How to choose a haircut?

Many women ask the perennial question: “How to choose the right haircut?” It’s quite difficult to find a beautiful haircut and make it suitable for you. Sometimes for this you have to experiment repeatedly. Before rushing into the pool with your head, for example, cut off long hair, think a few times. New haircut may soon get bored, and again have a few years to grow past length.

how to choose a haircut

How to choose the right haircut?

What is the right haircut? This is the haircut that:

  • masks the flaws of the face;
  • suitable for the structure and type of hair;
  • you like and harmoniously fit into your image;
  • emphasizes the dignity of your face;
  • consistent with fashion trends. It is better to choose a haircut, starting from the shape of your face. Because, no matter how beautiful the hairstyle you like, it may simply not fit your face.

How to choose a haircut for an oval and elongated face?

The oval type of face is considered to be perfect. Its main characteristic is a smooth transition of all parts, together constituting the correct oval.Women with such a face can safely choose any hairstyle, experiment with hair length, choose any form of bangs, make any to choose the right haircutThe only thing to consider is the age and features of the face itself. For example, in elderly women, long flowing hair looks extremely ridiculous, and owners of a low forehead are recommended to have a side parting. The elongated shape of the face is characterized by a high forehead and an oblong chin. For visual expansion of the side parts you need to choose a haircut with volume. Ideal for a square with a length to the chin or to the level of the lower jaw with lush bangs to the eyebrows. Hair ends with such a haircut can be slightly curled. If you have long hair, use a volume perm.

How to choose a haircutfor a round face?

This type of face is recommended to lengthen due to straight hair. You should not close the forehead, welcome short bangs (approximately to the middle of the forehead), the volume at the crown. Permissible hair perm, but with a minimum amount. The straight parting and combed back hair will only round the already round face.

How to choose a haircut for a triangular face?

The face of a triangular shape - wide in the cheekbones and forehead with a sharp narrowing to the chin. Long oblique bangs or a thick straight will allow some to soften this transition. Grooming a square just below the chin will look perfect, you can make a little bouffant on top. Long hair will balance the triangular shape of the face, the comb can be used both straight and to choose the right haircut

How to choose a haircutfor a square face?

This type of face is characterized by a wide forehead, large chin and lower jaw. It is recommended to lay the forehead open and lift the hair above it to give it pomp. Haircut "Debut" ideally closes the massive corners of the lower jaw.

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