How to brake on the rollers with and without brakes

Of particular concern to beginner rollers is braking. Accelerating is not a problem, but then how to slow down? There are many ways to brake on rollers. But a beginner can hardly name at least a couple more, apart from using a regular brake. Skiing can remember the "plow", someone may offer to fall. But in reality there are many different ways to deal with the problem. Each method of braking should first work out at low speed.

how to brake on rollers

Using standard brake

Base braking- This is the use of standard tools installed on each pair of skates. Although this method is proposed as the main one, it is rather complex and requires the ability to keep balance, and good coordination is also needed.

When riding, the scooter puts forward a little with the brake (right, for example). In this case, the weight is transferred to the left. By straightening the right knee, the toe is lifted until the brake starts to hit the asphalt. Due to the force of friction is reset speed. This leads to a halt.

Beginners should not immediately remove the brake, since it may be necessary to ride around the city: conditions do not always allow using any other means of stopping. A "staffer" can only seriously interfere with those who are engaged in slalom.

how to brake on rollers

A few notes on how to learn to brake on rollers

1. First you need to learn to keep balance and ride on one leg.

2. No need to press the brake abruptly and with great force, as this can lead to loss of balance and tilting. The movement should be smooth, and the force of pressure - to increase gradually.

3. The regular brake is sometimes removed, since it can interfere with certain types of skating. For example, in slalom or when performing tricks. For riding around the city is better to leave it.

4. It is not always possible to use the brake, for example, in emergency cases, the speed drop may be too long.

5. The pads are gradually erased, which reduces the effectiveness of the method, so you need to change them in a timely manner.

Conclusion: you should not rely only on the regular brake, but you need to be able to use it.

Alternative "shtatnikom"

There are many options for how to brake on the rollers without brakes. For convenience, they can be divided into groups: emergency, to reduce the speed, to stop at low, medium and strong acceleration. The ability to properly use and correctly combine different types of braking will avoid injuries, save the rollers. And also solve a lot of problems of urban skating. For example, the question of how to brake on rollers from a hill.

Emergency braking

There are several options for how to slow down on the rollers almost instantly, but they can be painful and traumatic, so they are used only in exceptional cases.

Braking down

  1. Ass-stop- use of the fifth point. It should be aware of their safety and try to group so as not to hit the back of the head or not beat off the tailbone.
  2. Grass-stop- running out on the grass. Here it is undesirable to try to roll - so the probability of falling is higher. You need to run a few steps, which will allow to pay speed.
  3. Protection-stop- fall on defense. Do not be afraid, because this is exactly what it is designed for, and therefore has a special design to prevent injuries. The only thing that may appear are scratches and cracks on the shields. But this is the lesser of evils.In the end, protection can be bought new.

Braking on the obstacle

  1. Friend-stop- braking about a friend when the roller enters, grabs or in any other way engages another person as an obstacle. It is advisable to warn him in advance about his plans, otherwise it is likely that both will be on the ground.
  2. Wall-stop- a wall is used as an obstacle. It must be remembered that it is impossible to drive up to it at an angle of 90 degrees, since in this case the blow will be very strong. It is better to approach at an acute angle, on a tangent.
  3. Braking aboutany otherletsimilar to the previous one. The only difference is that some items, such as a pole, can still be seized.

how to brake on rollers from a hill

Gradual decrease in speed

Sometimes there is a need not for sudden braking, but for a gradual decrease in speed. In this case, you can use the "plow" or "snake". These are the easiest options for how to slow down on the rollers. For beginners, they become the main ones for a long time.

Braking "plow" (V-stop). This method is well known to skiers. It is quite simple in execution, so beginners learn it one of the first. It is necessary to set the legs wide apart, and to point the socks on each other, as with a club foot.However, do not allow the rollers to move in completely, muscular effort should prevent this. Also you can not bend over much, the body must be kept straight.

how to brake on the rollers without brakes

For use"snake" (or slalom)It takes quite a lot of space both in width and in length. Braking is carried out at the expense of multiple small turns: the scooter pushes the lead horse forward, and transfers the weight of the body to the reference one. Then the legs change roles. And so several times. The steeper and sharper the turns, the faster and more efficient the speed decreases.

how to brake on the rollers on the descent

You can reduce the speed in the following way: put one horse in front of the other and periodically reduce them so that the back wheel of the first roller touches the front of the second.Chirpingwill allow to brake effectively and safely.

