How many chickens hatch eggs. How many times does a chicken incubate eggs

Depending on the size of the household, owners can vary their poultry breeding goals in different ways. Someone starts a chicken coop only for personal purposes in order to provide seven eggs for the family, while others have more extensive plans and also apply to meat breeds. Larger farms are planning to sell eggs, chicken carcasses and chickens. In the light of the economic feasibility of a hen hen may be declared an anachronism, but is it really so? It is worth figuring out how many chickens hatch eggs, how many days and how many times a year.

how many chickens hatch eggs

How does a hen chicken differ from a hen?

With the breeding of specialized breeds, chickens were divided into egg and meat crosses, and egg and meat breeds that carry eggs with equal success are also popular, while feeding good weight. One of the most popular egg breeds is white leggorn, and these are really good layers, however, the maternal instinct of this breed is almost completely atrophied.Leggorn become less often less common than, for example, plymutrok or Kuchinsky chickens. According to villagers, the local mixed breeds, which themselves once hatched in the nest of a nestling, become remarkable chickens that chick out eggs.

If we consider the question of how much a hen hatching eggs to a chicken, then the dates for all breeds are the same - these are standard three weeks. Terms may vary within plus or minus a day, but this is an insignificant difference. The main thing is that the hen incurs all the trouble of raising the young, it is she who leads the chickens, nursing them to a certain age.

how many days the chicken incubates the eggs

How many eggs do chickens incubate?

Often, inexperienced farmers are concerned about how to calculate when the hen has sat down on the clutch, which day to consider first. This is actually quite a blurred border, because the hen begins to squash and sit on the nest even before it has a sufficient number of eggs, according to the owner. This is partly due to the method of artificial formation of masonry.

If the hen begins to khloht and demonstrate willingness to hatch eggs,the owner selects fertilized eggs, from ten to fifteen pieces, depending on the size of the hen, puts it in the nest and sits the future mother on them. It is much easier to calculate how many days the chicken incubates the eggs, because they are demolished at about the same time with a difference of a day or two. After that, 21 days are counted, after this period, you can get ready brood of young stock.

how long does the chicken incubate the eggs

Benefits of a hen in a private farm

If the farm has a regular chicken harem with an active rooster and healthy chickens, then the hens may turn out to be two or three for an average chicken family. This is quite enough for the regular appearance of the young replenishment. However, it is not enough to calculate how many eggs chickens hatch, other indicators matter, namely mother's care, how many times a year she is ready to hatch young, how many eggs are placed under such hen and how large the culling is, whether there are crushed and cooled eggs. If the hen does not finish the job, throws the half-laid laying, then the next time it is better to simply drive it out of the nest - degrade it into simple layers.

Nevertheless, the hen is profitable - it completely replaces the incubator, it is inexpensive, and keeps the young with all possible vigilance, attracting the rooster to this noble mission. Also, the chicken is quite capable of incubating duck, turkey or goose eggs, you only need to adjust their number.

Losses of chickens in the farm, where chicks are behind them, are much less than in simply bought birds. The hen is able to discourage the chicken from the cat, the crows, bravely rushes at dogs, ferrets and even hawks.

how many chicken eggs to chicken

Reproduction of chicken stock

The average chicken brood is twelve chickens, maybe a little more or a little less. If we consider that the egg production in a chicken is usually transient, a three-year-old chicken already significantly reduces this figure. A constant turnover of livestock allows you to keep a uniform amount of egg production. Culling hens and extra cockerels allows you to provide a family with a moderate amount of poultry meat.

The reproduction period is formed as follows. It is necessary to calculate how many hens hatch eggs to the chicken, and how long it will take the chick to develop into a full-fledged member of the chicken community.It turns out the following mathematics: three weeks of hatching, and young hens of egg breeds begin to age at the age of 4.5 months. Thus, over the summer period, you can completely update the livestock of the chicken coop, to form a flock of pullets, the peak of which will fall only next year.

how many times a chicken hatches eggs

Care for hen chicken

In order to provide the hen better conditions and not to provoke her to throw a hatching, you need to properly care for her. Not all hens stand up from the nest to eat or drink, most are selflessly sitting on the ground to the bitter end. How many chickens hatch eggs? For three weeks on the starvation ration without water, even the bravest chicken will die. Therefore, a caring owner should provide the hen with high-calorie food, fresh water, as well as peace and quiet. Therefore, the nest for hatching should be in a shaded sheltered place.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the hen that is hungry or thirsty will be silent, like a partisan during interrogation, and the owner’s forgetfulness will result in cooled masonry at best - the defeated hen will throw the nest.

Miniature Japanese chickens, which, for their small size, are excellent hens, proved to be the most reasonable.They are able to quickly and quickly leave the nest to refresh themselves, and then return to their place before the irreparable happens to the eggs. Such chickens are stress-resistant, but capricious, they are difficult to seat on the nest chosen by the owner, they choose their own place to hatch.

how many weeks the chicken incubates the eggs

Chicken hen or incubator?

Under the usual chicken more than fifteen eggs are not put, but in the incubator you can shove a few hundred, depending on the size. What to choose? If you plan to trade in chickens, the incubator remains the undisputed leader. But to accelerate the development of chicks will not work - the incubator is not a pressure cooker, how long the chicken incubates the eggs, so much the incubator will warm the embryos loaded into it.

There are also disadvantages to the incubator, a long-term power outage definitely sends all the eggs to the scrap. But this device can work continuously all year round, the hen is not capable of it.

Economic feasibility of the hen

If you count the number of times a hen hatch eggs, then it turns out that even the most beautiful hen is capable of this feat a maximum of twice a year.Very rarely are chickens ready to sit on the nest more often. Therefore, one hen with good performance will give about 25-30 chickens. However, it will be supervised and trained chickens, the hen itself regulates their diet, teaches how to distinguish between edible and inedible, shows which objects should be feared.

It would be somewhat illiterate to reduce the definition of the economic feasibility of the hen to the question of how many days the hen hatch eggs. The hen helps to minimize losses among the young, and this is also beneficial.

The time spent on the organization of the natural reproduction of livestock

Does it require a lot of time and effort from the owner of the farmstead? Calculate how much time a hen hatch eggs, compare it with his own plans to upgrade the livestock, conduct a preliminary rejection of an aging bird - all this is done between deeds. All that is required of the owner is to know every good chick “face” in order not to accidentally send it to the soup instead of another bird.

Knowing the time, how many weeks the chicken incubates the eggs, it is possible to determine in advance whether all the eggs under the hen will become chickens.For this, it is enough to check the eggs on the ovoscope after about ten days or look at the lumen. This will remove chatterboxes or empty eggs, but putting others in the middle of hatching is not recommended.

A hen helps natural reproduction of livestock, from the owner requires a minimum of effort with maximum attention, nothing more.

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