How to draw a chicken? Master classes

Knowing how to draw a chicken, you can yourselfdecorate the children's room with cool stickers on the walls and furniture, make a humorous humorous wall newspaper, draw up an author's card with a funny signature. It will look great baby clothes, decorated with embroideries and appliqués in the form of funny chickens. You can also use this skill in kitchen design.

Preparation for drawing a chicken

Before you draw a chicken, you needcarefully consider this poultry and highlight its main distinctive features. Firstly, she has a fairly large body and a small head on a short neck. Secondly, on the head there is a fleshy comb and under the beak - the same fleshy bright red beard.

The hen does not fly, therefore at it legs are strongly developed. Eyes round. And this poultry head, listening or peering into something, inclines to the side.

Being an excellent mom, the chicken carefully protects its chicks. Therefore, there is nothing better than to draw a chicken with chickens - in order to emphasize this feature of it.

how to draw a chicken

Master class drawing chicken

  1. So how to draw a chicken with chicken with humorit is possible symbolically, then it is best to use ovals: large for the chicken's body, and small for the chicken. And the chicken can be as close to the body as possible.
  2. In the upper part of the large oval there is a circle - the head. And in the upper part of the body of a chicken draw a beak.
  3. On the head of the chicken have a sharp triangular beak, and the chicken over the beak draws large oval eyes.
  4. Now the chicken on the head is also drawn with oval eyes, and the fact that they are in contact adds to the drawing of humor.chicken pictures
  5. Adding a scallop on the head of a chicken, which is represented by several arcs, and a smile to a caring mother, you need to draw two straight lines - legs.
  6. Small dashes at the bottom of the chick's calf will mimic its legs. And still you need not forget about the wings like the mother-hen, and her baby-chick.
  7. In the lower parts of the segments depicting the paws of birds,need to draw a diagrammatic fingers. On the chest of the chicken with small arcs the artist depicts feathers, the chicken itself is covered with dots and small lines, showing its fluffiness. And, most importantly: you need to make eye-dots in ovals for eyes, or our chicken with chicken can not see each other!
  8. You can paint a picture using the most amazing colors - this will make the picture even funnier.

The second master class

This master class will teach you how to draw a chicken with a pencil without to draw a chicken with a pencil

  1. The very body of the chicken is schematically depicted in the form of a circle.
  2. The neck is attached to the upper part of the circumference, and wings are written on either side.
  3. To the neck from above is added a smaller circle - the head of the chicken.
  4. On the head there is a scallop, and from the bottom of the circle they draw something similar to gloves - they will later become the shins of the bird.
  5. Beak and eyes are the final stage of drawing a chicken "face", and the traced legs of the chicken complete her entire portrait. Although you can add a few arcs on the wings of poultry.
  6. If desired, you can paint the chicken comb in red, and the paws and beak - in the yellow-orange.

Children's drawing for kitchen design "Chicken"

chicken drawing for childrenThe pictures painted by children touch the adults. They can also be used to decorate rooms or even to design wooden kitchen utensils or to decorate wall plates.

A symbolic image of a poultry,drawn by the baby, can be transferred with a copy paper on a cutting board or a wall plate. Then, the contour of the pattern can be identified with a burner on wood or black paint.

The drawing itself is recommended to paint with acrylic paints, gouache or watercolor, and then cover the product with a clear varnish. If you use oil paints, then the varnish can be used.

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