Hotel Carelta Beach Resort & Spa 4 *, Turkey: review, rooms and reviews

Transparent azure sea, endless blue sky, fabulous star at night, picturesquely broken line of mountains, and of course the traditional hospitality of the locals - of course, it's all about Turkey. Anatalya and many other resorts on the Turkish coast annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists. There are among them large seaside cities, and very small, but well-equipped villages, for example Beldibi, in which the Carelta Beach Resort Spa Hotel 4 * is located, which we will tell you in this article.carelta beach resort spa 4

Beldibi (Kemer)

Despite the fact that these two resorts are located at a distance of 15 kilometers, they are usually considered as one unit. Beldibi is quite a popular seaside resort, and its attractiveness in the eyes of tourists is primarily associated with great beaches, the possibility of mountaineering and rafting and the availability of historical sights. Considering all these advantages, a large group of tourists annually buys tours to Beldibi hotels, among which Carelta Beach Resort Spa Hotel 4 * is not the last.Turkey has always attracted travelers from Russia, especially due to the fact that there is always very tasty food, and booze is included in the tour price. From this point of view, this hotel is no exception. In addition, Turkey is located on the territory of ancient civilizations (this does not mean that it is an ancient country) and you can always find many historical sites here: ruins of ancient cities, Christian or pagan temples, baths, etc. All this can be done find around Beldibi. hotel carelta beach resort spa hotel 4


The popular seaside resort of Beldibi is located in the historic area of ​​Lycia, on the shores of the Mediterranean. In its location it is located between Antalya (to the west) and Kemer. So when you make a tour at the Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * Kemer and Beldibi - both resorts - will be marked in your package. The village has an elongated shape and consists of a small private sector, where local residents live, and many comfortable hotels, villas and guesthouses. Beyond the village stands the Taurus mountain range. What provides the resort with picturesque landscapes that residents of the steppe areas love to admire.The locals, in addition to serving tourists, as well as farming, no longer have other activities. Someone is involved in the hotel business, someone - in the souvenir, someone - in the restaurant, spa, etc. In short, life in Beldibi revolves around tourism. The resort has hotels of all categories, from luxurious fives to the simplest two-seaters. However, the most popular among Russian tourists are four-star hotels serving the "all inclusive" system. Such hotel complexes include Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * (Turkey / Kemer). Prices at registration pleasantly surprised - from 5,000 to 7,000 rubles. Service is pretty good, but the hotel can not boast of new and well-groomed interiors. Nevertheless, here you will find excellent value for money, and a hospitable welcome, which is also very important for our tourist.hotel carelta beach resort spa 4


Before 1980, on the site of a burgeoning burgeoning resort, there was just an ordinary village, in which local people were breeding sheep and growing citrus fruits. However, several German investors were interested in a beautiful beach, and they began to build here the first hotel complexes - resorts.Of course, Carelta Beach Resort Spa Beldibi 4 * does not belong to the first generation of hotels. It was built almost 20 years later, but you can’t even count it as new and ultra-modern. Today, the village of Beldibi is working to preserve the reputation of an excellent Mediterranean resort, with various accommodation options and a developed tourist infrastructure. Once having been here, tourists from all over the world recommend their friends not to rest in noisy Antalya and Kemer, but in the small and cozy village of Beldibi. carelta beach resort spa 4 kemer beldibi


Tourists who plan to visit the Turkish coast and settle in one of the fashionable hotels, for example, at the Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * (Turkey / Kemer / Beldibi), naturally, want to know everything about the climatic features of the coast. We will tell you about the weather conditions in the village, about which this story goes. The proximity of the Taurus Mountains has a very beneficial effect on both Kemer and Beldibi. Although in the summer during the daytime it is very hot here, but in the evenings it becomes quite comfortable, it blows cool from the mountains. In winter, the climate is very mild. The holiday season, as well as on the entire west coast of the Mediterranean, lasts from May to mid-October, that is, about half of the year.So, plan your vacation at the hotel Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * during this period.


Let's not exaggerate and say that the beaches in the village are ideal, but this also does not mean that they are deprived of attractiveness and are not suitable for recreation at all. Of course, many people like the sandy beach, and the pebble is not for everyone’s liking. But this is the coast of Turkey, and especially in order not to hurt his feet, they invented rubber shoes for swimming. It is especially needed when entering the sea. By the way, some caring owners of hotels bring sand to the beaches, but over time it thins and is washed off by the wave.

