Gas sensor and alarm: types and functions

It should be understood that any room in which there is requires the installation of a gas contamination sensor. This is necessary in order to constantly check the level of harmful substances in the air. In order to measure this parameter, this sensor is used. What kind of device is it, what functions should it perform, and what types exist? Further about this article.gas sensor

What it is?

The gas control sensor is a special device that is needed in order to automatically and around the clock monitor the concentration of dangerous gases in the air. There is a special alarm device that notifies of problems in special areas, industrial, household or municipal.

It should be noted that gas sensors are issued as a separate device. They can work autonomously. The kit includes alarm devices. Such a device is equipped with an analyzer that responds to changes in the composition of the air.For this there is a built-in sensor. He almost immediately responds to the ingress of gas into the air. If the room is quite a lot of gases, the device will give both sound and light signal.

Modern gas sensors have a liquid crystal display. It will show all the indicators. Due to the fact that there is a built-in memory, you can record and store all the available indicators. The display will also display errors during operation of the device, as well as fault codes. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly change worn-out devices, if necessary.gas sensor installation

Types of gas alarms

The gas sensors described can be sold together with alarms. They are divided into household and industrial. It should be noted that all signaling devices that are intended for domestic use, have a number of reactions to a certain increase in harmful gases in the air.

The main task of such an industrial-type device is to measure and show all the gas content indicators that are available. As a rule, industrial devices are used in harsh environments, and quite often they have a control panel that receives a signal.

If you divide the device according to the type of gas measurement, you should select the following sensors-detectors gas. There are propane, methane, to calculate the content of carbon monoxide, as well as combined.

According to the method of installation, the sensors differ in fixed and portable. The first works from the network, so it should be placed only next to a power source. Only those that have a built-in battery are portable.gas control sensor


The gas sensor for the boiler room and for the dwelling will differ. Consider the functionality of devices that can occur in various types of devices.

Light and sound alert. If there is gas pollution above the level of the norm, the indicator will light up and the signal will also work. There is an opportunity to attach a special gas shutoff valve. Sometimes there is a separate relay output. It is necessary for connecting electrical devices. This is an additional sounder, fan or other device.gas alarm detector

Installation Features

How correctly it is necessary to install a gas sensor depends on its type. Accordingly, certain requirements should be observed.If we are talking about a household alarm device, then you can install it yourself, most importantly, follow the instructions.

Each model that is sold officially and at a legitimate point of sale is distributed along with installation instructions. In order to select the appropriate place, it is better to contact the representatives of the gas service. They fully know the premises, so they will be able to tell exactly where the signaling place will be. As a rule, they are placed near the devices that work with gas. The distance between them should not be more than 4 m.gas sensor for boiler room

Gas alarm for boiler room

Any thermal device, including boilers, run on fuel. It can be liquid, gaseous and solid. However, in any case, methane and carbon monoxide will be released during combustion. Because of these, personnel may be poisoned, and the risk of an explosive situation may also follow. Thanks to such a sensor, it is possible to determine how much a large amount of gases is in the room; this also prevents an emergency situation.

A gas detector should be installed in any boiler room, and certain requirements should be observed.This device should work around the clock, its sensitivity should be maximum, ventilation must be present, which will turn on automatically in an emergency.

If there are several devices, they must be connected to the same console. The device must have a special certificate and license. The device must have the correct design and have a long service life.

Gas sensor cost

In each specialized store, you can easily purchase such a device. Its cost depends entirely on the manufacturer and the availability of any additional options. If we are talking about a domestic signaling device that reacts to propane or methane, then it will cost about 2 thousand rubles. Automatic sensor will cost 6 thousand rubles. In this case, such a device can be used both in household and in industrial premises. If we are talking about import options, their cost will obviously be more than 10 thousand rubles.

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