Hotel Copthorne Hotel 4 * Sharjah UAE, Sharjah: photos and reviews

Sharjah is one of the most famous resorts in the world. It has direct access to the Persian and Oman gulfs, so the length of its beaches is impressive. But not all hotels in Sharjah are located on the first line, in close proximity to the sea. Copthorne Hotel 4 * Sharjah also stands not near the water. Nevertheless, it is popular with tourists who choose it for its location in the center of the emirate, a good combination of price and quality of stay. The article will tell in detail about this hotel, answer many questions of travelers planning a vacation in the United Arab Emirates.


Copthorne Hotel 4 * Sharjah is an 11-floor building located between two skyscrapers. Some of the windows overlook the bay, they offer stunningly beautiful panoramic views, some of the windows look at the neighboring houses and the courtyard.

copthorne hotel sharjah 4 sharjah reviews

The hotel itself is new, opened its doors to tourists only in 2013. Built in a modern style, it fits very organically into the surrounding landscape. Many people call Copthorne Hotel 4 * Sharjah a local landmark, mark the beautiful architecture of the building.

The hotel can stay people with disabilities, as there are rooms for the disabled.

Number of rooms

In total in Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * (United Arab Emirates, Sharjah) there are 255 rooms of different levels. All apartments are very comfortable and spacious, furnished with new furniture. Differ, as a rule, only capacity and view from the window.

Double premium is a great room for a young couple. Its area is 34 square meters. There is a large double bed, a private bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, an electric kettle, a coffee maker, a minibar, a comfortable seating area, toiletries and bath amenities (large mirror, hairdryer, soap, towels, bathrobe, slippers), a small safe for preservation of valuables, a large desktop, wardrobe, iron, telephone.

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Twin suites are also a great room, the only difference is that there are two single beds. Otherwise, it is not inferior to the double premium.

Superior double room - a great option for those who are accustomed to relax on a grand scale. A large area, a spacious seating area and a waterbed are the moments that distinguish this apartment.There is also a separate bathroom and toilet with a full set of accessories, tea sets and coffee lovers, and a laptop safe.

The family double room has a double bed, its area is 68 square meters. Also equipped with climate control system and everything necessary to make the family feel at home.

Family room with two bedrooms is designed for a large family with children. The rooms are soundproofed, so children can run and make noise without the risk that neighbors show displeasure with the inconvenience caused.

Executive room - spacious and comfortable apartments that have all the amenities: a well-equipped bathroom, toilet, tea-drinking area, coffee maker, mini-bar with a variety of drinks, small safe, workplace for business people. Of course, here too, residents are given toiletries and bath accessories.

United Arab Emirates copthorne hotel sharjah 4

Executive Suite - premium apartments. From the windows of a magnificent panoramic view of the lagoon. In addition to the standard furnishings, there are: additional bathroom, guest toilet, dining area, excellent balcony, living room, jacuzzi.The suite can accommodate a large company, you can receive guests, even hold partnership meetings.

Club room - it is distinguished by a calm atmosphere, stylish design and stunning views from the windows of the sea. An additional advantage is the access of guests to the club lounge, as well as discounts on certain types of services.

Everyone who came to the hotel Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 *, will be able to choose their own room on request and wallet.

It is necessary to add that the elevator works around the clock and without interruption, so it does not matter on which floor - the first or eleventh - the apartments are located. Many tourists even specially book a room on high floors, wanting to admire the views of the city and the sea view from the balcony.


On the roof of the building there is an excellent outdoor swimming pool. The water in it is always warm, around a lot of sun loungers with umbrellas, mattresses. However, sunbathe here will not work, as the sun close the nearest skyscrapers. For lovers of tanning is equipped with a special terrace in the fresh air.

hotel copthorne hotel sharjah 4 uah sharjah

On the top floor of the hotel there is a well-equipped modern gym, where men and women are engaged separately.If you wish, you can hire a fitness trainer who will individually help you choose a training program. But, given the short duration of the rest, almost no one uses this service at the hotel.

