How do I clean the scum?

Scale turns a household appliance into a piecethe interior is unsightly. It is unlikely that a good hostess will tolerate such a situation in her kitchen. That's why, our article will tell you how to clean the scum. So:

Clean scum properly

Our article will be built on the following principle. We will start with topical tips on how to clean scales from appliances that are most exposed to this phenomenon. The first on the turn is the kettle.

  • How do I clean the kettle and the electric kettle from scaling? Acetic acid is the best ally of the hostess in the fight against scum in the kettle. The fact is that this substance forms its own salts, which easily dissolve in water and dissolve the scale. Mix the acetic acid with water in a ratio of 1:10. Pour this solution into the kettle and boil it on low heat until the salts of the scale are completely dissolved. To combat scale in the electric kettle, as a rule, use special fluids designed for this purpose. It is enough to boil this liquid once in a kettle. Then leave it for 15 -30 minutes. After this, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the inside of the kettle. By the way, the method of cleaning an ordinary teapot works perfectly with an electric kettle. Another method of descaling is the use of vinegar. Fill the kettle with water and add 100 g of vinegar. Boil the contents of the kettle, then rinse with plain water. Citric acid can also help. Add one tablespoon of citric acid per liter of water. Boil the kettle with this mixture and leave it overnight.
  • How do I clean the iron from scaling? It should be said that many modern steam models of irons are equipped with a self-cleaning function, however, this does not always help to get rid of the scale. A popular, but proven method of cleaning is much more effective. Take any heat-resistant container wherever the sole of your iron would fit. This can be, for example, a pan. At the bottom of the container, place two supports so that the soleplate of the iron does not come in contact with the surface of the dishes. Add any tool combating scum in the container. It can be a specialized powder, or those substances that we described above. Boil water in a kettle and pour it on the bottom of the container in such a way that only the soleplate of the iron is under water. Now you need to wait for 10 minutes. For a stronger effect, you should put the container with the iron on a weak fire, as the boiled water will quickly cool down.
  • How do I clean the column of scale? The way that we want to offer you, involves the use of such attributes as rubber pear, syringe, vinegar. You will have to disassemble the device in order to clean its mechanisms of unwanted scale. Pour out all the water from the column. Unscrew the pipes from the inlet and outlet of the column. Turn the mechanism upside down. Using a rubber pear or syringe, you need to pour about half a liter of vinegar into the column. Leave the column in this position for a while. A few hours should be enough. Replace the appliance and connect the pipes that supply water. Place a basin under the bottom of the column. Feed water and wait until the scum is washed with water. After you notice that clear clear water flows from the column, you can connect the remaining pipes. If you are unsure of your abilities, then you need to call a specialist from the gas service.

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