How to create your own tracker?

Torrent trackers are very popular. Due to their convenience, accessibility and full free of charge, they are used by almost all people who have access to the Internet and appreciate quality information. With the help of torrents, you can download absolutely any movie, album of your favorite music group, find training materials and the rarest books, various programs, and much more.

With a strong desire, you can create and successfullylaunch a personal torrent tracker, using it as a powerful information portal that will unite thousands of users of the worldwide network, as well as using the tracker as a way of personal promotion. But how to create your tracker, know not all.

We make a choice

When creating your own torrent tracker, inFirst of all, it should be considered whether it will be open or private. Experienced owners of such portals advise making the tracker private, that is, so that only authorized users can access the torrent tracker after entering the login and password.

You also need to choosedirectly the tracker itself, which should be developed in PHP, on the basis of which you will create your own portal. There are a lot of different modifications of trackers, but the best option is to use the PHP implementation - TBDev / TBSource and its modifications TBDEV YSE, which is pretty easy to download from the Internet. So, how to create your own tracker-torrent, and that for this you need to look in the step-by-step instructions.

Hosting Registration

To place your own tracker you needwill register on the server hosting, with PHP support. In this case, the server requirements will be minimal, so you can easily register both free hosting and paid, supporting PHP over version 5. Also, to install the tracker, you will need a MySQL database server, best of all version 5.0, as well as a shell for working with databases (for example, phpMyAdmin).

Database creation

Next, you need to unzip the archive with PHP scripts andfind the database file - database.sql, which was originally located in the SQL folder. Then open a script called phpmyadmin, which is used to manage the database, via the browser, by typing the name of this script immediately after your domain name. Before you open the interface, where you create your new database.

Give the database a name, and then open the parameter"Comparison" and in it specify the coding cp1251_general_ci. After that, click on the "Create" button. Search for the "SQL" or "Import" button in the database management interface and click on it. A window opens in which to find and open your file with the database, this file contains the sequence of all previous commands. Then you need to specify the path to the file that you have already unpacked from the archive with the scripts.

Create a tracker

After that, find and open the include folder and run secrets.php in it. You need to edit the following database parameters:

$ mysql_host = "localhost"; // - you do not need to change this value.

$ mysql_pass = "password"; // - enter the new password instead of password.

$ mysql_user = "user"; // - enter your own username instead of user.

$ mysql_db = "tbdev"; // - print a new database name instead of tbdev.

$ mysql_charset = "cp1251"; // - this value does not need to be changed either.

After these simple settings, you can alreadystart uploading your tracker files to the server that are on your computer. The tracker is ready. And, as you understand, creating a torrent tracker for free will not be very difficult.

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