How to find the azimuth: different ways

Most people, going to the forest or mountains, wonder how to find the azimuth.In order to do this, you need to stock up on special items. Most often, a compass is used to determine the azimuth. But there are also a huge number of other ways that will help find this value and quickly determine the location of a person on the map. To determine the azimuth of the old, grandfather's ways there are many simple devices that can always be at hand.

What it is

Azimuth helps to determine the situation on the ground, if someone gets lost in the woods, mountains or steppes. When a person goes for a walk in nature and for any reason cannot find a way back, a compass will help him. It is necessary to determine the azimuth. This concept means the angle between the direction to the north and to any noticeable object on the ground. But many do not know how to find the azimuth, so they cannot determine their location.

These skills are taught in school, for this there are special classes that everyone should attend. In the school curriculum, the teacher must teach each child how to find the azimuth along the compass.Practical classes are held where children will independently determine this value. Finding the azimuth is necessary in order to quickly find out your location. Later, having learned to do this, a person can easily make a route that will help him find his way to find the azimuth

Ways to determine the azimuth

Every person in his life may encounter troubles during outdoor recreation, especially if he is in an unfamiliar place. Therefore, with a nature, you need to take a compass, which will indicate how to find the azimuth.

There are several ways to do this:

  • using a compass;
  • by the sun;
  • improvised means;

Every person should know all these methods, because situations are different, and the definition of azimuth can be a salvation. It is possible to determine this angle with the help of special modern devices, which are created using the latest technologies.Now there is a huge number of navigators, electronic maps and other devices that will easily determine the azimuth. All modern gadgets have many functions that can easily not only locate a person, but also pave the necessary to find the azimuth along the compass

Magnetic Azimuth Detection

This will help find the right route for a person who is lost. In special orienteering lessons at school, the teacher tells the children how to find the magnetic azimuth.

This topic needs special attention. Before you find the azimuth using a magnetic field, you need to prepare a compass that works. The definition of the azimuth is the finding of the north on the map, compass and point of the route to be reached. If done correctly, a person can easily determine their to find the azimuth using a protractor

Determination of azimuth using a protractor

If there is no compass on hand, you can use other means. An experienced professional who can easily find a way out of any situation also knows how to find the azimuth using a protractor.

Of course, this item is rarely taken on a hike, but situations are different,for example, schoolchildren in rural areas may get lost. In this way they can find out their location. Determining the azimuth using a protractor is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. A person other than this item will need:

  • map;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

With the help of these devices, people can easily learn how to find the azimuth.It is necessary to take a map, calculating the azimuth angle using a ruler, and draw the desired route with a pencil. This way most people most often used in practice, especially if somewhere in the bag has all the necessary to find magnetic azimuth

True azimuth determination

A more complex method is used by tourists, athletes. For proper orientation in the field, they need to know how to find the true azimuth. In order to find it, you need to understand what it is.

True azimuth is an angle with two faces, which is connected by several planes, vertical and geodesic. With it you can determine the exact location of the route on the map. The true azimuth is measured from the north geographic pole clockwise to the line on the ground.Such calculations are a bit more complicated than others. But experienced people who know well how to determine the azimuth in this way will easily cope with to find true azimuth


In order to determine your location well, you need to learn a lot of useful information. Without such knowledge, it is not recommended to go far from populated areas. Terrain orientation is a clear definition of a person’s location on a map. Now there is a huge number of special devices that can do it instantly.

Currently, all people have mobile phones that have special location capabilities. There is a special program for determining the azimuth.

Using all these simple tips, a person can go on a campaign without fear. With tools such as a compass and a map, you can be calm while enjoying the outdoors. Therefore, before you go to nature, you must first put them in your bag. A mobile phone, of course, can help in a difficult situation, but it tends to be discharged, so it’s best to trust the old and reliable way.

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