the evil and the good. Disgusting lazy toad hates everything beautiful and tall. The rose is its direct opposite, it is the embodiment of joy and beauty. These two images symbolize the struggle of two eternal principles. It is very simple to reveal the author’s relationship to these characters - it’s enough to see what adjectives he chooses to describe them. So, when characterizing roses, beautiful lofty words are used. The toad is endowed with such low qualities as anger, stupidity, greed, laziness.

The main idea of ​​“Tales of the Toad and the Rose” is that evil cannot overcome good, but beauty (internal or external) can save our world full of various human defects.And even in spite of the fact that the work ends sadly, the boy and the rose die, but this ending causes the reader, besides sadness, also a certain light sadness, since these characters were connected with the beautiful. Do not forget that the death of a rose could bring the child the last joy, brightening the last moments of his life. In addition, the flower itself was glad of such a death, as this not only brought the boy good, but also saved him from the terrible toad, which could only feel hatred.

the tale of the toad and the rose main thought

The fairy tale Garshina teaches the reader goodness and love for the beautiful, calls to avoid and ignore evil. Beauty is not only in appearance, but also in the soul. That is why the rose so easily agreed to sacrifice her life, thus making even death beautiful.

In addition, the author shows how defenseless beauty is in front of the ugly face of evil. Rose could not resist the toad, she needed protection. So from this we can draw another conclusion - beauty and good must be protected.

Reader Reviews

A generalized review of “The Tale of the Toad and the Rose” cannot be unambiguous, since the opinions of those who have read the works differ on certain issues.So, many agree that the fairy tale is written beautifully and cannot leave anyone indifferent, and Garshin’s talent is not in doubt. However, some believe that this is not a childish fairy tale, as it ends in a very tragic way.

If writing a review is a school assignment, then it is worth starting with a very brief summary of the tale, then explain the main idea of ​​the work and end with your own impressions. You can write, do you agree with the opinion of the author regarding the opposition of good and evil or not.

In general, we can conclude that Garshin created a beautiful, philosophical work. The Tale of the Toad and the Rose can be valuable especially for young readers, since it teaches their kindness and makes it clear what true beauty is. In addition, it gives a clear understanding that evil cannot be attractive and attractive. Today, this idea is quite difficult to convey to the child because of the overt popularization of negative characters.

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