Geyzernaya Bialetti coffee maker: reviews

All over the world it is difficult to find such a person who would not like coffee. But if the taste of an instant drink leaves much to be desired, then the preparation of this aromatic brewed coffee requires not so little time, which is very inconvenient, especially in the morning. The only solution in this situation is to purchase a geyser coffee maker as an alternative to the Turk. Well, the best coffee makers have been producing the Italian brand Bialetti for over 70 years. Models, advantages and disadvantages, reviews of Bialetti geysers - all this is presented in full in our article.

Brand history

The history of the company Bialetti began in 1919, when an Italian businessman Alfonso Bialetti in one of the provinces opened a workshop for the production of goods from aluminum. After another 14 years, the world's first geyzerny coffee maker Bialetti Moka Express saw the light, which revolutionized the art of making coffee. Soon, geyser coffee makers appeared in every Italian family and became an integral part of their lives.

geyzernaya coffee maker bialetti moka

Almost 70% of the global market for geyser coffee makers is owned by Bialetti.Every year, 7 million of these devices are sold, and in total during the existence of the brand 250 million copies of coffee makers were sold.

The principle of operation geyzernoy coffee makers

For making coffee in a geyser coffee maker, only water is required, ground coffee and a heating surface on which the coffee maker will be installed. In the lower part of the device, water is poured up to the safety valve, and a funnel with a filter is installed on top, which is filled with ground coffee. The amount of coffee can be adjusted depending on the desired strength of the drink. The assembly of the coffee maker is completed by screwing the top of the appliance to the bottom. Further, the Bialetti geyser coffee maker is installed on medium heat, and the process of making coffee begins.

geyzernaya bialetti coffee maker

The principle of operation of this type of device is based on the action of a volcano or geyser, so it is sometimes called volcanic. In the lower part of the coffee maker, a high vapor pressure is created, which pushes water upward through the coffee filter. At the same time, the water itself begins to boil only at the moment when almost all the coffee is already prepared. The total cooking time is less than 5 minutes and depends on the volume of the coffee maker.

The range of geyser coffee makers Bialetti

All geyser coffee makers, which are manufactured by Bialetti, can be divided into:

  • traditional and electric;
  • aluminum and with stainless steel housing.

The model range of devices is various and is presented by the coffee makers calculated on the different volume of preparation of coffee: 2,3,4,6,9 cups of fragrant drink.

geyzernaya bialetti venus coffee maker

The most popular models of coffee makers "Bialetti" are:

  1. Geyzernaya coffee maker Bialetti Moka Expres - this is the most classic coffee maker, released by an Italian company in 1933, but with a more modern design. It is ideal for making strong and aromatic espresso. The coffee maker is made of food grade aluminum and is suitable for gas, electric and induction stoves. According to customers, it is possible to brew strong and tasty coffee in it, no worse than in the Turk, but faster.
  2. Model Bialetti Brikka, made of high-quality aluminum, allows you to make delicious and aromatic coffee with Italian Crema foam, like in a coffee shop, but without a coffee machine.
  3. Geyserny Bialetti Venus coffee maker. Unlike the classic Moka and most other models, this device has not octahedral, but round shape. The uniqueness of this coffee maker is that it is suitable for induction stoves. The model is made of stainless steel.
  4. Bialetti Fiammetta is an excellent low-cost food grade aluminum coffee maker.Ideal for making coffee at the beginning of every working day.
  5. Bialetti Musa Induction - model is made of stainless steel, has a flat bottom, specially designed for preparing an invigorating invigorating beverage on an induction stove.
  6. The Bialetti Kitty Induction model is also designed specifically for induction cookers and has a unique design.
  7. Bialetti Mukka is a modern coffee maker that combines the functions of a coffee machine. It allows you to make not only delicious and aromatic coffee, but also cappuccino and latte.
  8. Geyzernaya electric coffee maker Bialetti is represented by two models. Moka Easy Timer (volume for 3 and 6 cups) is automatically turned off after preparation of the drink. In addition, the model assumes the function of heating the coffee for 20 minutes after disconnection. The Mukka Elettrica model with shutdown function is intended for making cappuccino.

