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Greece attracts with its unique traditional cuisine, pleasant climate and beautiful ancient sights.

Choosing Greece

Having chosen such a wonderful place for an unforgettable vacation, you can go to the southern part of Greece (the Peloponnese peninsula) or to the north (Halkidiki).HOTELS HalkidikiThe country is one - the types of rest are radically different. Areas of different types of beaches, vegetation, animals and landscapes. Only the sights are about the same, as from the Peloponnese peninsula you can easily and relatively quickly get to the peninsula of Chalkidiki (Greece). Hotels in different parts of the country also have many differences.

The southern part of Greece is the attractive Peloponnese peninsula

Peloponnese is connected to mainland Greece with the help of a small isthmus (which is why there is still debate about whether this is an island or a peninsula) and the Corinth Canal, which, by the way, is extremely fascinating. The largest city of this region is Patra, this is where the small airport is located.Having chosen such an exotic place that has not yet been mastered by foreign travelers, it is worth being prepared for some inconvenience. For example, it is very difficult to find not only a Russian-speaking, but even an English-speaking person. And here the tourist infrastructure is not developed at all: there are no places of entertainment outside the hotel zones and long promenades filled with souvenir products. But these shortcomings are more than covered by the beauty of the Ionian Sea with its reef beaches and a mass of colorful crabs, sea food and the true Greek culture that has not yet been spoiled by tourists. Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of the country and forget about everything.

Northern Greece - an unusual Halkidiki

This part of the country is markedly different from the “wild” of chalkidikiThe beaches here are clean and sandy. Gorgeous vegetation is striking in its scale. The Chalkidiki map looks quite atypical, since the peninsula is shaped like a trident: the first “clove” is Kassandra, the second is Sithonia, and the third is Agion Oros (Saint Athos). On any "finger" you can find all categories of hotels, from solid "fives" to cute "twos".

Halkidiki, Kassandra: 4-star hotels

One of the best quality hotels - Pallini Beach 4 *. It has a very developed infrastructure, and a lot of entertainment will delight guests:

  • For athletes - a huge tennis court and the services of a professional coach (for an additional fee), any water (polo, "banana", skiing, windsurfing) and "near-water" (beach volleyball) activities. There is an outdoor swimming pool for swimming with clean filtered water, darts.
  • For lovers of peace, there is a cinema located directly under the stars, and a SPA center.
  • Active persons are offered aqua aerobics, entertainment programs at any time of day, gamers will be delighted with the large game room with video games.

Rest in a luxury hotel

On one of the first lines in the rating of “Hotels 5 *, Chalkidiki” is the Alexandros Palace Hotel & Suites 5 *.Halkidiki greece HOTELSShe took this place of honor due to many advantages. First of all, a very good location: between the beautiful mountain ranges, covered with fresh greens, and crystal clear sea. Any visitor, even with the most refined taste, will be amazed by the panoramic views from the windows of the hotel. It is located on the Athos peninsula.Perfect for relaxing with young families with kids, thanks to the elements of infrastructure prepared especially for younger guests. These include two specialized children's pools (this is expressed in their shallow depth, degree of heating and water features - it is fresh), the presence of small beds in the hotel, animation aimed at entertaining children from four to twelve years old, and babysitting services (they are paid extra ). An excellent sandy beach at a distance of one hundred meters from the place of settlement has only one small drawback - on the way to it you will have to overcome an underground passage. Hotels in Chalkidiki are often quite different.

Heading to Sithonia

Sithonia is one of the “fingers” of the Chalkidiki peninsula. There are not very many hotels here, but you can find different categories. A good option is the hotel Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa 5 *.Halkidiki Cassandra HotelsIt is located on the beachfront with a good beach (it is on the mainland of Greece all the bands are either purely sandy or with small pebbles). Such an entrance to the sea is ideal for families with children. However, if there are still small pebbles, then you should use inexpensive special rubber slippers for greater safety.The infrastructure of the hotel allows you not to leave it during the entire holiday, because there is always something to do, as in other hotels of the Chalkidiki peninsula (Greece). Hotels (even 3 *) are famous for a rich choice of entertainment. For particularly active at the reception offered car rental for any period (however, it is worth knowing that gasoline in Greece is not cheap - about three times more expensive than the native Russian), here you can find folders from leading tour operators with a full range of tours around the country. Hotels in Chalkidiki, Sithonia offer travel to other "fingers" - Athos and Kassandra. If tourists like them to a greater extent, then they can stay for some time, having rented the hotel again.

