How to make a beautiful Halloween cake?

Halloween holiday is a great opportunity for a novice pastry chef. If before you did not dare to please the guests with your culinary masterpieces, you have the opportunity to shine in all its glory. Judge for yourself, the worse the Halloween cake, the better. The main thing is that it is tasty. A selection of our ideas will help your inspiration.

halloween cake

Halloween colors and shades

What color to make a cake for Halloween? The most current combinations:

  • orange and black (like an autumn gourd);
  • gray tones, the darker the better (they look like gravestones);
  • lilac and its shades (as cast);
  • green with brown (what you need for a zombie);
  • white with red (bloodied bandages and other horror stories from the hospital).

If on all other days you have to scrupulously calculate the proportions of dyes for creams, then on Halloween you can simply mix everything that only has the ability to color. The cream can be made absolutely any color. But if you have already decided on the sketch, you will need certain shades.For coloring cream it is best to use special gel dyes (for example, Amerikolor), it is easy to work with them, and the result they usually give a good one.

Ideas for cake layers

You can base any favorite recipe. Agree, Halloween mood gives the cake decor. And what is inside, the famous "Prague", beloved by many honey cake or a simple biscuit - not so important.

Halloween cake recipe with photos

But you can pokoldovat and over the cake. The famous "Red Velvet" will look very organic and appropriate. But you can cook and colorful biscuit. To do this, divide the dough into 3 parts, add purple dye into one, add orange to the second, and cocoa powder to the third. Spread the dough in the form alternately, a spoonful of each color, as if you were cooking a zebra pie. In the cut, it will look very festive.

"Naked" big-eyed cake

Today the so-called bare cakes, sandwiched with cream, but not smeared around the circumference, are very popular. Why not make such a treat for the holiday?

cake for Halloween recipe with a photo with your own hands

It will help you to prepare such a Halloween cake recipe with a photo. The hands can make a stylish decor for it.

You can bake cakes on your own or use ready-made. Condensed milk whipped with butter is perfect as a cream. To make the cream, pour 250 ml of condensed milk into the mixer bowl, whisk and add sliced ​​butter at room temperature (1 pack). Beat again thoroughly and divide into several pieces. Color each in your own color.

Melt a bar of white chocolate in the microwave and immediately reload into a pastry syringe. Otsadite on the surface covered with parchment many small droplets, trying to give them a round shape (although this is not necessary). Before you freeze, immerse each in a nut or a piece of dark chocolate - these will be pupils. If you decide to make big eyes, you can use Skitles or M & M’s dragees for pupils. Reds will look just awful! But this is exactly what we need. It remains only to decorate the cake with eyes.

Ghosts of meringue

Whipped squirrels are a great idea to decorate a Halloween cake. Recipe with photos will help to do everything in the best possible way.

cakes for halloween recipes with photo simple

You will need 4 eggs and 220 g of sugar (an incomplete glass). Beat chilled proteins at high speed until the mass turns white. Add a pinch of salt and whisk again. Sugar should be added in small portions, without stopping the work of the mixer.There are persistent peaks? The cream is ready. Seed high drops on a baking tray and bake in a hot oven for about 15 minutes. It remains to decorate with eyes and put on the cake.

Monster Cakes

If you know how to handle a pastry bag well and like heavy creams, decorate the cake in the form of a cheerful monster. Nozzle "eight-pointed star" is perfect for this purpose. To make the monster even more believable, divide the cream into 2-3 parts, paint them in different shades of the same color.

halloween cake

Sweet web

Halloween cake smeared with light cream can be decorated with cobwebs. Cook the icing. To do this, heat in a bowl 2 tbsp. milk, add 4 tbsp. sugar and cocoa as much. While stirring, bring the mixture to a boil, but do not give a special boil. Pour into a pastry bag and carefully draw a spiral on the cake, moving from the circumference to the center. Using a toothpick, draw lines from the center of the web to the edges.

halloween cake

Cream Zombie

The next Halloween cake will fit anyone. It turned out not too smooth cakes, and the color of the cream seems bleak? This is what you need! Sandwich the square cake, brush the top with a thick spatula, without worrying about the evenness of the strokes. Eyes and sewn scars can be drawn with melted chocolate.

halloween cake

Simply simple: "victim" cake

It is not necessary to have pastry talent to make spectacular Halloween cakes. Recipes with simple photos can bring to life even a beginner.

halloween cake

In order to make such terribly-beautiful decorations, you can use any light cream and cherry jam. Just make a few cuts with a sharp knife and pour them with berry "blood" abundantly.

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