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  • Date: July 30, 2010

Happy System Administrator!

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Happy System Administrator!

Congratulations to the system administrators on their professional holiday! We wish the users to respect and thank them, the authorities appreciated and did not forget about the reward, and that there were much more pleasant surprises at work than unpleasant ones.

This holiday applies to all Computer Administrators:
? Network administrators;
? Internet administrators (webmasters);
? Administrators 1C: and other programs;
? Unix, Linux, Windows, eComStation, OS / 2 and Lotus Notes Administrators;
? Database Administrators;
? Voice mail administrators;
? Administrators of trading systems;
? MS Exchange Administrators;
? IT managers
? Father? The holiday is an American sysadmin with 20 years of experience Ted Kekatos, who considered that at least once a year, system administrators should feel gratitude from users. The first time this holiday was celebrated on July 28, 1999.It was just a picnic on the outskirts of Chicago, in which members of a small software company took part.
C 2006 began to celebrate? World Information Society Day? (since 2007, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day), which is set for May 17. Proclaimed by the UN General Assembly, this memorable day has an official status, and, apparently, can replace the day of the system administrator.
However, the last Friday of July is not going to give up. For example, since 2006, an All-Russian gathering of system administrators is held annually near Kaluga, gathering more and more guests every year. So, if the first meeting was attended by about 400 people, then in 2008, it was attended by 2,400 people from more than a hundred cities in Russia, as well as from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
The LinuxFest festival is timed to the same day. Yes, and these two festivals are held close to each other.
On this day, it is customary to honor modest workers of the invisible front, protecting the well-being of corporate networks and computers,? After all, the success of the company directly depends on them.On the day of the holiday, it is recommended to show increased attention to the sysadmins and give them gifts, praise and reassure of eternal love and friendship.

Who is the "System Administrator"?
This is the person responsible for the performance of a computer system, including a LAN (Local Area Network), a telephone system or a system with voice mail. Typical duties: adding and configuring workstations, managing user accounts, installing the Software, maintaining, preventing computer viruses, responsible for Data Warehouses. The system administrator is often called the "Sysadmin", or C.A. or simply "administrator". Small organizations most often have only one System Administrator, while large organizations have a whole department.
How to congratulate the sysadmin:
On this significant international day, show the sysadmin how you appreciate him, that you understand how hard work he does. Let's show him that we know that he is with us, because we do not notice him 364 days a year! Of course, on this day it would be nice to give the system administrator an expensive car or yacht, but it is enough to give him something symbolic and just respect him. This is the least we can do for them.To be honest, sometimes our System Administrators know us better than we do them. Do not forget about it.

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