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In the wonderful city of Tula are always welcome. Nice to spend time, get positive emotions, enjoy the holiday atmosphere, try delicious non-trivial dishes, dance and listen to sparkling and soulful music magically performed by musicians - all this is offered by the institution “Guests”. The restaurant (Tula, Leytezen St., 18) has a good reputation. Reviews about it are presented in the article.

The time spent in the "guests" is always unforgettable. Therefore, residents of the city are eager to celebrate here, whether it be a wedding, a banquet, a birthday or an anniversary. And what is so good restaurant "Guests" (Tula)? Why is it so popular among the inhabitants of this ancient city? The answer comes immediately, and it is very simple.

guests restaurant tula

Restaurant "Guests" (Tula): comfort and unusual interior

Here is a comfortable, large, well-equipped parking space. Visitors can drive up in their cars, park quickly and without delay, and after only a few minutes enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the holiday.

The banquet room, decorated in an elegant style, accommodates up to 180 people.Enough for everyone! Both comfort and soft chairs, and eye-catching design of the hall, and soft lighting, and a wonderful fireplace - one of the main symbols of family comfort and warmth add to the comfort.

The wish of the customer is an unshakable law for the restaurant staff. The hall is designed by professionals in their field. Their task (with which they always successfully cope) is to transform the hall, decorate it in accordance with the theme of the celebration. Therefore, the restaurant "Guests" (Tula) is a haven of fantasy and creative flight, in which you can spend both a fun children's celebration with many bright attributes, and a magnificent wedding party, and a business corporate event, and a cozy party with friends.

Restaurant menu Guests of Tula


It is worth talking about the restaurant menu "Guests" (Tula). It attracts an abundance of names. Among the many foreign dishes (steak "Machete", "Filet Mignon"), French refined wines, the visitor will find quite Russian delicacy "Fried potatoes with mushrooms and onions."

Here are the hot and cold appetizers of German, French, English, Russian, Belarusian, Georgian cuisines. The choice is huge. There is no doubt about the professionalism of cooks.By recruiting in a restaurant fit very strictly and choose only the best specialists. Meat, poultry, seafood and fish dishes are served on the table. The restaurant “Guests” (Tula) is famous for its unique desserts: cakes, strudel, eclairs.

The range of wines is also considerable. It offers Italian, French, Portuguese, Chilean wines. Connoisseurs of noble drinks have something to choose from.

Restaurant guests tula reviews


Pleasing to many restaurant "Guests" (Tula). Feedback about it is always positive. Although it is impossible to please in everything. There are some drawbacks, of course. But most of the time, visitors notice the helpfulness and courtesy of the staff. In particular, the waiters, skillfully performing their duties.

Visitors claim that the prices for dishes are quite reasonable. Praise music programs. I like the stage where the musicians of the city perform and the fact that the songs are performed live and to follow the performance is very convenient: the platform is wonderfully visible from any place. Many visitors express their admiration, appreciating the banquet hall. Do not stint on the praise, they select for him epithets - “royal”, “chic”, “dear”.And I think, in the reviews there is no exaggeration. Restaurant "Guests" (Tula) - an excellent, stylish and modern institution, in which you want to return again and again.

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