How to delete all dialogs in Vkontakte?

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How to delete all dialogs in Vkontakte?

Vkontakte - one of the most popular onthe present day of social networks. Every day many users of this network exchange messages among themselves. It happens that I do not want to return to the messages I read earlier. Let's talk in more detail about how to delete all the dialogs in Vkontakte.

Ways to delete messages

Standard way

To delete one Vkontakte message, simply go to the "My Messages" section, click on the "Delete message" and it disappears.

If you need to delete several messages at once, it is most convenient to use the simplest method. Near each letter, click "tick", and then select the "Delete" option.

How to delete a correspondence with a specific person?

Select the link "Show message history from ...". The dialogue that you have with this person will appear on the screen. Use the mouse to select the "Message History" option, and then select the "Show All" option. Once the "Delete All" function appears, boldly click on it. All correspondence with this person will disappear irrevocably.

How to delete Vkontakte messages quickly?

Posts too much? Then you have to delete them in groups. To do this, go to your page, click the "Messages" tab, click "Show as messages", and then select "Received" or "Sent".

In the task group, find the "Select" function, then"All" and then - "Delete". Please note that all messages that are on this page without exception are deleted. If you want to save some of them, you need to remove the "tick".

In case the letters that you need to remove,are on several pages, the manipulation will have to be repeated exactly as many times as the space on the pages is occupied by messages. Do not forget to clean and sent mail, which can also store information that is not wanted by outsiders.

But what if there are thousands of dialogues, and delete themneed in the shortest time? Manual "cleaning" takes too much time, and the function "Delete all messages at once" on the site there. In this case, other methods will come to the rescue.

How to delete all dialogs with the help of programs?

Magic script for Vkontakte

So, you realized that removing a hugethe number of messages takes a lot of time. In this case, you should not even try. You will be helped by a script that will easily perform the "cleaning" of messages for you. You can download it from the following link:, and it's very easy to use.

Install the script, and then log in to the page withyour dialogues. Via the F12 key, call the console, and then delete any data that appears. In empty lines, insert the previously copied script and start the action with the Enter key. To restart the process, you must restart the browser. This method is suitable for using any browser.

VKBot application

Many users are interested in how to removedialogs Vkontakte immediately. To get rid of all messages in a jiffy, you can use a simple program designed specifically for use in a social network. It's enough to download it from the link and install it on your computer.

By the way, this multifunctional programallows you to perform other actions. For example, you can clear not only the correspondence, but also the entire profile wall, which can be "hung up" with video, postcards and pictures. You can also download your favorite music and movie soundtracks. This program is also indispensable if you need to send out an invitation to the group to a large number of people. But most importantly - with it you can always remove any compromising correspondence with Vkontakte users.

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