How to cook beaver? Beaver meat: recipes, photo

Many hunters know what valueThe human body has beaver meat. And how to cook it correctly, they knew in the eighteenth century. In those days it was very popular to cook sausages from this animal. Today, beaver dishes are not so popular in cooking, but in the hunting kitchen, you can find a lot of recipes for cooking this rodent. So, before we begin to consider these recipes, let's talk about the benefits that such meat brings to a person.

how to cook a beaver

A few words about the delicacy

Since the beaver, the photo of which is attached,feeds only on plant foods, its meat is very valuable. It is lean, contains many minerals and vitamins, has healing properties. In many countries, dishes from it are delicacies, especially gourmets are delighted with them.

The meat of the beaver tastes like turkey and pork,it is juicy and tender. But the animal must be properly cut, carving the musk gland, otherwise the meat will acquire a specific taste and become rigid. As food, you can use the whole animal, its tail is especially valuable: it is cooked, fried, and the first dishes are prepared. Since the meat has fatty veins, it acquires a delicate taste when cooked, since the fat melts slowly enough.

How to prepare the beaver correctly, we will look further.

Shish kebab in the open air

To deliciously cook this dish, you need to properly divide the animal, cut it into portions. Use the whole carcass, except for the edges.

Ingredients: beaver carcass. For marinade: six bulbs, three tablespoons of vinegar, salt, lemon juice, ginger and caraway to taste, one glass of water, olive oil.

So, the beaver is cut, gently removingmusk gland. Pieces are soaked for one day in cold water, periodically changing it. The skin from the tail is removed, the excess fat is removed from the surface of the pieces. Then the meat is well washed and marinated for about six hours in a pre-prepared marinade. To do this, onion rubbed on grater, add vinegar, salt and spices, water, stir everything and pour pieces of carcass, cover and set aside.

how to cook beaver meat recipes

A solution of vinegar is prepared in the same way as for a conventional shish kebab, and its quantity should be such that it covers the meat completely. If the beaver is not middle-aged, it is marinated longer.

Prepare the dish in the traditional way: pieces of meat string on skewers or put on a grate, put on a brazier and fry for at least fifty minutes, periodically sprinkling with lemon juice. Beaver meat tastes like chicken and pork, there is no specific smell in it, it is rather juicy and tender.

Beaver Tail Soup

To the tails of the animal did not vanish, from them you can cook an unusual, but quite tasty and hearty soup.

Ingredients: four beaver tails without skin, one spoonful of ground pepper, two tablespoons of salt, one large onion, one cup of rice cereal, four liters of water.


Tails pre-cleaned from the skin, cutpieces, soaked in vinegar. To do this, they are put in an enamel pot, pour one cup of vinegar, add water so that the pieces are completely covered with it. Leave so to marinate for one night.

Before you cook the tail of the beaver, itstake out and rinse with cold water, then put in a saucepan, pour water and boil. After boiling, put rice, sliced ​​onions, salt and spices, cook for half an hour. Before the end of cooking, you can add parsley or celery to the soup and a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce.

beaver meat to taste

How to cook a beaver in an oven

Ingredients: one beef carcass, one hundred grams of fat, one lemon, three onions, three carrots, eight potatoes, fifty grams of butter, one head of garlic, salt and pepper to taste. For sauce: one spoonful of fatty sour cream, one bunch of parsley.


The beaver is soaked for one night in a salt solution andlemon, sliced ​​with rings. After a while, the meat is shredded with lard with garlic. The prepared product is spread on a baking tray. Then water it with a solution of melted butter, two tablespoons of salt and half a spoonful of pepper. The pan is placed in a preheated oven and baked for one hour. After a lapse of twenty minutes, add one glass of cold water.

Ten minutes before the preparedness, the meat is taken out and vegetables are spread around it, cut into large pieces. It is necessary not to forget to water them with the remaining juice.

Preparation of sauce

We learned how to cook beaver meat (recipesare very diverse and unusual), consider the algorithm for preparing the sauce. So, the prepared dishes are poured from the baking tray juice, add sour cream, chopped garlic and parsley. The mixture is put on a fire and brought to a boil. Ready-made sauce watered meat and vegetables, which are pre-laid out on a large dish. Decorate with parsley or celery.

how to cook beaver recipes

Beaver meat stewed with vegetables

Ingredients:four hundred grams of beaver ribs, one lemon, one onion, two carrots, one apple, three tablespoons butter, one head of garlic, five branches of thyme, one hundred grams of sour cream, salt and pepper to taste.


