How to increase nails?

To date, the procedure for buildingis very popular, because any girl can become in a few hours the owner of long, well-groomed and beautiful nails. What else is she attractive about? The fact that bored nails can be removed at any time. And it's always convenient. That's why many are so interested in the question: how to increase nails?

By nature, not all girls are ideal, butit does not oblige them to walk with short ones. If you do salon build-up, you can have nails as long as the girl likes. It is impractical to make them too long, they usually build up on the eve of some significant event, and for everyday life, the appropriate length is the average length. Not knowing how to grow nails, many girls find it difficult to decide on this procedure, however, the result pleases everyone.

In the process of building artificialnail plates. There are several different ways of building up: using tips, fastened to the top of the nail; with the use of forms, which allows you to make the extension of your own. Masters are not recommended to make them excessively long, especially if a woman is used to walking short.

How to increase nails: materials

The most popular materials for thisThe procedures are acrylic and gel. When creating a gel master, a special gel is applied to the natural nail, after which it is irradiated with ultraviolet. The treatment with the lamp allows the gel to freeze, after which the master applies a new layer. After acquiring the necessary degree of strength with artificial nails, the master proceeds to create the form. Usually it is selected depending on the characteristics of the nail plate and the wishes of the client. Gel nails are very beautiful and durable. You can walk with them for a month, and then make a correction.

If we are talking about acrylic nails, then for themThe master applies a mixture of acrylic powder to the nail plate. In total, the formation procedure takes up to two hours. Acrylic nails look like natural, and you can remove them using a special solvent.

The procedure for building is not allowed to all. It is strictly forbidden to carry it to people who have diseases of the nail plate, or if the nails were damaged after the previous build-up. For artificial nails, you need to take care in a special way. The girl must take calcium and vitamins, which will strengthen her own. They need to be protected, since it is very easy to damage them, it is important to remember that these are artificial and very fragile formations.

How to build nails: unusual ways

In the event that a traditionalbuildup is impossible because of the poor condition of the nail plate, silk build-up is performed. It does not harm nails, but, on the contrary, strengthens them. This method is very effective for defects in the nail plate. This procedure is cheaper than traditional build-up, it is produced much faster, but the formations created with the help of silk are noticeably more fragile. Semitransparent silk texture perfectly disguises cracks, and then they can be executed with a beautiful design.

Learning to build nails

Many girls wish to do this on their own inhome environment. So, how to learn to grow nails? To begin with, you need to purchase all the tools and materials you need for this. When all this is already present in your arsenal, you can watch a lot of video clips detailing and demonstrating this procedure. It's easy to learn from video lessons, as masters clearly show the sequence of actions.

It does not matter, you build your nails yourself or in the cabin, in any case, the result is the way you want, provided you have sufficient experience, yours or the master.

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