How to clean the iron from soot? Cleaning iron from carbon

Many housewives are faced with a problem when you urgently need to iron your clothes, and the sole of the iron is dirty. And few people know from soot. But there are many methods. But first of all it is necessary to remember: in order for such problems to arise as rarely as possible, it is necessary to choose a high-quality iron. And, of course, you should not be distracted by foreign objects during ironing.

how to clean the iron from carbon

Choosing a great iron

As we have said, in order not to decide the question of how to clean the iron from carbon, you need to choose the right device. First of all, you should pay attention to the power of the unit. The best option - in the range of 1500 watts. This unit will cope with the tasks for any type of fabric. Naturally, you can look at the iron capacity of 1800-1900 watts. In this case, work on smoothing the folds will go much faster.

Next you should pay attention to the sole of the iron. The most common material from which it is made is stainless steel. It is durable, easy to clean.However, such a device will be quite weighty.

There are units with a sole made of aluminum. Such a "shoe" has its own "for" and "against." Among the advantages stands out a small weight. Among the shortcomings - slight deformation. Any scratch that appears on the sole of the iron can ruin your favorite thing.

Frequent today aggregates with a sole made of ceramic. These irons perfectly slide on the fabric. But the slip coefficient for devices with a Teflon coating is slightly lower, but their surface will be more careful with the fabric.

It should be remembered that there are other points that you should pay attention to when choosing an iron, but they already belong mainly to the area of ​​personal preference.

Cleaning iron from scale

Surely before the owner of a trendy and untwisted iron is the question not only about how to clean the iron from carbon, but also how to get rid of scale. The latter, by the way, appears because of the hard water poured into the device.

To get rid of scale, you can use some tips.

  1. Dissolve citric acid in hot water (for half a cup you need 2 tsp. Of acid). In the resulting solution, the gauze is moistened and laid in the holes. After 10 minutes, the gauze should be removed, turn on the iron. Scale will collapse at high temperatures.
  2. The following method involves the use of a similar recipe, but with vinegar added to lemon juice. However, you need to prepare for the unpleasant smell that occurs when burning organic matter.
  3. You can use the means of scale intended for the dishes. It is best to look at the store from Germany. The composition of such funds include substances that destroy scale and protect the metal.
  4. Among the folk remedies, you can choose the following recipe. Cillit, designed to remove rust and plaque, should be dropped into the openings of the sole of a hot iron (the device must be turned off). After 10 minutes there will be dirt that needs to be cleaned with a sponge. Next, the iron is washed inside and out.soot on the iron

What to do to avoid scaling in the openings of the sole?

To avoid scaling, it is advisable to pour distilled water for the iron. Purified water can also be used. Thanks to such measures, the lifetime of the device increases significantly. However, it is better to make sure that your decision is correct: you should read the instructions from the manufacturer. In some models it is strictly forbidden to use distilled water.

Some products are equipped with self-cleaning system. It should be filled with water.For the system to work, the iron is turned on in the network, set at the maximum temperature. You need to wait for automatic shutdown. After this process is repeated.

After we talked about descaling and precautions, we can proceed to the question of how to clean the iron from carbon.

Household chemicals

how to remove carbon from iron

Shelves with household chemicals that eliminate soot on the iron, offer their "services". But not all of them can cope with the task. Special attention deserve special pencils - means for cleansing from soot.

They are designed to wipe the sole of the device according to the instructions. According to the manufacturer, the unit will look like new. However, it should be remembered that such products contain ammonia, so when cleaning will be allocated a specific smell.

Most tools follow the same instructions:

  • heat the iron;
  • wipe the sole with a special tool;
  • wipe it with cotton material.

If there is a lot of nagara, then it is necessary to wipe the product immediately after application, otherwise, when draining on the surface, it can leave unpleasant drips.

Folk remedies in the fight against soot on the iron

Many housewives prefer to use folk recipes.

cleaning of iron from carbon

The most popular is the use of salt. To do this, hold the heated device on the surface on which the salt is scattered. But teflon-coated irons will tolerate such rough handling. Remember this!

Therefore, the question "how to remove carbon from the iron" with respect to these units must be addressed differently. There is such a recipe: you need to heat the device to medium temperature, wipe its sole with a wool cloth dipped in vinegar. Slight contamination is eliminated immediately.

Since all purchased products contain ammonia, you can use ammonia to clean the iron. You can also use hydrogen peroxide or a tablet of hydroperit dissolved in water. When such procedures should be aware of their safety, so you need to wear rubber gloves.

Grandma's Tips

than to clean the iron from carbon

And now a few words about how the iron was cleaned from soot in the old veremena. Turn to grandma's advice. Very well helps to cope with mud gruel of soda and water. In 100 g of water 3 tsp are added. sodaThis gruel is applied to the sole, after which it is removed from there with a damp cloth.

Instead of a salt solution, soap is often used. It was applied to the heated sole of the device. Then waited for the cooling unit. Then the soap was washed off with a damp cloth.

Such simple and easy-to-use tips will help solve the problem, than to clean the iron from carbon. If one method does not help, you need to take on the second. However, it is worth remembering about your security and take all necessary measures to ensure it.

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