Harmful habits and their effects on human health. The harmful effects of bad habits

The article discusses bad habits and their effects on health. The question of how harmful they have an effect on society is also raised.

Habit - second nature

If you look at human life on a global scale, then an individual performs 80% of all actions without hesitation, as they say, by inertia. After waking up, often even with eyes closed, most people go to the bathroom, wash, brush their teeth, and comb their hair.

Someone just needs to open the window and breathe in fresh air. And someone just mentally greets such a familiar tree, which he daily sees from his window.

Morning tea or drinking a cup of coffee for some is such an important habit that if suddenly something breaks in the daily regimen, and you cannot drink a hot drink, the person feels slighted, broken.Some people prefer to smoke a cigarette at the beginning of the day, scroll through the press or look in the electronic mailbox.

Many have an extremely ingrained habit of going to work. Therefore, the onset of the retirement age for them is the strongest stress that knocks the personality out of a rut.

In general, habits - repeatedly repeated actions - are very important. When everything goes according to plan, without failures and overlays, the human psyche is in a balanced state. Therefore, in many cases, habits are beneficial to the person. They release the brain from the need to control many aspects of life.

Good habits

And it is very good if there are good traditions in families. For example, someone thanks to them has developed the habit of daily exercise. Without morning exercises, these people begin to "rebel" the muscles that require their mandatory load.

And someone immediately after a warm shower drinks a glass of kefir and goes to bed. This habit allows him to immediately fall asleep. The person does not spend on this stage neither forces, nor time.

Practicing any kind of sport, getting up at the same time, daily cleaning of the home, keeping clothes and shoes in a tidy state are also good habits.A person for whom all these actions have become traditional is much easier to live. He does not force himself to clean his shoes in the evenings, to hang a suit in the closet - he has “absorbed” it since childhood.

And the ability to correctly write, to speak correctly - isn’t it a habit? Of course it is! And teachers in schools are just trying to get children to write, read and speak without mistakes precisely on an unconscious level.

bad habits and their effects on health

Neutral habits

Everybody knows from childhood what is good and what is not. The short list given above mainly results in good habits. They are developed by custom, the need to comply with the rules of the hostel. After all, a self-respecting person will not go out unwashed and uncombed!

However, many habits are purely individual. For example, a country man is very difficult to settle down in the city. Also, after moving to a new place, a person is often forgotten and takes the transport that drives him along the old route - out of habit. After a major overhaul or global rearrangement of furniture, it is often “by inertia” that people search for the necessary things in the places where they were before.Or they crash into corners that were not there before, stumble upon tables and sofas, they cannot find out where the switches are.

Even a divorce is often deeply experienced by spouses who have long fallen out of love for each other, because the main habit of falling apart is to regularly see the same person next to each other. Parting with the old, learning how to live in a new way, changing yourself and changing the course of your former life can be extremely difficult.

And all this is neutral habits. Although getting rid of them is difficult enough, sometimes even painful. And often this can lead to depression, sometimes quite strong and prolonged. This applies to relocation, divorce, transfer to a new job and so on.

That is, we are all addicted to our habits. And it’s good if they are useful, give health, strengthen family and social ties, help a person to be pleasant to others.

However, along with useful and simply neutral habits exist. And their impact on the health of the individual and on the comfort of the people around him is often very negative.

Did I bother someone?

So often people justify their behavior, when in fact they have long and firmly become slaves of certain and not at all positive actions.Monotonous rocking on a chair while reading or watching television, tapping a pencil on the table, twisting hair on your finger, picking your nose (rhinotyl lexomania), gnawing a pen, pencil or match, as well as nails and epithelium on your fingers and lips, picking your skin, spitting on the floor or asphalt on the street, snapping joints are also quite bad habits. And although their impact on health is not as detrimental as some others, which will be discussed below, they do not bring any benefit either. But such actions often signal a disorder of the nervous system. Yes, and others are often not very pleased to be together with a person who performs monotonous movements, distracts those nearby, or annoys them with the sound produced.

That is why children should be taught from childhood to eradicate these bad habits. And even if their impact on health is not so negative, there is some harm from them.

impact of bad habits on health

Harm from "harmless" habits

In addition to the irritating effect on others, repetitive manipulations of the same kind bring trouble to the individual himself. In fact, almost all unhealthy habits can be attributed to those that are ultimately harmful.