Low speed stop

After slowing down, you need to complete braking. You can do this at low speed with a t-stop or a “plow”. These are good answers to the question of how to brake on the rollers on the descent.

On a straight surface, you can use another maneuver: push one leg forward and put it across the course of the movement, followed by a small push and instantaneous stop. At low speed, the probability of loss of equilibrium is zero.On the large and medium use of this method is strictly prohibited.

Another stop option for low and medium acceleration -hockey stop. In this case, the leading leg abruptly comes forward and, as it were, makes the cutting a supporting one. Performing this movement, the front horse will pass a quarter of a circle. The stronger the pressure on the heel, the more effective this element. Before performing the movement to maintain balance you need to lean back a little. Nothing bad will happen if the scooter does not have time to stop in those quarter circles. Let the foot slide further and the spread continues. The stop will happen a little later, for example, after a third of a circle.

How to stay at medium speed

For each speed limit, there are ways to brake on the rollers. With average overclocking, it is advisable to use the following options.

  • Braking by turning- derived from the previous method. Roller at speed begins to turn, taking the leading leg to the side. From the side of such a movement resembles a compass. All speed goes to the performance of the element. At the same time, you can turn both at 90 ° and 180 °. To use this method of braking requires a wide platform.
  • T-stopwill require a confident mastery of skates, as well as the ability to keep on one foot.Technique of performance: the roller goes straight, then transfers the center of gravity to the supporting leg, and turns the second one back and sets it perpendicular to the course of movement. It is advisable to lean forward slightly to maintain balance. This is a very effective and fast method of braking, and it is quite simple in execution. The only drawback: the wheels are quickly erased.

how to brake on rollers for beginners

  • Braking reversalallows you to stop very quickly, however, it can only be used by those who are already riding well. The weight is transferred to the supporting leg, the second horse is placed on the front wheel and is turned by the heel towards the rider at an obtuse angle. As a result of these actions, the roller will unfold by inertia. Here you have to watch your balance, otherwise you can fall on your back. Also, do not make additional efforts to rotate, inertia will be quite enough.

High speed braking methods

With the development of commercials there is a desire to drive fast. However, this desire is very dangerous, if you do not know how to brake on the rollers at high speed. Specific stopping methods are suitable for strong overclocking. As a rule, these are different slides - slides.

  1. Power Stop (or Power-slide) -quite complicated, but also very effective way of braking. Roller unfolds on the supporting leg 180 °, bending it at the knee. The braking roller at this time describes the arc and is set perpendicular to the direction of movement, due to which there is a rapid and effective decrease in speed. There is a second version of this element. First turn on two legs, and then put the braking roller across the movement.
  2. Parallel-stopthe description looks simpler and clearer. But in practice it is perhaps the hardest of all methods of braking. Roller skates turns 90 ° so that they are across the course of the movement. In this position they must be held to a complete stop. It is advisable to bend the legs at the knees, as in a half-seat, which will allow you to keep balance and not to fall.

how to brake on rollers on a big skrosty

Both methods were borrowed from ice hockey and require a high level of skiing. They can be used only at high speed, with insufficient acceleration, the elements are almost impossible to perform correctly, because of which they will be ineffective, and the level of injury risk will increase several times.

how to learn to brake on rollers

These are the main ways to stop.Knowing how to properly brake on rollers can not only prevent injuries, but also save lives. Often there are times when a roller cannot cope with speed and crashes to the roadway or knocks down pedestrians. A wide arsenal of used methods of braking will help to avoid such situations. In addition, it is necessary to consider the speed in order to decide how to brake on the rollers in each case, since this will allow the use of the most suitable stopping techniques.

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