Geyzernaya Bialetti coffee maker: advantages

The benefits of Bialetti geyzerny coffee makers include:

Geyser coffee maker bialetti mukka express

  • the ideal ratio of ease of preparation and quality of the drink;
  • compact size that allows you to take a coffee maker with you on the road;
  • reliability and durability;
  • a variety of models, shapes, sizes and colors;
  • coffee will never run away, as is often the case when cooking in Turk.


Geyser coffee makers have the following disadvantages:

  • despite all the advantages of aluminum, it tends to oxidize, if the device has not been used for a long time, which negatively affects the quality of the drink;
  • in geyser coffee makers, the pressure is much lower than in coffee machines, which means that the taste qualities of drinks are still different;
  • no foaming when cooking in the classic model;
  • grind coffee beans have to separately.

Usage tips

When making coffee in a geyser coffee maker, it is important not to burn and not overdo the coffee on the stove:

bialetti electric geyser coffee maker

  1. You need to remove the coffee maker from the stove until it boils away all the water in the bottom of the appliance.
  2. Coffee dust that accumulates on the walls of the funnel from the outside should be removed, since all parts of the appliance should be in close contact with each other.
  3. Coffee in the funnel is strictly not recommended to ram.
  4. The geyser Bialetti coffee maker from food aluminum will be ready to make coffee only after 5 test cups, which should be poured into the sink.
  5. It is important to prevent damage to the funnel with a filter, otherwise the tightness of the coffee maker will be broken.

The recipe for making delicious coffee

Delicious coffee in a geyser coffee maker Bialetti Moka Express (180 ml) can be prepared according to the following recipe:

geyser bialetti coffee maker reviews

  1. Pour water into the bottom of the device before the safety valve.
  2. Place a funnel with a filter on top and pour coffee into it (3 tsp.). In this model, coffee makers can cook 3 cups of coffee. The strength of the drink is regulated to your liking.
  3. Screw the top of the coffee maker to the bottom and set the appliance on fire.
  4. Wait until the coffee begins to flow out of the column and fills the entire upper container. The time from installation on the stove to boiling is about 4 minutes.
  5. Pour the coffee into cups and enjoy the exquisite taste and aroma of this invigorating drink.

Care instructions

An important feature of the Italian brand "Bialetti" coffee makers is their exceptional quality. These devices in Italian families are often handed down from generation to generation. Geyzernaya Bialetti coffee maker does not require special care, but the general recommendations to adhere are worth it:

  • the coffee machine should be washed by hand with soap and water, do not use products that can damage the aluminum surface;
  • periodically it is necessary to clean the inner surface of the column located at the top of the device;
  • monitor the degree of deterioration of the filter plate, seal, and timely replace them;
  • dishwasher safe is not allowed.

Following these recommendations will help extend the life of the device for many years.

Geyser coffee maker Bialetti: customer reviews

It is difficult to find negative reviews about coffee makers of a famous Italian brand. According to buyers, the lack of these devices is only one: this is a high price. But the quality and other characteristics of the coffee maker remain at the highest level.

Buyers have appreciated the classic model of the Moka Express coffee maker, noting that it can boil the best strong and invigorating espresso. For convenience, models of the most different sizes are produced - from two to nine cups, which is very convenient, since at one time to make coffee for the whole family.

geyser coffee maker bialetti moka expres

Geyser coffee maker Bialetti Mukka Express allows you to make the most delicious cappuccino and latte, even at home. Buyers also note an interesting, original design of the model, imitating the color of a cow.

Model Bialetti Brikka works perfectly and allows you to make coffee with froth "cream", without leaving home.

Particularly noteworthy are the Bialetti Kitty Induction and Musa Induction coffee makers, which, thanks to the even bottom of stainless steel, can be used to make coffee on an induction stove. Still, according to statistics, coffee makers with an aluminum body are in great demand.

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