The spa offers a large selection of anti-aging treatments. Work massage room and beauty salon.

There is a sauna and a Turkish bath on the territory.

Near the hotel built free multi-level parking.

Ten kilometers from the Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 *, the photo of which is in the article, there are two beaches: paid and municipal. To visit the paid beach at the hotel, you need to purchase a special voucher or pay approximately $ 20 per entrance (per person) on the spot. City beach is accessible to all. Unfortunately, many construction projects have been around him, which upsets the guests. Also, the convenience of accommodation here, many appreciate the low.


Meals, depending on the voucher, can be organized in several ways:

  • customized menu in the restaurant, with early booking is welcome (food can also be ordered in the room);
  • breakfast buffet;
  • breakfast and dinner as a buffet; If you wish, “breakfast + dinner” can be exchanged for one lunch - you need to agree in advance at the reception.

copthorne hotel sharjah 4 reviews

The hotel’s cuisine is international and local, with a choice of vegetarian or gluten-free dishes. So everyone will find what he likes. There is a special ecomenu that offers healthy and healthy food: fresh juices, seafood and organic vegetables and fruits.

In addition to the restaurant, the Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * (United Arab Emirates, Sharjah) has a bar, a cafe and a banquet hall where receptions, birthdays, theme parties can be organized.

Those who for some reason do not have time to eat in the allotted time can order a packed lunch (for example, on a tour). Lunch boxes at this hotel are filling hearty and tasty.


Every room is cleaned daily, as well as extra on request. Towels are changed daily, bed linen is changed every three days.

The hotel staff speaks many languages, including English and Russian. Access to the reception is open around the clock.

On request, the hotel organizes airport transfers.

Possible rest

What kind of vacation can those who come to the UAE expect? The Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * is a comfortable, safe place in the center of Sharjah with a developed infrastructure and a good range of services. Here couples, young people, older people, businessmen, lovers of shopping, outdoor activities and excursions will feel great.

Do not doubt those who wish to come here with the children. Living conditions and meals at the hotel fully comply with the requirements of even the most picky parents. In addition, the hotel has animators who spend their children’s holidays and occupy the little ones while the moms and dads rest.

copthorne hotel sharjah 4 sharjah

Additional services

Of the additional services that the hotel offers for a fee, the following are in demand:

  • currency exchange;
  • laundry, dry cleaning, ironing of any complexity, including a trouser press;
  • shoe shine;
  • porter;
  • "alarm clock in the morning";
  • printer, copier, scanner, fax;
  • business center;
  • conference hall;
  • car rent;
  • delivery / shipment of personal mail;
  • delivery of fresh press in the room.

A big plus is the ability to call a doctor in the room. Especially this service is appreciated by parents, vacationers with small children.

Useful information for the tourist

Arrival at the Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * (Sharjah) is from 14:00, departure - until 12:00.

The hotel can reserve a room in advance, with the cancellation is mostly free. The non-refundable rate is included in the peak season, when there are few free rooms in the hotel.

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The hotel can accommodate parents with children of any age, even with babies. At the same time, cots are available for small children at the request of parents.

Animals are not allowed in Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * (UAE).

We accept payment cards Visa, EC MasterCard, American Express. In this case, the hotel reserves the right to block the necessary amount of funds on the card before the arrival of the tourist.


Holidays in the United Arab Emirates - one of the most expensive in the world. Therefore, the prices offered by the hotel can be called democratic: you will have to pay per night depending on the class of apartments and living conditions from about 200 to 400 dollars. Breakfast costs about $ 15, excursion - from $ 30 to $ 70.

copthorne hotel sharjah 4 reviews

At the same time, Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * (UAE) offers various savings options:

  • during a family holiday, one child under two years old lives free of charge;
  • a child under six years old when he allocates extra space lives free of charge;
  • one child from six to twelve years old is offered a discount of 50%;
  • when one adult is accommodated in an extra bed a fixed fee per night is charged - an average of $ 35.

Sharjah has a lot of entertainment and interesting places that you want to visit, there are excellent restaurants and excellent shopping, so you definitely need to take a certain amount with you - according to the experience of tourists at least $ 300 per person.

