How to make eyebrows thick at home

Eyebrows make out the whole face, and they are the main focus in makeup. Often this phrase can be heard from makeup artists. And this is not by chance. Often, clients are asked to make up "only eyes", and the masters refuse, and the reason is that only carefully made up eyes will not look on the face, which has an uneven tone, there are some rashes or pigment spots and unkempt eyebrows. These eyes will look apart from the rest. And again, even a non-painted face looks much more natural and advantageous with well-groomed and decorated eyebrows. Not overgrown and sticking out in different directions and not too plucked. Looking for well-groomed eyebrows, but thick, without bald spots. Talk about how to make eyebrows thick. It will be a question of natural ways and means in house conditions. To start, remove the tweezers, eyebrow tweezers and everything that you use to remove hair, to the side.

how to make eyebrows thick

Proper nutrition

How to make eyebrows thick? The first and most important is nutritional foods. Stimulate hair growth in a natural way, making sure that you get the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy hair and skin. Eat more protein, vitamin B, iron, zinc, and omega-3. Add healthy foods to your diet: nuts or fruits, avocados, walnuts and olive oil, carrots, mangoes and sweet potatoes, lean meat, salmon and other fish, greens (spinach and cabbage).

thick eyebrows at home


Brush, massage your eyebrows and the area around them. Train yourself every morning after washing and before applying makeup just brush your eyebrows with a clean brush. All eyebrows gently comb up and give them a neat shape. It is very useful for proper blood circulation. Use a little olive oil and massage your eyebrows daily for 5 minutes with it. You will begin to notice results fairly quickly in the form of new hairs and increased density.

Health care

Lack of sleep and stress play a big role in slowing the growth of the eyebrows. Make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours daily, exercise, exercise,walk in the open air, drink enough simple non-carbonated water, do more of those things that bring you joy and pleasure. In addition to the lack of stress in your life, soon you will also notice increased hair growth.

Castor oil

In addition to healthy and nutritious food, certain additional nutrients can enhance the health and growth of the eyebrows. Castor oil is one of the oldest means to improve hair growth. Want to get thick eyebrows at home? Then castor oil is the number one recipe. It has a very unusual chemical composition, which is found in lower concentrations in other seeds and oils. Add some castor oil to a cotton swab and apply gently to your eyebrows. Do not forget about the previous item and light massage for a few minutes. You can leave a cotton pad on the eyebrows for 30 minutes, after blotting the excess with a napkin and leave for the night or wash off with a mild detergent. Do not use if you are experiencing discomfort or burning.

make the eyebrows thicker and darker

Scrub and peeling

In search of a universal recipe, how to make beautiful thick eyebrows, we analyze the following option.Try scrub and peel. Use a soft face brush, scrubbing your forehead area in a circular motion, removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood circulation. You can also use peeling instead of scrub or alternate procedures. Buying a scrub in a store or making your own sugar scrub is pretty easy. Do not rub too hard; using too much pressure on the brow area can weaken the existing hairs.

Coco Lemon

A mixture of coconut oil and lemon zest is another well-known remedy that can help in the growth and nutrition of the eyebrows. Take a glass jar and add one-fourth cup of coconut oil and sliced ​​rinds of one lemon. Then leave the mixture for two weeks in a cool and dry place.
As soon as the solution is ready, apply it every night before bed and in the morning not in the season of the active sun to avoid irritation and possible pigmentation.


It really is one of the safest and most effective solutions for brow growth; A simple tonic for impressive hair growth and strength. Who else doubts whether it is possible to make the eyebrows thicker? Take a small bottle or jar with a lid andCombine these ingredients in appropriate proportions: lime juice (1/2 teaspoon), tea tree oil (1 tsp.), lemon juice (1 tsp.) and coconut oil (4 tablespoons). Shake the can / bottle and apply to the eyebrows with a cotton pad. Wash your face after 30 minutes.

Aloe vera

how to make beautiful thick eyebrows

How to make thin eyebrows thick? If you overdo it with plucking, then there is a good tool. Applying aloe vera juice on the eyebrows helps in stimulating growth and promotes healing. This juice also adds shine to your face. Be sure to use fresh leaf juice for best results.


No one can deny how useful milk is for our bodies! But do you know how to thicken eyebrows much faster with milk? Dip a cotton pad in the milk, and then rub it lightly into your eyebrows before bedtime. Milk will nourish your eyebrows, and soon you will notice that they began to grow much faster.

A few more recipes for making brows thicker and darker.

can I make eyebrows thicker

Onion is a high sulfur product that is an important component for eyebrow growth.Put down a small onion and use its juice on the eyebrows with a cotton swab. Hold it on your face without washing it off, at least for a few hours. Take a handful of fenugreek seeds and crush it finely. Apply the paste (you can also add almond oil to better match) on your eyebrows at bedtime or at any time during the day before taking a shower. Massage using petroleum jelly 2-3 times a day will also help in achieving our goal. The results mainly manifest within a few weeks. How to make eyebrows thick? Use olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E (oil or in ampoules) or petroleum jelly. Apply them to the hairs with a cotton pad. All this will not only increase growth, but also strengthen eyebrows.

How to make beautiful thick eyebrows with the help of cosmetic products

how to make thin eyebrows thick

To solve the problem, at least for one day, you can with the help of cosmetics. While you are waiting for your eyebrows to grow and become thick and perfect, you can always finish the desired shape with a pencil or eyebrow shadows. Choose a pencil or a shade of eye shadow that matches your hair color or is lighter.Do not use too dark shades, firstly, they add age, secondly, they are more appropriate for creating bright makeup or evening look. Make short, thin strokes in the direction of hair growth. You should not press too hard on the pencil, on the contrary, you need smooth lines, which are obtained by soft pressing. You just need to fill in the blanks. So, as you can see, it is not so difficult to get thick eyebrows at home!

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