Group "Commissioner": history and composition

Today we will talk about the Commissioner group. Photos of participants are in the article. The team originated in the early nineties. In 1991, the group was awarded the Ovation Prize. From 1991 to 1993, the team toured extensively and became a student of the festival called “Star rain”. The team also received the award of the publication "Moskovsky Komsomolets".


group commissioner

The team members argue that throughout its existence, the Commissar group has to prove the right to exist, fighting off accusations of voidness, vulgarity, lack of spirituality and vulgarity. At the beginning of the nineties, the word “Commissioner” was associated among the inhabitants of Russia not only with Kattani and a political worker, but also with this team.

In those days, the song “You Are Leaving” sounded from everywhere. At that time, the organizers of the concerts were ready to invite the “Commissioner” group to perform with a single song. Then the team did not have an album, but already had a full house.


lead singer commissioner Alexey

The soloist of the Komissar group, Alexei Schukin, has previously gained fame as a DJ for the largest metropolitan disco, Klass.The composer Leonid Velichkovsky is a former keyboard player of the Technology group. This man wrote the music for six of the seven songs that made up the first album of the group.

In total, there are seven pieces of music by this composer in the team’s arsenal. Arranger Vadim Volodin is known in professional circles as Python. Without his unreasonable efforts, the first album could hardly have been released. The poet Valery Sokolov created poems for six of the seven compositions that made up his first album. He worked on subsequent records of the group. Also created works in collaboration. This man from the moment of creation and to this day is the permanent producer of the collective.


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By 1991, the phenomenon that was born finally became the Commissioner group. The team participates in large-scale national concerts, gives hope at festivals and charts. In the summer of 1991, the recording of the first album, entitled “Our time has come”, ends. A series of solo concerts of the group in different cities starts.

The group is invited to a television festival called "Star rain", in which the team in the first round becomes the leader. For the song "You leave" the team is awarded the prize "Ovation".This song remains the hallmark of the band even today. Almost no concert is complete without performing this composition.

One of the most successful for the team was the period 1991-1993. The group is in demand on tour and is busy releasing audio cassettes and then a CD. During this period, the team becomes the laureate of the festival called "Sound Track". Another festival in which musicians manage to get a diploma is called the Golden Key.

The success of the first album caused a creative crisis. From 1994 to 1995, the team is still invited to various events, but there are less and less offers every day. The question of getting out of this situation is answered only in 1997. The first sign in the history of rebirth becomes the composition “What are you”.

The poet and composer S. Kuznetsov was the author of the words and music of the scandalous work. Later, in the creative arsenal of the team, many works of this person appeared. Perhaps the most famous of them is the composition "Rubbish." The song became the title in the album of the same name, which was released in 1998 and returned the team of musicians to various charts.


In 1991, the members of the “Commissioner” group pleased the audience with the debut disc “Our time has come”. In addition, the team released the following albums: “Rubbish”, “Music of the New Millennium”, “Love is Poison”, “Kings”.

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