How to get rid of corns?

The whole day on your feet, what a load! Legs, like any other part of the body, require attention and care. If they do not pay attention, then soon you will begin to torment the questions concerning corns and calluses, where these painful cracks and unpleasant odor from feet and shoes have appeared. How to get rid of burrs and where do they appear on our legs?

Actually about the burrs:

By themselves, they are already deadkeratinized surface layer of skin on the soles of the feet. Appearance on the feet of corns is caused by nothing more than a strong load on the soles of the feet with prolonged walking, especially if the person suffers from excessive weight. The presence of flat feet, narrow and shoes on the heel also contributes to the appearance of corns. Therefore, no matter how much you get rid of corns, if there is a factor causing them, they will again and again appear on your feet. If you have got sick, then do not expect, they themselves will not go anywhere, contact a specialist, so that in the future you will know where the mistake was made and follow his advice on getting rid of annoying inconveniences. Follow how you eat so that your food is sufficiently enriched with useful substances and vitamins, especially pay attention to vitamins A and E, if necessary, then take a course of taking multivitamins.

Folk remedies for combating the burrs:

How to get rid of corns, if you do notyou trust modern medicine, but are accustomed to doing everything in grandmother's ways. We present to your attention some of the folk remedies for getting rid of the nagging and calluses that cause discomfort:

  • The simplest and least expensive, affordableall the way to get rid of the burrs is the old kind of steaming legs. After the skin of the legs under the action of water becomes soft, you can easily remove the steamed papilla with steamed pumice. For one procedure, you, of course, will not get rid of the already begun natropish, but if you repeat the procedure on a regular basis, you will see a positive result very soon. Do not forget, after steaming and pumice, to lubricate the feet with an emollient cream (which should preferably be used at least once a day, but a couple of times a week), so that there is no irritation and dry skin;
  • You can perform such procedures asputting on a sheet of aloe, raw onion, lemon zest, tomato puree, bread crumb. To do this, apply one of the substances listed above to the natropish for the night and fix it with a cellophane bag. Top the woolen toe. In the morning, the natto-pestle will easily succumb to the mopping off of his rough skin.

Modern methods of combating the burrs:

Corns and natypeshes how to get rid of them at home with available tools and available tools:

  • Take cotton socks moisten them with vegetable oil. At night, put on socks soaked in oil and wrap your feet with a cellophane bag. Wear woolen socks, with such a compress sleep until morning, and in the morning the softened hairs will easily succumb to their removal with a nail file or pumice stone.
  • In any pharmacy you will find a special plaster from the corns.
  • Turning to a beauty salon, you will have a procedure for removing the traumatic apparatus pedicure.
  • Keratolytic creams are applied at night onlyon itself natoptysh, and it is fixed by a plaster - in structure of a cream enter salicylic acid and extracts of grasses. Which at the same time soften, exfoliate a dense layer of corns and at the same time have a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin of the foot.
  • Soap and soda foot bath for 40 minutes: 2 liters of water 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon grated soap, 1 tablespoon of ammonia.

Medical assistance in the fight against burrs:

If you still decide to see a doctor, then he is probably in his place in the question of how to get rid of natoptyshey will prescribe to you:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Orthopedic shoes or special orthopedic insoles;
  • Surgical intervention, in case of emergency, if everything is so bad in your case.

What not to do in any case:

In no case do not cut rough skin onfeet without preliminary steaming. It will build up again and again, making the layer of dead skin more and more problematic for removal, as well as create unnecessary discomfort for the feet.

Pay attention to each area of ​​skin on your body, please yourself with care to long remain young and beautiful.

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