Before you cook beaver meat (recipes to usprovided by experienced culinary specialists), it is necessary to thoroughly wash it, dry it and cut it into small pieces so that each one has a rib. Garlic is cleaned, finely chopped with a knife half. The lemon is washed and cut in half, squeezed out the juice (it should have one glass). In a glass bowl, put meat, garlic, lemon juice, mix everything well. Then add salt and spices, cover with a lid and leave for six hours in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, the carrots are cleaned and chopped, the bow is cut into eight pieces. On a heated frying pan send three spoons of butter, onion and fry until golden brown, then sprinkle with salt and pepper.

how to cook a beaver tail


In a large cauldron pour vegetable oil,strongly heat it, then spread out pieces of meat and fry from all sides until golden brown. Then add the carrots and fry for ten minutes. After that, put the onion, stir and stew for fifteen minutes. Next, cut the apple and the remaining garlic coarsely and add to the kettle together with a half cup of boiling water. All this is extinguished for ten minutes. Then chop thyme, put it to vegetables and fry another five minutes. After a while add sour cream and stew for twenty minutes on low heat. Finished beaver meat, the recipes of which we are considering, are served with fried potatoes.

Beaver roll

Ingredients:two tablespoons butter butter, two and a half kilograms of beaver meat, one spoonful of ground pepper, one spoonful of citric acid, three cloves of garlic, one protein, one kilogram of dried apples or plums, six bay leaves, salt and spices to taste.


Before preparing the beaver, the meat is purified fromall bones and beat, rubbed with a mixture of pepper, citric acid, chopped garlic and salt. The protein is whisked well until a strong foam forms. Washed and dried dried fruits are mixed with protein and spread this mass on the meat in an even layer. Then roll the roll, tie it with twine, grease with butter, sprinkle with salt and spices and put on a baking tray, where a small amount of water is poured in, add a bay leaf. Bake the product for an hour and a half on a small fire, periodically sprinkling it with the resulting juice. Roll is removed from the oven, put a load on it and cut into circles, which are laid out on a dish and decorated with greens. It should be noted that the filling can be different, it all depends on the imagination of the cook.

Beaver tails fried

Ingredients:two beaver tails, pepper ground at the tip of the knife, half a cup of vinegar, fifty grams of vegetable oil, and one spoonful of salt, ten grams of sugar, fifty grams of table wine, twenty grams of soda, four grams of dry mustard, fifty grams of flour, one spoon of Worcestershire sauce .


Before you cook the beaver for this recipe,it is necessary to clean the tails well from the skin and rinse. Then they are put in a bowl, poured with vinegar and leave for one night. The next day, the tails are washed and poured with a soda solution (one spoonful of water is taken by two spoons) and boiled for ten minutes after boiling. Then the water is drained, the tails are dipped in flour and fried on both sides.

Wine, mustard, sauce and sugar, as well as chopped garlic is mixed, added to the tails and fried for ten minutes over a small fire.

what can be cooked from a beaver

A few tips

Beaver meat has a slight aspen taste,which not everyone can like. But you can easily get rid of it with ease. The meat is soaked, the fat is removed (it accumulates an unpleasant smell of aspen). Of course, many gourmets do not mind eating meat with forest accents.

Meatballs from Beavert

Ingredients:one kilogram of beaver meat, two eggs, two tablespoons of sour cream, one onion, one loaf of bread soaked in milk, as well as two tablespoons of butter, two spoons of tomato paste, water, greens, salt and spices to taste, one spoonful of flour.


Before you cook the beaver (recipesare quite interesting and simple), you need to rinse and dry the meat, pass it through the meat grinder along with the onion. To them, then add the squeezed bread, sour cream and eggs, salt and spices. Stuffing is well mixed and formed from it meatballs, they are dumped in flour and fried in fat. Then they are transferred to a pan, poured fat from a frying pan, add a small amount of water and stew on medium heat. Some time before the end of the preparation, tomato paste is added.

how to cook a beaver in a multivariate

Beaver cutlets

Ingredients: one kilogram of beaver meat, two hundred grams of sour cream, two eggs, one roll, soaked in milk or water, two hundred grams of fat, two spoons of flour, salt and spices to taste, two onions.


Meat is passed through a meat grinder along with a bow.Add sour cream, eggs, rolls, salt and spices. From this mass, cutlets are formed, they are dumped in flour and fried in well-heated fat, not forgetting to turn over. A ready-made dish is served with stewed carrots, fruit salad, potatoes, cereals, sauerkraut and so on. It is decorated with green onions, parsley or dill, celery sprigs.

Finally ...

To date, beaver meat is not sopopular as another animal, however it is a valuable enough and delicious product. Scientists say that it is endowed with medicinal properties, which are due to the presence of vitamins and nutrients. This product does not infect parasites, so it is not dangerous for humans. Many people today ask about what can be cooked from the beaver. From this animal, almost everything that is made from chicken or, for example, pork is cooked. But the taste of dishes is much more intense and has some zest. In this case, the most tender and soft meat in three-year-old animals, so in cooking they use just such individuals. It is a saturated red color, which is due to the presence of red blood cells in the muscles. Therefore, such a product will always be fresh and will be of great benefit to the human body.

Those who have available a different kitchentechnique, are often interested in how to cook an beaver in a multivariate. The answer to this question is very simple: meat is prepared in the same way as pork or beef. There are a lot of recipes, which one to choose, depends only on the personal preferences of the cook. In any case, in the preparation of dishes from this animal there is nothing complicated, it is necessary to have only a desire.

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