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Along the shores of the mighty Yenisei in the very heart of Siberia lies the ancient Russian million-plus city - Krasnoyarsk. It is an industrial, economic, and educational and cultural center of Central and Eastern Siberia. Due to this high status, a new complex, unique for the entire region, has recently appeared in the city - the Grand Hall Siberia. Its detailed description is given in the article.


Grand Hall Siberia Hall

On January 21, 2014, the Grand Hall of Siberia, a modern multifunctional conference center, was opened in Krasnoyarsk, on the territory of which the most large-scale international events can be held. The complex is part of the international exhibition business center "Siberia" and at the same time is an independent project, that is, it can work independently of the center.

This is one of the best in Russia and the only stage platform of this level in Siberia. Due to the fact that the sound and light equipment is performed here onat the highest level, there is a modern conference room and unique stage equipment, which has no analogues in Siberia, the complex can make real competition to world-class congress centers.

Description of the complex "Grand Hall Siberia"

Grand Hall Siberia Concert Hall

The concert hall for 1716 places for holding forums, congresses, congresses, festivals, presentations, festive performances and concerts is located on the second level of this remarkable building. The unique chair system of the hall allows you to quickly transform the room for an event of any format, whether it is a banquet with a concert program, a scientific conference, a dance program, an ensemble performance or a staged show performance.

Banquet room is located on the lower floor of the building. This is a gorgeous ceremonial hall for all kinds of ceremonies, buffets with the potential for organizing a banquet for 1000 people. The classic snow-white design in the Russian Empire style is the epitome of true luxury, respectability and fully justifies the standards for holding events of any importance and complexity.

"Grand Hall Siberia" has everything you need for events of any complexity.The unique transforming chair system of the hall makes it easy to adapt the room for events of various formats. The total area of ​​the hall is 1270 m.2. It offers tenants - a professional scene with an area of ​​170 square meters. and a height of 12 m. On the back of the stage there is a huge LED screen measuring 11.5 by 6.11 m. The ceiling height of the hall is 14 meters. Sound and light equipment of premium class is introduced here.

Also on the second level there are 7 make-up rooms, 4 of which have an increased level of comfort: a private shower and toilet, telephone, internet, and a refrigerator. There is also a dressing room, designed for more than 2 thousand people. In the pavilion of the complex there are large LED screens, one such is located on the street for additional information to citizens about upcoming events.

In the Grand Hall of Siberia there are 2 passenger elevators and 1 freight, on the ground floor of the building there is another dressing room, as well as toilets. There is a closed passage to the hall of the center "Siberia".

Configurations of halls and rooms

Grand Hall Siberia photo

As mentioned above, the building has a 2-level layout.At the first level there is a chic ceremonial hall, where various buffet receptions and banquet events are held. At the second level there is a huge hall designed for holding concerts, congresses, plenums and forums, as well as several smaller halls with a capacity of up to 100 people.

Compact rooms in the Grand Hall Siberia:

  1. Hall №1 is a small cozy room with a large oval table in the center measuring 0.8 x 7 m and chairs around it. The hall is equipped with a laptop, conference system and plasma. Designed for 20-25 people.
  2. Conference room number 2. The room is designed for 25-65 people. In the center of the room is a large oval table measuring 8 by 2 m. The chairs are arranged around the table and around the perimeter of the room. The hall is equipped with a conference system, microphones, plasma TVs, a laptop.
  3. Conference room number 3. The number of seats is 65. The hall is equipped with a podium for the speaker and 3 tables for the presidium, as well as a conference system, microphones, plasma TVs and a laptop.
  4. Adjacent conference rooms No. 4 and 4-A. There is a podium and tables for the presidium, chairs, plasma, microphones, a laptop and a conference system.A total of two rooms can accommodate 100 participants.
  5. Conference hall number 5 is designed for 30-40 seats (free layout), equipped with chairs with folding tables.

Comprehensive Services

Grand Hall Siberia address

The complex provides the following additional services:

  • accommodation in a comfortable hotel, which is located in the building of the IEC "Siberia";
  • The restaurant offers dishes of Russian, European, Mediterranean cuisine, as well as traditional Siberian dishes. Guest can order the chef any dish;
  • advertising opportunities - placing ads on the outdoor LED screen, printing products on the stands in the building, banners on modular structures.

Events and prices

Grand Hall Siberia

Within the walls of the Grand Hall Siberia complex there are constantly a huge number of events. In addition to meetings and conferences of local organizations, banquets commissioned by citizens, artists perform on the stage: Grigory Leps, Maxim Galkin, singer Loboda, Alexey Bryantsev, Natalia Oreiro, Todes group, Ani Lorak, "Night Snipers" and many other celebrities.

The Grand Hall Siberia complex, the photo of which is in the article, organizes concerts itself or provides sites for rent to other organizers on a contractual basis.Prices for concerts range from 500 to 3,000 rubles and depend on the concert and the conditions of the performer.

Where is?

In the city of Krasnoyarsk there is a main street Aviators. It goes directly to the bridge, spanned over the Yenisei, and thus connects the left bank of the city with the right bank. It is on this street that such monumental buildings of Krasnoyarsk as the Planeta shopping center and the Siberia International Exhibition Center are located. Here in January 2014, the complex of the new multifunctional format - "Grand Hall Siberia" was opened. Building address: Aviators street, 19.


Grand Hall Siberia Krasnoyarsk photo

All visitors are impressed with the Grand Hall Siberia (Krasnoyarsk). The photo of the building itself demonstrates its monumentality, the interior decoration amazes with style and luxury at the same time. Large capacity, spacious rooms, amazing acoustics, comfortable and well thought out planning to the subtleties - these are the main milestones noted by almost all guests of the complex.

But some add a fly in the ointment to the ointment, complaining that it is cold in the complex in the winter: it’s probably difficult to heat such a huge building in the Siberian frosts!

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