How to get land for a third child?

One of the priorities of Russia's development today is the regulation of the demographic situation in the country. To this end, the government has developed a number of projects aimed at increasing the birth rate and supporting families with children. Among them there is a program, under the terms of which the land is provided for the third child.

In 2012, by order of the Government of the Russian Federation, a set of measures was developed aimed at changing the living conditions of families with three or more children for the better. And in September 2013, methodological recommendations were approved for the subjects of the Russian Federation on the cases and rules of free allocation of land plots to citizens with three or more children. After that, the program began to act.

piece of land for the third child

Terms of land

The family must meet the approved requirements for the state to provide land for a third child. The main condition is the presence of three or more minor children.All family members must have Russian citizenship for at least five years (with the exception of children under this age). A legal marriage must be entered into between the parents.

Under the terms of the program, incomplete families are allowed to participate. Ownership of family members should not have land with the right of unlimited or lifelong use. It is possible to take advantage of the privilege and get a plot of land for a third child only once. That is, the second time to get put on, giving birth to three more children, will not work. The family is given land for construction for free use.

It should be noted that the Federal Law regulates only the general rules for the provision of land. Specific conditions for the allocation of plots determine the municipal authorities. Therefore, some of the program requirements may vary in different regions.

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Steps to get a plot

First you need to contact the local government. Here you can see the list of land allocated for the implementation of the federal program in your district and select the most appropriate option.In order to receive a land plot for a third child under the state program, it is necessary to fill out an application and, with a package of documents attached, transfer the papers to the municipal officer responsible for the execution of the program.

Local authorities are given a month to verify the data you provided. After that, if all the documents are in order, they will send by mail a notification that a decision has been made to allocate the land. This means that the allocation of a plot begins from the total array set aside for the transfer to large families.

land for the third child

Timing of registration

After receiving a notification of a positive decision, you need to make a topographic survey of the selected area, the results of which will be ready in about a month. This procedure will have to be carried out at your own expense. Then it will take another month to agree on the scheme with the local department of architecture. And then another 30 days for the land survey process (also at the expense of a large family).

After all the required activities have been carried out, in order to formalize the land for a third child, you submit documents to the regional Cadastral Chamber.After 20 days, the cadastral passport of the object will be ready. With this document, you sign a ten-year lease of land. Registration in Rosreestre is issued for another 20 days.

Why the plot is rented

So, the state provided a plot for a large family, but to dispose of the land at its own discretion will not work. Please note: when the cadastral passport is received, the lease agreement is signed, and not the transfer of the land plot to the property.

The program assumes that a house will be built in this area in which all members of a large family have enough space, that is, their living conditions will be improved. Legally fixed transfer of land ownership, but it will happen only after the construction and introduction of housing into operation. And this can happen regardless of whether the lease has expired or not.

land for a third child

It turns out that as soon as the construction of the house is completed, all the papers will be drawn up and a certificate of ownership of the land for the third child will be received, it will automatically be transferred to the family.And in this case, they can be disposed of at their discretion.

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