How to make money on Instagram: ways, effective methods and feedback

Instagram is a social network where users post photos and videos. The concept of it is to maintain your own blog, consisting of photos and short captions to them. It is something between a full-fledged social network and microblogging. When he came to us from the West, he quickly settled down and became very popular. Today it is difficult to find someone among young people without an account on this social network. Instagram is simple and straightforward to use and is original in its own way, since there was nothing like this before it.

Something about Instagram

how to earn instagram

Here people can subscribe to you and follow your updates, such as on Twitter. And you, in turn, have the opportunity to become someone's subscriber. The main goal of registered users is to share their photos.Most often, personal user profiles are filled with everyday photos. That is, it is something like your personal diary. From the users for which you are subscribed, and their photos are your tape. You can comment and like the photos. Literally every day in the Instagram there are more and more new features. For example, it has long been possible to freely communicate with a person, and no one will see your correspondence. This feature is called Direct. There is also a section like "Recommendations". It contains a lot of photos of users who may be familiar with you or may just be interesting to you.

How to use it?

Instagram is extremely easy to use. To start work you need to register. To do this, you need to specify your email, come up with a password and user name that is not occupied by anyone. After that, you can begin to fill your profile with any photos that you like. This is the main function, but other than that, you can upload videos, chat with friends, and so on. And more recently, a feature such as “Stories” has appeared: a user uploads a photo or a short video of what he is currently doing, and this will be available for viewing by other users for a week, after which it will be removed.The idea of ​​this function is to share with subscribers what you are doing in real time and keep everyone up to date with their news.

But the person is so arranged that he always and in everything tries to find his own benefit and the way to make money. Instagram does not stand aside. It turns out that thanks to this social network today, many people around the world make money. How to make money on Instagram? There are several answers to this question, but before you begin to do this, you must have a profile with a sufficient number of subscribers.

How to promote your profile

How to make money on Instagram

Many people think that they know very well how to make money on Instagram. But now you can hardly surprise anyone with a large number of subscribers. There are many services that can easily help you to wind up their number. But there are other ways to achieve this goal.

For example, there is such a thing as hashtags. Thanks to them, users can find photos of a particular subject that interests them. For example, if you write in the search for "Instagram" #sea, then you will find many photos and videos with the sea.So thanks to this feature, you can attract people to your profile. It is best to put several tags on one photo at once, and more users will see it.

Be active. It is unlikely that someone will notice you if you will be in the shade. Post photos often enough, but do not bother the tape and monitor the quality of the content. Subscribe and like people to other users. Most often they reciprocate this. You can also leave comments on other people's pages, but do not openly advertise yourself, since this is unlikely to work, and it looks repulsive from the side.

Thus, take your profile seriously and put your imagination in photos. A person who sees an unusual and attractive account, most likely, will not pass by and will surely sign up. But you, in turn, do not feel sorry for likes and subscribe to others. How to make money on Instagram if you already have a promoted account?

Selling your services

how much can you earn in instagram

How to earn money on Instagram? If you have some kind of business or business and you don’t know how to attract customers, then the network can be an excellent advertising platform. Here you can post any photos that will attract people.Advertising can be completely different: hairdressing, confectionery, designer services, that is, whatever. Thanks to the photos you can make an excellent advertisement, and in the text to describe all the details of your services. This is a variant of how to make money on Instagram, with a sufficient number of subscribers.

Selling someone else's services

How much do people earn on Instagram? Differently. In fact, this is a fairly common occupation, since not everyone can boast of a really large number of subscribers who are required to promote their business. It’s much easier to contact a person who already has a promoted account, and just buy advertising for his product from him. So you can promote your profile and take orders and offers from other people. This is another example of how to make money on advertising in Instagram.

Shop in a social network

How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram using your own online store? There are already too many profiles in this network where clothes or some other goods are sold, but you can still try to do it.Although the competition is quite serious, you can try through frequent lucrative offers for the buyer. For some today, “Instagram stores” are becoming a full-fledged replacement for the usual shopping mall, so you can not worry about the relevance of this type of earnings.

Promotion of other accounts

Is it possible to make money on Instagram?

Did you manage to gain a lot of subscribers? Then why not help other people with it? For the money, of course. Many dream of more subscribers, but for some reason no one pays attention to their pages. You can help them by sharing yours. Such a proposal is likely to interest many. To do this, you need to set a certain price and post an advertising post with a mark of the person you are advertising, and in the text to describe what this account will be interesting for others. It is also one of the ways to earn money on Instagram.

How and where to find customers?

How to make money on Instagram

To reach such a level when the advertiser starts finding you on his own and is interested in you, you need to try hard. If your profile becomes really popular and in demand among users, then a queue of customers may even accumulate on advertising. But, of course, this will not be right away.The first time will need to make a lot of effort.

Do not sit back. You will first have to work for a low fee, as there will be few orders and so, and if you have found a customer, he will not give you a lot of money for advertising. In order to do the most rationally, you can see how much advertising costs for similar accounts with approximately the same number of subscribers. Focusing on these figures, you can specify an adequate value.

In order to find the first customers, you will need to write to many potential customers. They can be found on other profiles, or simply using a search engine. Of course, there will be a lot of failures, but they need to be taken correctly. Do not take it too close to your heart and be considered a failure. Where better to continue the search with even greater zeal, and then exactly success is guaranteed. Do not stop at the very first miss. Regard your offer of advertising services as a profitable offer that will help someone to promote their business, and not as annoying advertising.

Way to make extra money

how much do they earn on instagram

How do they earn money on Instagram?Who does not have a promoted account? This method is suitable mainly for schoolchildren, since it is almost impossible to earn serious money thanks to him. It consists in simply putting likes, subscribing and commenting on other users. How much can you earn in Instagram thanks to this method? In fact, it is not enough, but as a small additional lightweight wage is quite suitable. For the implementation of this option, there are special services where people apply for likes, subscriptions and comments. You can fulfill these orders and get paid. On average, for any of these actions you can get from 1 to 5 rubles. Is it possible to earn in “Instagram” in such a way at least 200 rubles a day? Yes, and this is not so bad, considering that you did not put any special effort.

What not to do

If you still choose this type of earnings, as advertising in your profile, then you should not grab suspicious offers. Remember that other customers are always viewing your profile before ordering advertisements, and any repulsive posts may discourage you from working with you.

Before you place an ad, try as carefully as possible to check the product and service you are promoting. You should not blindly advertise a product unfamiliar to you, since it can easily turn out to be of poor quality. And if your audience understands that you offer low-quality products to them, then your trust will be lost. If you watch how they make money on Instagram, often deceiving subscribers, then trust is lost. So it is extremely important to keep it.

If you doubt the product offered to you, then it is better not to chase profits by any means, but to refuse. After all, a damaged reputation is almost impossible to restore. And if you approach this business thoroughly, then you can get the maximum of how much you can earn in Instagram. And for some, this is the main source of profit.

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How to make money on Instagram: ways, effective methods and feedback 92

How to make money on Instagram: ways, effective methods and feedback 35

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How to make money on Instagram: ways, effective methods and feedback 46

How to make money on Instagram: ways, effective methods and feedback 46

How to make money on Instagram: ways, effective methods and feedback 6