How to make a walker on the tracks with their own hands

Quite a difficult task is processing the site, even if it has a small area. It is impossible to manage in this matter with tools at hand. To loosen, weed and dig a garden without additional equipment is quite difficult.

If there is an opportunity to purchase a walk-behind tractor, which will become an indispensable assistant on the site, then you need to do just that. However, you can facilitate the work with the help of self-made equipment. In this article, we will focus on the crawler walker.

Assembly technology

walking tractor on tracks

If you need caterpillars on the Neva, the price of this device should interest you. However, you can make it yourself. It is necessary to start work on the assembly of the motoblock with the drive shaft. To it should fix the housing with bearings, install overrunning clutches and weld the sprocket. Clutches will perform the role of the differential in the process.

Then the design is complemented by a frame and wheels. On the frame you need to install a telescopic cradle, steering wheel and plow. If we are talking about an agricultural motoblock, then it is complemented by special wheels that facilitate traction. In order to connect the frame with the suspension and the frame of the motor scooter, if one is present in the structure, then a pair of arched pipes should be used. Between them there must be space for the fuel tank.

When running tiller on tracks, the arrangement of the engine is accompanied by the installation of brackets, which are completed with steel axles. Their length should be 150 mm. To U-shaped frame bracket must be welded console. On the axis itself is installed engine with suspension. The design is connected to the frame arcs, only then you can proceed to the installation of the secondary shaft. Then the master will have to tighten the chains and stretch the cables.

Addition of tractors treadmill

tracks for motoblock Price

When the motoblock is made on tracks, the next step is to supplement it with an appropriate design. For this purpose, a variety of materials are usually used, but it is necessary to take into account the low power of the engine, which indicates the need for the use of light caterpillars.

Do not use the tracks taken from the collective farm bulldozer, because they will destroy the engine. For this purpose, usually used car tires, for example, off-road tires. It is suitable for the reason that the protector in this case has an aggressive pattern, this indicates a reliable grip.

Using a roller chain

Caterpillars on the walker with their own hands

In order to make home-made tracks for the motoblock from a bush-roller chain and a conveyor belt, there is no need to use special tools and machines. To extend the life of a homemade device at the edges, it should be stitched with a fishing line. It is important to observe a distance of 2 cm.

When a walk-up tiller is performed on tracks according to this principle, the tape can be connected into a ring in various ways, it can be a hinge or edge stitching. The last option can not be called reliable. If you have a high power unit, you can use a tape whose thickness varies from 7 to 15 mm. It is usually used in conjunction with agricultural machinery. However, such a tape should be installed carefully, because its weight is impressive enough.

Tire use

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Another way to manufacture tracks is to use car treads. The advantage of this technology is expressed in the absence of the need to manufacture lugs. When the tiller is running on the tracks, at this stage it is necessary to prepare a track from the old tire, separating the side surfaces. This task is quite difficult. Some masters use a knife for this, but the process is delayed.

For accurate cutting, you must use an electric jigsaw. To reduce friction of a cloth of the tool it is possible, moistening it in a soap solution or water. As soon as the sides can be removed, the excess layers should be removed from the wrong side of the blank. This procedure is needed if the track is too hard.

When the tracks on the walker with their own hands are made using this technology, they will have a closed loop, which indicates high reliability. However, there are disadvantages, which are expressed in a limited width. However, this problem can be avoided if you use a double or triple tread.

Use of chains and belts

caterpillars for motoblock neva

Tracks can also be made from belts. This method is convenient and simple. Belts should be such that the profile is wedge-shaped. Connection in this case is carried out by lugs, which are fixed with screws or rivets.

Such tracks for the Neva motoblock will fit perfectly. However, those that run from the same old chains will be considered more reliable. One tape will need two chains. To do this, use the product of the desired size, the links are expanded, the chains are rolled into rings, the edges must be clamped and brewed.

The resulting structure is fastened with lugs, which should be made of thick steel plates. In advance they need to drill. When the tracks are made on the walker with their own hands, in the last stage of the product, it is necessary to impose on both sides of the chain links and fix them with bolts and nuts.

Expert Tips

homemade tracks for motoblock

Before you start creating tracks, you need to remember that the device should not be too high, as this will shift the center of gravity of the vehicle. As a result, you will face the risk of overturning the motor-block on difficult roads, sharp turns and uncomfortable roads.Caterpillars for the motoblock, the price of which is 26,500 rubles, can be purchased as a universal console.

However, if you decide to start manufacturing them yourself, then in order to increase stability it is necessary to make the second driven axis somewhat larger, its dimensions should differ by several tens of millimeters. The hub does not necessarily have to grind out on its own; it can be purchased at the store. It is located on the drive shaft. If there is no differential on the equipment, then it is possible to increase the maneuverability with the help of a rotating extension.

Caterpillars for motoblock, the price of which is large enough, you can make yourself. You should not use air cooling of the engine, because such a motor will not be able to cope with the increased load. Experts recommend using water cooling, as it will allow the engine to be more durable with long-term operation.


The tracks on the Neva walker, the price of which was mentioned above, can be made by you yourself. They make the unit easier to manage and eliminate its jamming in difficult to reach places.

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