How to get a unique text?

Studying at the university is a rich andan intense period of life, when you sometimes have time to do a lot and quickly for a short period of time. Sometimes students have to go for tricks. For example, when there is no time or desire to write any work or a report, they download the finished material from the Internet or make a quick compilation of suitable parts of different texts. But teachers have long learned to check and "catch" such work with the help of special programs. However, students also had helpers - services to correct the uniqueness of the text, which any work will be able to correct to the desired state.

Anti-plagiarism Killer - just one of theseservices: using modern methods of work and taking into account the individual wishes of the customer, it will help raise originality for antiplagiarism. The standard manual methods used by students and copywriters, on average, increase the uniqueness to 60-70%, but you will spend a lot of time correcting the material. This service allows you to achieve 70-100% of the uniqueness of the text in just one or two minutes. The program uses a specially developed algorithm for encoding text, for the development of which was spent a lot of time.

Service specialists improve and optimize the service every day, track and, if necessary, correct the coding algorithm.

Benefits of using the service Anti-Plagiarism Killer

  1. Efficiency and high speed of processing of texts of different volume. Any material can be made unique in one minute.
  2. The code does not distort the text. The uniqueness of the material is attached to the coding filters, which are superimposed on the text without changing it. The meaning, structure, images and tables will be saved.
  3. Affordable cost. The prices for processing text on the site are lower than in the case of individual processing by a specialist.
  4. After processing, each text is tracked in popular programs to check for uniqueness: Anti-plagiarism, Anti-plagiarism RU, Advego, ETXT, DCFinder.

How to work with the service?

  1. Upload the work to the site in one file: the service will process the material of any size.
  2. Specify the desired percentage of uniqueness.
  3. For greater accuracy, despite the subsequentcheck, mark the services through which the teacher may be checking your work. Most often, anti-plagiarism, Anti-plagiarism, ETXT are used for this.
  4. Pay for the service using the appropriate payment system available.
  5. After a certain time you will get a ready-made job and will be able to evaluate it for quality.

Anti-plagiarism Killer will help to get a high-quality unique text in a couple of minutes without using the "black" methods of uniqueness.

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