How to Craft a Piston in a "Maincraft"

Before thinking how to craft a piston, let's see what kind of thing it is and how it can be used in the game. After this, you can begin to study crafting.

What is it?

So, what is the piston in itself"Maynkraft"? In general, this is a so-called block that can act on others, pushing them in a horizontal or vertical direction - depending on how it will be to craft a piston

How to craft a piston and use it? Let's see how useful this object can be, because it will not be so easy to make it. To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand that the piston can move several blocks, up to 12 pieces at a time. Excellent lift!

In addition, after you have learned how toscrub the sticky pistons, you will be given a great opportunity to build clever traps for ill-wishers and other players. For example, you can push the enemy into a pit.

Remember that the pistons can block liquids. So you can make a good trap. The main thing is not to get caught. Now let's talk about how to craft the piston in Meincraft.


So, let's start with you in orderour today's crafting of objects. In order for you to create a piston, you need to stock up with so-called boards. Without them, you can not do what you have planned.

The board in the "Minufaft" is a basic resource,used in construction. It turns out at any work with wood. In general, there are as many as 6 kinds of wood. They all have the same properties, but they are different in color. For the piston, oak boards are to craft sticky pistons

Try to stock up this resource for future use. After all, the boards can be disassembled into wooden sticks, which are also an important component in the crafting of game items. So, after you have a sufficient amount of resources, you can start looking for other components.

Cobblestone and iron

Another subject that will help answer howto refine the piston in the game "Maynkraft", it is a cobblestone. The next resource in the toy. It turns out when working with a stone. More precisely, when exposed to a pick on any stone block. Sometimes it can happen when interacting with lava and water.

Another resource used for crafting is iron. It turns out when working with iron blocks, but can also occur in pure form. So to say, to be developed by natural forces.

If you are thinking how to make a piston in"Maynkraft", but do not know where to get the iron bar, then try to work a little with the iron blocks. Or kill the iron golem. From one "mob" falls from 3 to 5 ingots. You can also get this resource by burning iron ore. But it's not all the components that you need to create a piston.

Red dust

In order for almost any mechanism to workin the game "Maynkraft", you have to find the so-called red dust. This is the main material that ensures the operation of all systems in the game. A kind of energy source.

If you are thinking how to make a piston in"Minecraft", you have to think carefully about where you will take the red dust. Without it, no matter how hard you try, the mechanism will not be created. This is all because he simply can not act.

 how to craft a piston in minecraft

Red dust is obtained when processing redblocks with ore. Can be used to craft a red torch (the elementary particle of the game). Dust can be bought from merchants or knocked out with witches. In addition, as already mentioned, this material can be obtained by working with red ore.

In order that you can create a piston, youyou should collect all the necessary resources in a certain amount. So, for example, red dust requires only one unit. Iron ingots need the same amount. But the boards have to take 3 pieces. Add to the pile 4 cobblestones. Now you can use the piston the way you want it. For one craft one item is obtained. If you want to make a sticky piston, you'll have to get some slime.

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