How to make cool New Year wishes

What a sin to conceal, making preparations for the holiday, we do not really fool your head with a selection of words. At best, we will find something in the network, not too hackneyed, and give out for congratulations. And many of these "nonsense" are not engaged. What for? The gift after all is bought. But deep down you yourself know how people miss the affectionate "strong" words, all the more reason there is. And there is nothing easier than to come up with cool New Year wishes. It needs a little time to allocate, but the algorithm is applied. Interested? Let's see.

What is the main thing?

cool new year wishes

Of course, a person who does not have relevant experience is unlikely to start issuing cool New Year wishes. For this, at least talent is needed. And if it is not there, let's break down the process into “component parts”. After all, what is important when cool New Year wishes are born? Surely guessed: get "in the subject." For example, the driver will be pleased to hear about the “blind policemen”, the mother - about the obedient children, the businessman - about putting things on his head, and so on.That is, comic New Year wishes (and serious ones) must be chosen as the addressee. This is the first and most important point. You think about who you want to say or write a few words, “reveal” the sphere of his interests and that’s all. And the wishes themselves can be quite ordinary. Their whole set is available. Choose what suits your situation.

And what, actually, to wish?

We will not remind you about health and wealth. These things are universal, never be superfluous. They represent the "eternal values". Only cool New Year wishes should not be formal, otherwise there will be no drive.New Year wishes shortThe highlight should be added. Here it is sought among the hobbies of the "client". For example, girls often want love. And you take it and draw it a little differently. Remember how in the old film: "... and so that the piles fit themselves"? So say: “I wish this year to be full of obstacles and obstacles! And they consist of the lifeless bodies of the young men who have been fascinated by you! ”Surely any New Year wishes will please any beauty. Short phrases, decorated with images and epithets in this case are better than long and branched roulades.Tell your friends: “Let this year be better than the previous one, but worse than the next!” By the way, the phrase is universal.

New Year's wishes (short)

Let's give a few examples. For the family: “Let the star shine, fill our house with love. So that we have spent all this year without worries! ”Or so:“ I wish you fun, easy hangovers, good luck with your girlfriends and money for toys! ”You can somewhat extend the greeting by linking it with the symbol of the coming year. For example: “Let the goat not butt you, and do not beat your hooves! Good luck pushes into the house and does not know the money for the money! ”For friends:“ Let the year bring love and strength. And so that there is enough “dough” for everything! ”Or so:“ Let the wind of changes take you captive by all means! To ascend to the top, do not forget your friends in the quagmire! ”And you can also add a little“ pepper ”. It depends on what kind of relationship you have with this person. For example, one girlfriend can another so to say: “Let the year bears only success! Bloom, star, just do not fall under the table! ”Or a close friend:“ That the goat should carry good, and not horns! Be successful and lucky! ”

New Year wishes in verse

Wishes to colleagues

At the service, you should not get too carried away with "personal qualities." People can be offended.It is advisable to avoid hints of other people's shortcomings, and not to forget about the "corn". But the excellent working atmosphere and salary increase should be wished. For example: “Colleagues, may golden rain pour all over our head! Together we can handle it! We will not even call the plumbing! ”Another option:“ Let the year bring replenishment to all the accounts, and not to avoid the fame of the “shackles”! Let the client come to us without an account, bring us profit and work! ”Sometimes it is necessary to make a certain“ touch of intimacy ”in the congratulation. Then say a few words about the "happiness in the family." For example, congratulations to colleagues: “I wish in the coming year at work to be like a fish in a pond! Getting affection at home and not be bored from the salary! ”If you practice a little, you yourself can invent such New Year wishes in verses. Actually it is easy!

Algorithm for writing congratulations

Comic New Year wishesLet's repeat how to approach this “difficult matter”. First, look at the interests of the person. Would you not wish a married lady many suitors? Inconveniently somehow. Secondly, reveal what a person can please. One wants love, the other - money.There are those who aspire to something special. If a person is close, you should know this. Third, associate your wishes with the symbol of the year. Already cool work. Fourth, do not hesitate to hint at some subtlety that is pleasant to a person. For example, on his professional achievements, talents, beauty or mind. And the last thing: try to fill your words with good feelings. Then your new year wish will be surely enjoyed and remembered for a long time.

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