What is nearby

What else attracts travelers to the Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 *? Corniche Sharjah is the embankment on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It is green, very beautiful and incredibly popular not only among visitors, but also among locals who are tired of the sandy landscapes of the United Arab Emirates. There are many restaurants and small cafes scattered along the Corniche, where you can have a tasty meal and quench your thirst. Cool and fresh give high palm trees with wide spreading leaves. Here is the residence of the sheikh, not far from which a complex of fountains is built.

copthorne hotel sharjah 4 UAE

A few kilometers from the Copthorne Hotel 4 * Sharjah, Al-Jazeera amusement park is a very popular place. Green territory is spread over 100 thousand square meters. There are pools with fountains, rides, bowling, billiards, a mini-zoo, and cozy cafes. Every day hundreds of people rest in the park.Interestingly, on Tuesday only women and children are allowed in here.

Near the hotel is the Al-Nur Mosque, built in 2005 on the model of the famous Turkish Blue Mosque. Non-Muslims can visit it with a guided tour. Be sure to comply with the dress code.

The famous recreation area is the Al-Kasbah Canal, along which there are many shops, cultural complexes, attractions for children and adults, restaurants. The main attractions are the Ferris wheel and singing fountains.

Those who stay at the Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * (Sharjah) should definitely visit the Gold Market. Buyers are offered great jewelry, many of which can be safely called real masterpieces. Local merchants love to bargain and always make a discount of at least 10%. And in the evenings a laser show is held near the Gold Market, so it makes sense to stay in the area until the end of the day.

Also close to the hotel there are museums, the Al-Makhaz amphitheater, an aquarium, an exhibition hall, shopping centers and other places of interest to tourists.


As they say, how many people, so many opinions. Therefore, the Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * gets different reviews: from enthusiastic to frankly disappointed.

Those tourists, who were satisfied with the rest in the hotel, talk about the spacious and well-appointed rooms, excellent service, tasty and varied food, excellent hotel infrastructure. Tourists are also satisfied with the additional services - transfer to the beach, excursions, because Wi-Fi is available free of charge on the territory.

copthorne hotel sharjah 4 corniche sharjah

Some discontent with some vacationers was caused by the lack of beach towels, irregular cleaning, a taciturn guide. According to them, the bus that takes tourists to the beach is too small; everyone who wants to can fit in it, so many have to take a taxi.

Very few tourists, completely disappointed rest in Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 * (Sharjah). Reviews in this case relate to many points: travelers are dissatisfied with the situation in the rooms, uncomfortable bathroom, insufficient number of bath accessories, talking about the monotonous kitchen and unsmiling staff.

Considering that the United Arab Emirates invests heavily in tourism development, strictly monitors the level of services provided, this hotel also has 4 stars in its arsenal, I want to believe that living in it is still comfortable and high-class, and negative reviews are the machinations of competitors.

Short summary

Those who wish to spend a holiday in Sharjah can choose to stay in a modern hotel Copthorne Hotel Sharjah 4 *. Reviews about it are mostly positive. The hotel administration makes a lot of effort for a comfortable and safe accommodation of guests, organizing a pleasant pastime. In addition to the standard service set, there are paid additional services that are in demand among tourists. The staff behaves politely, trying to quickly solve any problems.

copthorne hotel 4 sharjah

On the rest in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, will remain pleasant, bright memories. Be sure to want to come back here to re-enjoy the abundance of sun, warm sea, the hospitality of residents and, of course, living in the wonderful four-star hotel Copthorne Hotel. Photos of the hotel are placed in the article, they all demonstrate its modern style, high level and fashionableness. Considering the level of resorts in the United Arab Emirates, a great advantage is the fairly affordable prices offered by the Copthorne Hotel to tourists. The "price / quality ratio" is ideal, since for 200-400 US dollars per day (per person) you can get accommodation in first-class rooms, excellent service,tasty and nutritious food.

As 97 reviews out of 100 show, the Copthorne Hotel is an excellent option for tourists.

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