GeForce GT-610 from NVidia. Characteristics and purpose

The economy-class graphics card with very modest technical specifications is the GeForce GT-610. Such a solution is only suitable for solving the simplest tasks and can compete on equal terms only with integrated video accelerators.

geforce gt 610

Accelerator niche

The GeForce GT-610, as already noted, has low speed and can compete only with the least productive integrated video cards. The latter, in turn, are built into the central processor, and there is little point in acquiring them separately. Therefore, the only possible use of such a budget discrete accelerator is the repair of system units, which included for some reason an integrated video card. In this case, you can restore the health of the computing system with minimal cost.

Delivery List

NVidia GeForce GT-610 is a budget solution, and in this case we should not expect an extended delivery list. Only the main components can be found in it. Otherwise, the leading manufacturer of discrete graphics accelerators included the following in the package:

  • Video card
  • Disk with drivers.
  • Warranty card.
  • Quick Start Guide.

In essence, this list lacks only DVI TO HDMI or VGA TO DVI adapters. In the case of budget decisions, this is already superfluous for the reason that manufacturers tend to save as much as possible in this case.

nvidia geforce gt 610

Characteristics of the graphics chip

Very, very modest options in the GeForce GT-610. The characteristics of this semiconductor chip indicate the presence of a total of 48 graphics microprocessors. Their operating frequency is fixed at 810 MHz, and the graphic accelerator itself operates at a frequency of 1620 MHz. In turn, the manufacturer claims that the speed of filling the textures on a personal computer with such an adapter will be equal to 6.5 megapixels per second. Of course, this is certainly not enough for normal gameplay, but various simple tasks on such hardware will go without problems.These include office suites, simple media playback, and even web surfing.

Memory subsystem

The GeForce GT-610 can function normally only with the outdated type of memory today - GDDR3. The nominal frequency of the video buffer is 1800 MHz, and its volume - 1 GB. The bus width of the random access memory in this case is 64 bits. The capacity of the RAM is stated at 1.8 Gb / s. On paper, the memory subsystem of this discrete graphics card is even weaker than that of many integrated video controllers. But still the key advantage of the solution under consideration is a separate RAM, with which the video processor can only interact directly. Built-in video cards do not have this privilege, and for their own needs they are forced to use less high-speed system RAM. As a result, the speed of such a discrete solution will still be higher than that of the integrated one. But the difference between them is not so big, and in practice it is not so easy to notice.

geforce gt 610 graphics card


The GeForce GT-610 video accelerator can only be installed in the expansion slot of a PCI motherboard - E version 16X.The most optimal for these purposes is to use its version 2.0. But also with its modifications 1.0 or even 3.0 this solution will work quite successfully. In the first case, the speed of the computer is not significantly reduced, and in the second, the computing capabilities of the expansion slot will not be fully loaded. To connect monitors this adapter is equipped with 3 ports. One of them works in analog mode - this is VGA, and two - in digital mode and this is DVI and the most common HDMI today.

Power consumption and temperature

Quite modest, as by today's standards, the thermal package in the GeForce GT-610. Its value corresponds to only 30 watts. Therefore, such accelerators are equipped with even a passive cooling system, which consists of a single aluminum radiator. The minimum power supply of the computing system should in this case be 300 watts. The highest temperature at which this semiconductor solution is still functioning stably is 1000C. In reality, this accelerator temperature does not exceed 600With in the nominal mode. Such a temperature regime is explained quite simply from the standpoint of low speed and a very simple architecture of a silicon crystal.

geforce gt 610 Specifications


One of the most accessible discrete accelerators today is the GeForce GT-610. But at the same time worthy of competition, he can not make up integrated products. The only case where its use is justified is the breakdown of the built-in adapter. In all other cases, it is better to use already integrated accelerators, which have a comparable level of speed, but there is no need to overpay for them.

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