How a laser printer differs from an inkjet: device, advantages and disadvantages, comparison

The choice of printer for printing can cause certain difficulties for those who first encounter with this technique. Moreover, the market offers a huge range of models with different technical and operational qualities. And even if the specific performance characteristics are relegated to the background, the very principle of operation is implemented in different ways. Today, at the hearing of the main part of consumers inkjet and laser printers. There are other options for this equipment, but the above two types are considered optimal for most printing operations. Accordingly, the main question will be reduced to what the laser printer is different from the jet. They have a lot in common, but there are fundamental differences, the knowledge of which will help determine the choice of a particular model.The analysis of technology should begin with consideration of the construction features and the general device.

How a laser printer is different from an inkjet

Inkjet printer device

The design of inkjet printers demonstrates the general principle of this kind of technology. The functional part is formed by several components, including the print group, control mechanics with feed shafts and clamping elements, sensors and compartments for cartridges. The working mechanisms are represented by frontal, rear and main shafts, which are responsible for moving the paper sheet. They implement a mechanical action, and commands are given by special sensors. Among them are the calibration photosensor for the print tooling, the tray fixing sensor, the control modules for the engine, and other elements that regulate the handling of consumables. A standard inkjet printer device provides for multiple engines in the design. The basic is the power unit, which drives the carriage. Also mandatory is a stepper motor that communicates with the sheet feeders.It turns out a complex based on the interrelated operation of engines, sensors, mechanical equipment with rollers and shafts.

laser printer device

Laser printer device

From the point of view of constructional performance, laser models are more complicated and more technological than jet models. The work involves several functional units, including the paper grip group, equipment for imaging, the drive mechanism and the fusing system. The main working components are capture rollers with shafts, as well as laser beam optics and a printing drum. In operation, the printer forms electrified zones on the surface of the drum, which, according to the law of physics, attract toner powder, that is, paint. Next, with the help of the shaft, the paper sheet is also pulled, to which the particles of paint powder are attached. It has a laser printer device and another feature - in the form of a fusing system. So that the toner does not depart from the surface of the sheet, it must be heated. With the help of a compact stove, which can heat up to 200 ° C, the corresponding heating is realized.This ensures that the paint is baked on paper.

inkjet printer device

Advantages of an inkjet printer

Among the main advantages of this printer is worth noting the high print quality, versatility and compact size. This is not to say that this model has a significant advantage in working with text, but printing color materials, including photographs, is the purpose of the inkjet. Therefore, as a universal apparatus, this choice will be fully justified. Printing speed is not a strong point of such models, but the principle of operation allows manufacturers to make progress in this indicator. True, home models of records in the performance indicator do not set. Next is to consider another parameter - the dimensions of the technique. If there is a question about how a laser printer differs from an inkjet one externally, then the modesty of the design of the second type models will come to the fore. Optimized paper feed mechanics are much more compact than drumheading.

Disadvantages of an inkjet printer

Against the background of requests from the point of view of the average consumer, the inkjet printer has few drawbacks.Average rates of speed and performance for domestic use will not interfere, but if the equipment is purchased for the office, the situation changes. In addition, these printers are demanding maintenance and preventive processes. Although operational support in varying degrees will require any technique, whether inkjet or laser printer. What is better in this respect? Inkjet models will require regular replacement of cartridges, as the easy-to-use can cause breakage of the working tooling due to dried paint. Perhaps this risk makes the acquisition of such devices less attractive.

Advantages of a laser printer

ink jet or laser printer which is better

Laser models have two major advantages, which are expressed by high print speed and the same text quality. For tasks that require continuous work with printing, this option will be optimal. However, in terms of working with text, the merits of an inkjet and a laser printer intersect and match each other. Both devices provide clear printing. Unless the very durability of a laser print will already have advantages over the paint left by the head of an inkjet printer.

There are other advantages to high-tech laser models.Although they print at a faster speed, this does not affect the economy of toner consumption. That is, in the question of how a laser printer differs from an inkjet in terms of maintenance costs, it can be stated that the first option will be more profitable due to balanced ink consumption.

Disadvantages of laser models

difference jet and laser printer

If the users have no complaints about the quality and speed of printing text, then working with photo materials is not the best side of laser printers. Moreover, not every model supports this feature as such. There is another drawback that determines the most significant difference between an inkjet and a laser printer, which already concerns the safety nuances. In the process, such devices emit nitrogen oxides, ozone and harmful heat radiation. Also, when the paper is heated, formaldehyde and water vapor evaporate. How dangerous such effects are depends on the specific modification, but experts note that the degree of harm can be compared to passive smoking.

Comparison of printers for reliability and energy efficiency

the advantages of inkjet and laser printer

In terms of durability and maintainability, both designs are about the same - another thing is that the risks of breakdowns may be due to different reasons.As an inkjet model will require careful maintenance of compartments with cartridges, and laser devices are capricious to the quality of the paper sheet. Otherwise, the situation with the criterion of energy saving. How does a laser printer differ from an inkjet in terms of power consumption? The difference is due to the fact that laser models are supplied with more powerful components of the working infrastructure, including a thermal node and a high-voltage charging unit. Accordingly, laser devices are more “voracious” and not so economical.

Price comparison

In some segments, models may cost the same. The budget level, for example, offers options for 5-7 thousand rubles. This applies to representatives of both classes. But it is important to bear in mind that the same budget class of the inkjet model is not at all the same as the version of the laser type. In the first case, the user can rely on the multifunctionality and the belonging of the model to the family of a well-known brand, which cannot be said about the competitive analogue. And yet for 10-15 thousand. It is quite possible to purchase a decent performance and inkjet printer, and laser.Comparison in this segment will be made between models for different purposes. That is, it can be a high-tech home chip for home use with the latest features or a sturdy and productive office machine with a drum seal. But if we compare the models that are completely identical in terms of working capabilities from two sides, the laser technology will certainly be much more expensive.


inkjet printer and laser comparison

The arrival of new technologies on the market is often accompanied by loud promises of manufacturers about the improved capabilities of the proposed product. However, they do not always mention disadvantages. The same applies to the technique for printing. Inkjet or laser printer - which is better? Of course, the working qualities of laser devices with high performance and print clarity seem more attractive. And even the inability of such devices to fully work with photographic color materials does not bother office workers. However, the issue of environmental safety still stops many consumers from such an acquisition. This is especially true of ordinary home users who do not need high speed printing.

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