For example, the manner of swinging on a chair contributes to the rapid failure of this piece of furniture. In addition, on the account of every fan "go" there must be at least one fall. And the fact that it did not cause serious injury can be attributed to luck. So bruises, abrasions and bumps from a fall are the influence of bad habits on health, no matter how some people justify their behavior.

And besides, adults, swinging themselves on the chairs, set a bad example for children who will surely repeat their actions. But the kids fall without consequences is almost impossible ...

The manner of poking hands and all kinds of things in your mouth may well be the cause of the parasites in the body. Yes, there is still the possibility of injury to the mouth or ingestion of objects, for example, when frightened, deep breath. So these are also quite bad habits, and their negative effects on health are completely proven.

Constant biting of lips is fraught with the fact that open microraniums will become the “gateway” for a variety of infections, including AIDS and syphilis. And although domestic infection with these ailments is a rare occurrence, it almost always occurs through wounds on the lips.

bad habits and human health how to keep healthy

And it calms me down!

Here is another excuse that, according to the slaves of their habits, supposedly justifies their actions. Having explained his position, the fat woman hobbles over and over to the refrigerator, buys dozens of pastries at the store, or takes another candy out of the box.

Another part of the population of the planet prefers to relieve stress through shopping. As a result, there is a shopaholism, or a shopping addiction, that is, an obsessive addiction. Sometimes it is called oniomania.

Also, psychiatrists note the dependence on TV, Internet, games (Ludomania). And if at first people resort to their "sedative" means only at the moments of the highest excitement or for the sake of relaxation, then very soon they no longer imagine life without them. All other values ​​go into the background, all the time is devoted only to these hobbies.

Skeptics can ask with malice: "And what is the detrimental effect of bad habits on the body and human health? What can harm the love of a TV or computer? What are they so bad for health?" The answer is simple: the failure of the regime, a sedentary or a lying way of life becomes predominant, which is why hypodynamia develops, a complete refusal to walk, to communicate with real people. As a result, deviations in the psyche are noted.Is this not the worst disease of the century?

Eat-eat, do not listen to anyone!

Overeating is also a dangerous way to relieve stress. Especially addicted to sweets and flour is extremely detrimental to the human body. And scientists have already been tortured to talk about it, discussing two important topics - bad habits and human health.

How to maintain health, if constant stress and push to ensure that for the sake of comfort eat something delicious? To be honest, this is very difficult to do. Almost impossible. Overeating and health are two mutually exclusive positions of human life. That is, you can say this: if you want to live - eat less! By the way, there is another postulate regarding nutrition. He relies not on the amount of food eaten, but on the composition of the food. Flour, sweet, fat, fried, spicy - all these are enemies of health. And the enemies are cunning, hiding under the guise of good friends who can give pleasure and help get rid of a bad mood.

Most overweight people do not want to take responsibility for their health. They believe that the appearance is not so important, and fullness - not a sign of poor health.And such people justify themselves by the fact that they themselves are not guilty of feeling unwell, not bad habits and their influence on health. Heredity is the main cause, in their opinion, of both excessive fullness and heaviness in the legs, and the occurrence of serious diseases of the spine, digestive system, and the appearance of a disease of the century - diabetes.

bad habits and their health effects heredity

And what's wrong with shopping?

In principle, for an ordinary person who visits retail outlets as needed, there is nothing wrong with this action. But for those who should be diagnosed with "shopmania", there is a real danger. Of course, it does not involve death or loss of physical health. But here it’s impossible to consider mentally healthy who has become dependent on shopaholism. Together with gambling addiction, these two dependencies are included in the list called “Bad Habits”. And their effect on human health is not at all positive.

First, the emergence of attachment, and then depending on the need to constantly make purchases - this is a signal of a depressed person.

Secondly, the individual subject to this bad habit eventually comes to the so-called finish, when it suddenly turns out that the funds for new acquisitions have run out.This is fraught with the fact that a person begins to cut his budget, which could go to the purchase of medicines, food, necessary clothing. Naturally, this will certainly affect his physical health. But on the last (sometimes borrowed) money, the shop-dependent person again acquires absolutely unnecessary things.

Thirdly, a shopaholic in a critical situation, when he discovers a complete lack of purchasing power, will inevitably fall into even greater depression, which can easily lead to suicide or lead to other terrible extremes - alcoholism, drug addiction, and smoking.