How to get there

So, you have purchased a tour to the hotel Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * in Turkey. Antalya will be the first point on your way, because it is here that the air gates of the Turkish coast are located. From here to the necessary village Beldibi only 25 kilometers. You do not even have time to admire the beauty of seascapes on the way, as you arrive at the entrance to the hotel. By the way, almost all tour operators will offer a transfer from the airport to the hotel. If you still think to resolve this issue on the spot, you can use either public transport services or a taxi, which will be 5 times more expensive.carelta beach resort spa hotel 4 turkey

Description Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * (Kemer / Beldibi)

The hotel, as already noted, was founded in 1998. It was originally called Caretta. However, in 2011 the new owners renamed it, although they forgot to make a new renovation (the hotel was last reconstructed in 2008, that is, under the old owners, and redecorated in 2010). The hotel is located on the first beach line, and this is one of its main advantages. The territory of the hotel is 22,000 square meters - this includes park and garden areas. Next to it is another, larger complex - “Crystal Flora”. Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * is a single-storey five-story building, an outdoor pool with a sunbathing area and slides, a children's one, also an outdoor pool, restaurants and bars, a spa area, etc.

Number of rooms

The hotel has 205 rooms of various categories. Of the total number of standard (Standard Room) are 182, there are also eleven corner (Corner Room), as well as 5 combined rooms. Each of the rooms, regardless of the category, is furnished with comfortable furniture (1 or 2 double beds, armchairs, a mirror, a writing desk or a coffee table, bedside tables and a wardrobe, chairs, etc.); they have a balcony, bathroom with shower (hairdryer,hygiene items, towels); separate toilet, individual air conditioning, mini-bar, which is filled at will, also paid safe for storing valuables and money. For those tourists who do not represent their lives without a TV, there is satellite TV, as well as Wi-Fi - payable in the rooms and free in the common area at the reception. Room service is available 24 hours, but for a fee. Cleaning is done daily, and linen change - once a week. The windows of the apartments overlook the sea, mountains or swimming pool. Usually in other resorts, people tend to take rooms with a view of the sea, however, Taurus is so beautiful that in Beldibi enjoys a special popularity of "view" (view) of the mountains.carelta beach resort spa beldibi 4


Hotel Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * provides tourists with a choice of several types of food, namely: AIl inclusive ("all inclusive") - a buffet, a la carte (à la carte order). The buffet is served in the restaurant. There is also a snack bar serving hot and cold appetizers, as well as international and local dishes. In the restaurant "a la carte" you can order seafood. In the restaurant for children provided chairs. In the evenings there is a disco-bar, where admission is free, but drinks are paid.

Entertainment and Sports

At the territory of the hotel Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * you can find many options for leisure activities, some of them are completely free, while others will have to pay. The first includes daytime and evening animation, shows, a disco, a hammam, a gymnasium with exercise equipment, tennis court (rackets and balls are also provided free of charge), ping-pong, etc. The hotel’s services include massage, diving lessons and other water activities. In short, you can swim in the Turkish bath for free: but if you want to get a massage with different oils, then you need to pay for it. For younger guests there is a mini-club, children's animation is conducted. Children are also free to play on the open playground. For an additional fee, you can invite a nanny.carelta beach resort spa 4 turkey kemer prices


The hotel Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * has its own beach. Unfortunately, sand cover or at least small pebbles here you will not find. So you will need to stock up on special rubber shoes. However, the hotel took care of the tourists and set the pier, which begins the entrance to the sea. In children, of course, it will not work.Sun loungers, umbrellas and towels are provided free of charge to all hotel guests.

Compliments from the hotel

Like all other Turkish hotels of this category, the Carelta Beach Resort Spa 4 * (Turkey / Beldibi) provides various compliments to its tourists. For example, regular tourists receive pleasant surprises from the administration, that is, those who come here for a second or third time to rest. Various gifts, such as a cake, a bottle of wine or a fruit basket will be given to birthday men. Newlyweds are waited by beautifully issued number, as a rule, with pink petals, and a bottle of champagne with fruit. It is of course very nice to feel a special relationship with one’s own person.


Unfortunately, some comments that can be read about this hotel, to put it mildly, are not particularly flattering. The thing is that after the hotel moved to the new owners and changed its name, it was not even subjected to cosmetic repairs. Much decayed and has an unpresentable look. In rooms, especially on balconies or in bathrooms, mold and rust can be found. There are many faulty appliances. In addition, the administration does not pay special attention to cleanliness.For newly arrived tourists can provide an untidy number. Of course, all this casts a shadow on the reputation of the hotel. Nevertheless, this is a pretty good hotel both in its location and in terms of infrastructure, just the owners need to pay more attention to the care of the territory and interior.

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