How old are the children swaddled? Do I need to swaddle the baby?

What must be in the wardrobe of the newborn? That's right: diapers, square or rectangular, always made from natural fabrics. Disputes about the benefits and harms of swaddling have been going on for more than a decade. But despite this, in any maternity hospital, young mothers must be taught this art. How old do they swaddle children and how to do it right?

History of baby diapers

How old are the children swaddled?The tradition to swaddle children in past times has been spread throughout the world. Each mother instinctively seeks to protect her baby from the cold and create for him the most cozy and comfortable conditions. Diaper is characterized by simplicity of design. In the first months of life, the baby grows very quickly, and it is necessary to acquire new sliders and vests for him at least once a month. With a limited budget, such expenses may be undesirable.So why not follow the example of our ancestors and buy diapers as a first baby’s clothing? In Russia, there was a tradition to use a parent of the same sex as a child to swaddle a newborn baby shirt. It was believed that energy was transmitted through clothing of the kind. Often such “diapers” were considered to be something of a talisman that could protect an infant.

Strict and free swaddling

Swaddling a newbornThere are more than ten different ways to swaddle a newborn. Pediatricians and early development specialists suggest the division of all techniques into two large groups: free swaddling and strict. More recently, local doctors called for practically “tying” the baby in a diaper. Strictly - tight - swaddling a newborn involves fixing the baby with legs fully extended and arms extended along the body. It is believed that in this position the child will fall asleep very quickly. In addition, supporters of tight swaddling emphasize its convenience for parents. It is a popular belief in our country that if the baby’s feet are swaddled tightly, they will be perfectly straight and even.This is a delusion, in fact, the shape of the limbs does not change from the choice of clothes for the baby at an early age. How to swaddle a baby advised by modern experts? Many pediatricians recommend free swaddling. This option implies that the baby wrapped in a diaper will be able to freely move his limbs.

What is useful diaper for a baby?

The first months of life for a child is a period of adaptation to environmental conditions. After the cramped maternal womb, the infant enters a world where nothing limits his personal space. Such freedom can scare the baby. It is for this reason that most parents answer affirmatively to the question: “Should I swaddle my child in the first months of life?” It is in a diaper that the baby feels just as secure and comfortable as in the mother's womb. Actually swaddling for newborns, born on the cold season. A baby wrapped in a diaper will be warmer than his peer, dressed in a vest, under a blanket. Parents will be useful to master the tight swaddling to exclude the possibility of self-unfolding of the newborn during sleep.Pediatricians agree that it is necessary to swaddle infants, trembling when falling asleep. This behavior can be seen in many children. This is the so-called Moro reflex - the manifestation of imperfection of the functioning of the nervous system. Noticing that the child in the first months of life is twitching and moving in a dream, the parents should not worry. As the baby grows and develops, this symptom will disappear, but it is advisable to inform the supervising doctor about it. A diaper in which he cannot perform such active movements unconsciously will help the baby to calmly fall asleep.

Cons of swaddling

Do I need to swaddle the babyUntil what age do modern parents swaddle children? And is it not harmful? The diaper limits the motor activity and freedom of the newborn. If in the first weeks after the baby was born, this feature of his personal “cocoon” is even useful, then as early as three months it can have a negative impact on its development. Scientists were able to prove that children who were constantly swaddled (mostly tight), lag behind their peers who grew up without diapers, according to some indicators of physical development. However, we are not talking about serious pathologies.Too tight swaddling can be dangerous circulatory disorders. Mastering this technique of wrapping a child, remember that your goal is not to tie a baby. It is enough just to fasten the fabric so that the newborn cannot independently get out of it.

Until what age is recommended to use diapers?

Today they decide whether to swaddle a baby or not, parents. In maternity homes, young mothers are offered to use diapers along with diapers. There, under the supervision of pediatricians, you can learn all the wisdom of various diapering techniques. Most doctors agree that it is desirable to swaddle a newborn in the first month of his life. Do I need to swaddle the baby in 2-3 months? To do this is permissible up to 6 months. It is useful for parents to remember that the older a baby gets, the less time it should spend in diapers. In the first month of life, unwind the baby should only be while changing clothes, swimming and air baths. By six months, the baby should spend a significant part of wakefulness in clothes that do not hold down movements. But to swaddle a child for the night can and should, provided that the diaper helps him fall asleep.

Swaddle or not - an individual question

Swaddle the baby at nightWe are all different, and each newborn baby is a small personality with its own character and behavioral characteristics. You can understand what a particular child needs by tracking his reaction. Swaddling a newborn should bring positive emotions to the baby. If a baby in a diaper behaves restlessly and tends to get out, it is probably worth trying to put it on and cover it with a blanket on top. Many newborns calm down and immediately fall asleep, you only have to swaddle them. In this case, you should not abandon swaddling at night.

Useful recommendations on the use of diapers

Tight swaddlingToday, diapers can be bought at any children's store, and if desired, it is not difficult to sew them yourself. Most importantly, the product was made of 100% organic cotton. Choose diapers for the season: thin - for the summer, and warm - for the cold season. Starting from the second month of the baby’s life, it is advisable to leave it without diapers for a long time awake. This will help him to actively explore the possibilities of his own body and the world around him. Knowing how old children are swaddled,Many parents ask a logical question: “How can we stop a baby from a diaper after 6 months?” It is not necessary to use any special tactics. If the “big” baby likes to fall asleep in a diaper, it makes no sense to deny him this pleasure. Over time, the baby will grow up and independently refuse to swaddle, even for the night.

Alternative to diapers

How to swaddle a babySome parents consider swaddling outdated to care for newborns. If for some reason mom does not want to use diapers, you can find a decent replacement for them. Many manufacturers of children's clothing delight young parents with special sleeping bags and envelopes. In addition, for the little ones, you can pick up pillows and clamps for sleeping. All these modern innovations can greatly facilitate the life of a mother. Up to what age modern parents swaddle their children, you now know. It remains only to decide whether you personally want to use diapers.

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