How to make decoupage bottles with their own hands. Decoupage bottles napkins: master class

As you know, decorating objects is not a new occupation and has a rather rich and interesting history. Decoupage is considered to be one of the most popular techniques of decorative finishing. He, in turn, includes many trends, types and styles. Some of them can be mastered quickly; others, more complex, require special knowledge, experience and skills.

A bit of history

From the French the name of the decoration technique "decoupage" is translated as "cut". The purpose of this art is to decorate objects by sticking on them carved figures from colored paper or ready-made drawings in combination with elements made from other materials.

For the first time, the decoupage technique became popular in France as early as the 17th – 18th centuries. It is divided into several dozen species.Many (the most difficult) of them were developed at this particular time. The creation of some items could take months and years due to the fact that their production required a large number of different layers. It is known that such historical figures as Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette took a great interest in decoupage.

Objects for decoupage

For decorating suitable items such as furniture, dishes, boxes, cards, vases and much more. Having shown your imagination, you can transform any thing beyond recognition and make a real work of art out of a completely unattractive subject.

Decoupage bottles

Most often, the decoupage technique is used to design bottles with drinks in honor of any holidays. This could be an anniversary, a wedding or all of us beloved New Year. Decoupage bottles - it is always fashionable, stylish and original.

Types of design. Decopatch

There are only 5 basic types of decoupage: decopt, direct (or classic), reverse, artistic (or smoky) and volumetric. All of them are significantly different from each other, but still they are united by the basic technique.

Dekopatch, which is also referred to as a patchwork decoupage, is characterized bythat individual motifs are not applied to the object to be decorated, but completely fill its entire surface with pieces of paper with a pattern. It turns out a kind of imitation of us all known patchwork. Create such a decor, using special paper for decoptch. Usually it is stylized under any texture of the pattern of fabric or natural fur. But dekopatch can also be performed by more familiar means used for decoration.

DIY decoupage bottles

The second look is classic

The direct view is the gluing of pictures to surfaces of any type. In this case, the image should be neatly, smoothly and efficiently attached wet, hot or dry, and it directly depends on the material used. This can be rice paper, decoupage cards or ordinary napkins.

After all the pictures are glued, they are varnished. When it is completely dry, the surface of the object is ground to a completely smooth texture. Then, if desired, the pattern can be supplemented, for example, to give it volume, toned or aged.

Bottles in decoupage style

The third view is reverse

It is used only on transparent glass surfaces.The decoupage of bottles, vases and plates looks very nice. In this case, the motif is glued on the opposite side of the object, and the whole process goes in the reverse order. This is due to the fact that the treated surface is located in front of the front side of the picture.

The fourth type is artistic.

It is also called smoky. This type of decoupage imitates painting using other techniques and various effects. It provides for a harmonious connection of the pasted motive and the background into a complete picture, where there should not be visible obvious transitions from one to another.

Fifth view - surround

With the help of this technique they achieve a mixture of painting and relief. Texture irregularities are usually created through the use of fabric, structural paste or natural materials. They may be small shells, croup or eggshell. Volumetric decoupage of bottles with a cloth looks especially beautiful.

Decoupage bottles with napkins

General instructions for decoupage

Despite all the seeming complexity of such a decoration technique, it is quite easy to master. The experience, as you know, comes in the process, so you should try to make the simplest decoupage bottles for beginners yourself.The classic type of decoration is perfect for this.

Required materials: napkins with a pattern, empty bottle, scissors, special glue for decoupage or PVA, roller, sponge, brush, varnish and acrylic paints.

● First you need to choose a bottle that you would like to decorate. You should not take too fanciful forms. Because the simpler they are, the easier it will be to decorate the bottle in a decoupage style.

● Take the napkin you like and carefully cut out the picture shown on it. Since it consists of several layers, it is necessary to separate the uppermost of them. Do not worry that the picture will break - the paper is quite durable. It is with this motive that we will continue to work.

● If there is no decoupage adhesive, you can use PVA, but before that it should be slightly diluted with water. Then we smear the motif and gently glue to the surface of the bottle. The drawing must be carefully smoothed out, starting from the center and gradually approaching the edges. Since our cloth is a little wet, you can easily damage it. The glued image is spread with a roller, and the excess glue is removed with a sponge.

● At this bottle decoupage with napkins can be considered almost complete. But if you wish, toned them with acrylic paints, draw some patterns or paste beads, shells. In this case, you can do whatever comes into your head.

● When the bottle dries, it is coated with a special decoupage varnish. Some, for lack of such, use colorless nail polish. After that, the product should be taken out on the balcony, where it will finally dry out and disappear. Everything, your first thing in the decoupage style is ready!

Decoupage bottles for beginners

Partial cloth decoration

In order to make such a decoupage of the bottles with your own hands, you will have to visit not only the store with stationery, but also to look at where the goods for artists are sold. Anyway, all materials are completely accessible. In addition to the fabric and the bottle, you will need PVA glue, putty, alcohol, drawing, which will then be transferred to the fabric, as well as acrylic varnish, primer and paint. It would be great if the set of colors will fall gold and silver.

Decoupage bottles always start with cleaning their surface. It is necessary to thoroughly wash and remove all paper stickers on them. To do this, simply soak them in warm water for a while.The bottle is then wiped with alcohol to remove all grease. This procedure is mandatory. After that, the entire surface is coated with acrylic varnish. I must say that it dries pretty quickly.

