How to cook the ear on the fire: the recipe

One of the most popular dishes among tourists - This rich aromatic delicacy leaves no one indifferent. And how to cook the ear on the fire, everyone knows who loves to relax on the river bank under the canopy of trees. Therefore, recipes soup as much as the tourists themselves, fishermen. Yes, every experienced camp chef has a couple of cooking secrets in stock.

how to cook the ear on the fire

Fishing ear

This dish refers to hot soups, served as the main dish. Fish soup is based on thick fish stock. It is precisely known that in this soup you must eat fresh fish. But over all the other ingredients goes a lot of controversy. And every debater is sure that he knows better than others how to boil his ear on the fire. Or maybe it's for the better? Among the abundance of each of us can choose what we like.

A couple of words about fire

The fire plays a significant role in the preparation of almost all camp dishes. It is the main difference between the tourist kitchen and the home kitchen. Therefore, before you cook the ear on the fire, you have to take care of the "right" wood. The first rule: logs and bark of coniferous trees are completely unsuitable.Their wood is rich in resin, which, when burned, emits harmful products. Firewood of birch, alder, ash, poplar fit well. They burn for a long time and give a lot of heat.

Dishes, which will steal the ear

How to cook the soup on a fire to make it healthy and tasty? Pay attention to all the little things: from firewood to spices. Therefore, let's talk about the dishes. Seasoned tourists are usually not lazy to carry along a large cast-iron pot. And right! After all, the food cooked in it turns out to be especially fragrant and rich. Great for cooking field dishes and copper dishes, but because of the high price it is not so common. By and large, the soup can be cooked in a regular saucepan, and even in a bucket. The main thing is that the volume was large enough, because everyone will definitely ask for supplements!

Fish soup

Strict rules for choosing fish do not exist in principle, whatever the recipe is. Wuhu on the fire is boiled from river, lake, sea fish. Of course, the ideal picture is a dish made from hand-caught pike and perch. But let's not be excessive severity. By the way, many fishermen, even self-confident fishermen, before cooking their soup on the fire, also sometimes secure themselves and grab some supplies from home.For example, the carp head or the back of pink salmon. In general, any fish will be suitable for fish soup.

recipe for fish soup

Before you cook the soup on the fire, thoroughly wash the carcass, clean the entrails and scales. If it is assumed that the fish will go to the pot with the head, then we will remove the gills.

Other ingredients traditionally used in the recipe

In addition to fish, we need potatoes, carrots, onions, millet. Can not do without fresh greens. Especially good in the ear of the young dill and onion. Many add salted or pickled cucumbers. Spices such as black pepper and bay leaf will brighten almost any recipe. Wuhu on the fire is often filled with butter. It will be appropriate and the roots: parsnips, celery. Such an ingredient as vodka is quite common, it is needed quite a bit, but it makes a special highlight.

how to cook the soup on the fire

Cooking process

It is unlikely that on the nature of someone will be too strictly monitor the proportions of the ingredients. And everyone has different tastes: someone likes it thicker, and someone, on the contrary, prefers rich broth. Traditionally, first small fish is sent to the pot, which is needed only for flavor and density.Usually it does not fall on the plates. At the same stage, you can immerse in broth and roots. The main fish, depending on the size, is laid either in whole or in portions. In the process of cooking you need to follow the fire too, because the flames that have flared up can simply destroy the brew, causing it to boil and spill out of the boiler.

Vegetables are laid together, as they have about the same cooking time. Onion is better not to cut into pieces, and lower into the broth as a whole. The washed millet is sent to the broth immediately after the potatoes. Salted cucumbers are cut into cubes or rings and are added at the very end.

how to cook the soup on the fire

Aromatic stew is brewed for a short time, experienced cooks promptly remove the foam, watch the fire. Potatoes cooked until tender? So it's time to add a special ingredient. Pour into a kettle a glass of vodka, give to boil and remove from heat. Add greens, cover with a lid and wrap as much as possible for a while.

Tips and Tricks

how to cook the soup on the fire

The first trick: it is important not to spill a freshly baked delicacy. After all, most kettles have a sloping round bottom. In order to avoid such trouble, before cooking the soup on a fire, we dig a small hole that coincides with the diameter of the bottom.

Another important advice concerns small "broth" fish. To bones do not fall into the dish when cooking, you can use the usual gauze. You just need to tie the fish in an improvised bag, which will then conveniently be pulled out along with it.

Many experienced tourists use when cooking soup is not an ordinary "product". This secret consists in the following: shortly before completion of cooking in a pot for a few seconds lower the burning firehead. With a hiss, it quickly dies away, saturating the broth with the unique aroma of a fire. To do it or not, everyone decides for himself. After all, any of the many methods of cooking soup is beautiful in its own way.

Ear on the table

At the stake they cook not only high in the mountains, on a difficult tourist route. There are fires and many cottages. In this case, it is appropriate to talk about table setting. A dish is not easy, it is quite binding, it is suitable for a holiday. Yes, and in the usual family dinner will bring a special solemn notes. Therefore, pour the soup into beautiful plates, put them on linen napkins and serve painted wooden spoons to it.And on the table we will put a bowl with black bread, mustard, a saucer with chopped greens. Homemade pickles and ferments are perfectly combined with fish soup.

soup recipe

And what will the tourists do? Most likely, they will sit on the logs around the fire, spill the soup in the bowls and have a wonderful lunch. On a forest halt, it is not so important in what kind of dish it is a tasty dish, because the main thing is its unique aroma and taste, thanks to which they want to regale every day. And those who know how to cook their ears on the fire, do not miss the opportunity to show off their skills to friends again and again.

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