Discussing the detrimental effects of bad habits on health, one cannot ignore such seemingly innocent addiction. Although officially shopomania is not recognized as a disease, serious research is being conducted in America and England. And the negative impact of this mental disorder has already been proven.

The most harmful habits and their effects on health

bad habits and their effects on health

Drug addiction, smoking, substance abuse and alcoholism are considered the most terrible evils. They not only relate to the mental illness of a person, but also have a devastating effect on the intellect and physical condition.Considering harmful habits (alcoholism) and their impact on human health, one should also take into account the fact that many crimes are committed in an inadequate state after consuming these poisons.

Harmful substances, entering the body, destroy brain cells, resulting in their dying off. It is almost impossible to restore them. An addict, an alcoholic, a drug addict eventually loses his intellectual abilities, sometimes turns into a person who is unable to carry out the simplest mental work.

There may also be a complete or partial degradation of the individual. Often, you can see a man who has fallen down utterly - a dirty, torn and overgrown person who is begging money from a passer-by on the street for a bottle, another dose or a glue tube. Typically, such people can no longer be ashamed, irretrievably lost and self-esteem.

For the sake of their destructive habits, degraded people are able to steal, beat, or even kill not only a stranger, but also a loved one. There are cases when the mother deprived of life of his own child, the father beat the newborn half to death.It is also not a secret that other parents sell their children both for work "on the panel" and just like that, it is not known for what purposes: for organs, for export abroad, for fun for sadists.

the harmful effects of bad habits on health

Tobacco smoking, although it does not cause such a pronounced degradation of the individual, also ruins health and still harms others. It is known that smokers often have cancer, vascular diseases, heart disease, bone tissue is destroyed.

Fighting the worst evils

It should immediately be said that it is extremely difficult to fight drug addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism at the personal level. In addition to psychological work, it is necessary to remove chemical dependence. An organism that is used to regularly receiving toxic substances produces an antidote. As a result, even if the patient decides to give up his addiction, he begins to experience the serious consequences of poisoning with substances that the body itself develops to fight with poisons. And severe withdrawal from drug addiction, hangovers in alcoholics provoke severe physical condition, sometimes even causing death. But more often it helps to return to the old.

A separate item is the attitude towards the pernicious dependencies of young people: children, teenagers, young men and young girls. After all, they quickly get used to it, and poisons have a stronger effect on an unformed organism. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that bad habits and their impact on the health of adolescents are today the number one problem. After all, they are the same gene pool that will become a priority in the next decade.

Therefore, the best option in this situation is to contact experienced doctors, who first carry out the blood purification of the patient, then prescribe medication, coupled with psychological effects.

bad habits alcoholism and their impact on human health

Easier to prevent than to cure

The best way to make a nation healthy and free from alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse, as well as smoking is the prevention of bad habits. How to carry out activities to prevent the occurrence of these dependencies?

You need to start from early childhood. And not only by talking, demonstrating a video, but, more importantly, by personal example. It is proved that in families where there are alcoholics, the risk that adolescents will be “attached” to alcohol is significantly higher than where adults lead a healthy lifestyle.The same applies to smoking, substance abuse, overeating, dependence on the Internet, shopaholism and other evils. Naturally, you need to constantly talk about it, discuss with the child and bad habits, and their impact on health.

Prevention also includes the employment of the individual. This also applies to the whole range of bad habits and people of all ages. The main reason for their appearance is depression, mental disharmony. A man suddenly begins to feel his uselessness, he is bored.

Sports, creativity, physical labor, tourism give the individual a sense of fullness of life, interest in themselves and other people. He lives a full life, from which even a minute to spend on useless and harmful occupation is unacceptable luxury.

Briefly about the main thing

All bad habits arise from a loss of interest in life, from an imbalance of the psyche, a breakdown in the balance between expectations and reality. Therefore, people who are able to deal with life difficulties, to achieve their goals by increasing the load, work, struggle, do not look for dope from the outside, do not try to forget computer games, shopping, eating, smoking, drinking and so on.They understand that these temporary departures from reality do not struggle with the problem itself, but only push its solution further away.

It is very important to be able to set life goals before you, to find a useful hobby for rest, to give way to the accumulated emotions through creativity, communication with interesting people. Do not get hung up on their problems. Looking around, everyone can see someone who is even harder to lend him a helping hand. And then their own troubles will seem to be a trifle.

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