Going to Cassandra

Many hotels in Halkidiki in Greece, category "4 stars" in no way inferior to the "five". Cassandra is the second of the "fingers." It differs from Sithonia in that there are a large number of hotels for different tastes, taverns with local unique cuisine, disco venues and souvenir shops. Vacationers make up a rather motley group: young parents with children of all ages, active young couples and the elderly are Halkidiki all inclusiveHalkidiki (Kassandra) is famous for its many kilometers of coastline with the cleanest beaches. Hotels here are very different, many of which are difficult to compare with each other due to similar characteristics. One of the best located in the resort town, built on the Corinthian ruins, Nea Potidea. The hotel itself is called Potidea Palace Bomo Club 4 *. It belongs to the category "Hotels of Halkidiki" all inclusive "." For different types of rooms are provided their own restaurants for constant food. In addition, the hotel arranges themed Greek nights quite often. The hotel has a Russian-speaking staff.

Hotel in Kassandra

Aegean Melathron 5 * is a top class hotel. No list of the “Best Hotels of Chalkidiki” is complete without this hotel. It belongs to the famous lineup Aegean Star.the best hotels of chalkidikiOn the one hand, "Aegan" is surrounded by a green thicket, and on the other - by the beautiful crystal waters of the Toroneysky Bay. There are rooms both economical and large "suites" with private pools. Reviews about this place of rest are exceptionally enthusiastic, many note that here is a children's paradise. And true. In each of the 9 pools there is a special children's section half a meter deep, in park areas there are 2 playgrounds.Mini-club can release young parents for the whole day. Recreational events with many surprises are held in different parts of the hotel. Gymnastic exercises and games for little swimmers are provided in the pools. In restaurants there are children's buffets and an adapted menu, for birthday people it is possible to organize the birthday of professional animators. And for an additional fee the nanny will take responsibility for the children.

Going to Athos

Athos is the third of the “fingers” of the Chalkidiki peninsula. The most unusual place. This piece of Greece is filled with monasteries and churches. Also here is Mount Athos. By the way, it is in this holy place that all individuals of the female sex are forbidden to enter, only men with special permission can visit it (if, for example, they are archaeologists or theologians, but even they can be on the mountain for no longer than three days). There are very few 5 halkidikiThey are only in two resort towns - Nea-Kind and Ouranopolis. In the last place (at a distance of four kilometers from it) stretches a chic hotel complex Eagles Palace 5 *, not just won at exhibitions and competitions, having many high titles like "The Best Resort of Greece". It is fully justified.All tourists who have been here, leave only positive feedback. Really delicious cuisine, good location, sincere and sincere attitude to the guests did their job: the hotel is extremely in demand.

Best hotels in Chalkidiki

The cost of trips to one of the best places is quite high. For example, in June, for 11 days with departure from Moscow, the price will be 127,000 rubles. Ultra all inclusive, room overlooking the golf course. The cost is based on the service "early booking". This hotel occupies a huge area (more than a thousand hectares), with a wide beach strip and a variety of flora. More than once she became the winner in the nomination "Cleanliness and environmental friendliness". It is located precisely on the peninsula of Chalkidiki. Hotel "Porto Karas" - one of the best in Sithonia due to a wide choice of options from the number of rooms, a huge amount of entertainment (from children's pools to a nightclub), a beach 9 kilometers long and a really high level of service.

Where to go on vacation?

Athens - the capital of Greece, Thessaloniki or Ancient Olympus - unusually interesting excursions with a lot of "goodies": tastings of traditional dishes or wines, fascinating consciousness with myths.

A trip to the giant steep cliffs, on which the oldest monasteries are located, will not leave anyone indifferent. A myriad of museums of archeology and boat trips to nearby islands, ruins and ruins, magnificent temples and viewing platforms of stunning beauty - all this will offer Greece. Anyone who once visited an ancient great country will never forget it.

Another type of holiday is modern. Bars, discos, huge entertainment centers and clubs are located in many resort towns (with the exception of Athos). Although the hotels of Halkidiki themselves often have their own nightclubs. Not far from the peninsula (about one hour by car) is a large water park, which is a favorite destination of travelers.

Visa regime for Russians

Greece is one of the countries of the Schengen Agreement, therefore, the corresponding visa is valid here. Some travel agencies make a Greek visa within 2-3 days and require a minimum set of documents. It includes photocopies of foreign and domestic Russian passports, a questionnaire, a certificate of employment (indicating the position, duration of work and salary), photographs (recently taken, measuring 3 * 4 centimeters, on matte paper, without ovals and corners).The embassy is also entitled to request some additional documents. But in most cases, a visa is issued quickly and for a long time (that is, a multivisa).

For travel, you need the following package of documents received 2-3 days before departure from the tour operator: transfer and hotel vouchers (Halkidiki hotels pick them up upon arrival), insurance policies, airline tickets, and tourist information.

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