The next step in decoupage will be the proper preparation of the fabric. To do this, pour glue into a bowl and dilute it with water 1: 1. For better contact with the glass surface, a little putty is usually added to it. If the fabric is white, then there is also mixed with the paint of the desired color.

Now immerse the matter in the solution for impregnation, and then wring out. The shape of the flap is arbitrary, and the size must be large enough to wrap half a bottle. The fabric should be laid with beautiful graceful folds and left to dry for about a day. After that, you can put other decorations: beads, glitter or foam balls. When all items are ready, the bottle is opened with varnish.

Full cloth decoration

In order to create decoupage bottles, which are entirely decorated with matter, you can take the rags of any size. It is better if it is satin, silk or chintz. Before work they need to be washed and dry well.

We make a solution of PVA glue and water and drop cloth pieces there. Then we take out one by one and attach to the surface of the bottle with beautiful folds. You can cut one oval or round shred, from which to make a medallion. It must be glued exactly, without a single fold.

Further, when the fabric on the bottle dries, the medallion is decorated with some pattern, for example, a napkin. In this case, only the back part of the motive is smeared with glue and strictly along the contour. After it dries, the excess paper is cut off. Finishing decoupage bottles with their own hands, the fabric is decorated with various small elements or more voluminous details, such as large beads, flowers from ribbons or ornaments of beads. If you wish, you can paint your product with watercolor, gouache or acrylic paints. To complete the bottle varnish and dry.

Master class: decoupage napkins

Beginners in this business should not be taken for some too complicated decoration. It is worth trying the simplest classic type of equipment, supplemented with small volumetric details if desired. Consider decoupage bottles with napkins.Master class with step by step description of the actions will help in the work.

Decoupage bottles napkins master class

● Step 1. Choose a napkin with a black-and-white pattern you like and cut it off or cut it out. Then carefully separate the topmost layer. They will decorate your product.

● Step 2. We wash the bottle well, remove the labels, if any, and degrease the surface with alcohol. Then evenly cover with white acrylic paint.

● Step 3. Glue the cut napkin motif. To do this, use PVA glue, diluted in half with water.

● Step 4. At the top of the image with a neat thin brush we draw white acrylic so as to capture the edges of the napkin.

● Step 5. Now below, under the figure, we do the same, but only with black paint, and tint it to the very bottom. After the bottle dries, we open its entire surface 2 times with acrylic varnish.

● Step 6. Thus, it turned out very nice and original bottle. You can decorate your creation according to your taste and desire, for example, glue white and black beads, bows, etc.

Decoupage Wedding Bottles

Now in specialized stores and shops you can find any attributes for various celebrations.Sometimes their diversity is simply amazing! There you can buy very beautiful large flower arches and small boutonnieres, fancy shaped wine glasses and decorated bottles that are put on the table for the bride and groom. And it should be noted that all this is not cheap. But why spend big money if you can make decoupage bottles with your own hands? Moreover, in this case, the products will be exclusive.

It is not scary if you encounter such a technique for the first time. Of course, for its development it takes time and special wipes, which are not sold in every store. But there is a simpler option, which will allow even a beginner who is not associated with the art of artistic decoration to make the original decoupage of wedding bottles.

Decoupage bottles for a wedding

Simple design

First of all, for a simple decoration using a regular greeting card, you will need a bottle of champagne, the color of which does not matter, white acrylic paint and varnish, and a brush. In addition, you will have to visit the hardware store and purchase silver or gold paint there. You need to choose a wedding theme card.It is desirable that the drawing was on a white or other, but necessarily a light background, since it will be much easier to mask it than a dark one.

At the first stage, the decoupage of a champagne bottle begins with the removal of all labels and glue marks with warm water and a sponge. Then the surface is degreased with acetone or alcohol and covered with white acrylic paint, with the layer may turn out uneven. There is nothing terrible here, because after the completion of all the work this minor defect will be absolutely not noticeable. It is most convenient to apply the paint with a sponge.

The next stage is the preparation of the postcard. First, it is coated with varnish in 2 layers and left to dry. Do not be afraid that its edges will turn, this is a normal process. Now, very carefully, you need to separate the top thin layer with a pattern from the cardboard base. The result is an improvised decoupage napkin. Then the picture is cut along the contour. You can leave it whole, but it is best to disassemble it into separate fragments, for example, images of newlyweds, flowers and pigeons with rings.

We glue the pictures to the bottle with PVA glue, while not smearing the reverse side of the image, but the product itself, and smoothing them.We plant light pink and pale blue acrylic paints and, in order to hide the edges of the postcard, gently draw a wide tassel along their edges, carefully blending the borders. The decoupage of a champagne bottle is continued by applying silver or gold streaks on it, which will hide all small defects and irregularities.

And finally, the final stage - a protruding decor, in which you can use silver or gold bows and artificial pearls of different sizes. They will help give your creation a complete look. This decoupage bottles for the wedding is completed.

As you could see for yourself, decorating items with your own hands is quite an exciting experience. Decoupage is not such a complicated decoration technique. And besides, it does not require too large expenditures, because it was not for nothing that it arose, as they say, in the circles of the low-income strata of the population. But despite this, thanks to the imagination of talented people, decoupage could turn into real art!

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