How to make pate?

Pate - a great appetizer, which is the sameis good for a family breakfast, a festive banquet or a party with friends. It is enough only to change the way of feeding the pate and add to it some unusual ingredients, and it is easily transformed from an everyday dish into an exquisite delicacy. Pate can be prepared not only from the liver, as is customary with Russian housewives, but also from meat, vegetables, fish and beans, each of them will be tasty in its own way.

If you are a beginner chef, then our advice is likemake pate, help you master this culinary wisdom. In fact, nothing complicated in this. Carefully study the recipe, diligently follow all the recommendations and a delicate aromatic pate to get you on the first try.

How to make pate from liver

The easiest way to cook a pate of chicken liver.

  • Take one packet of fresh chicken liverweighing 400 - 500 grams. Rinse it under cold water, carefully separate all veins and bile ducts. To speed up the cooking process, divide each piece into two or three pieces. In order to make the liver particularly tender, it can be soaked for a few hours in milk before frying. But if you have little time, you can skip this step.
  • Debate the liver with a paper towel and fry iton refined vegetable oil 7 - 9 minutes. The liver should become pinkish-gray and not to heal. Soak it yet. If you are preparing a festive version of pate, at the end of frying the liver can be drizzled with one or two spoons of cognac.
  • Separately fry two finely chopped bulbs. The main thing at this stage is not to give the onions much fried, and even more so to burn. If desired, you can add a chopped clove of garlic into the frying pan. Do this for a couple of minutes before the end of frying onions. At the same time, add a coffee spoon of ground white pepper and a little thyme to the onions.
  • In the blender bowl, load the fried liver (togetherwith the fat and juice that is on the frying pan) and onions, we grind them well. Solim, add a pinch of nutmeg and a pinch of sugar for a piquant taste, 100 gr. softened butter and pour 100 ml. fatty cream. Beat all the ingredients in a lush, homogeneous mass. We try, if necessary, dosalivayem, put it in the tray and cool it for half a day.

Now, knowing how to make a liver pie, bythe main recipe, try a little experiment. Add in it before grinding one grated fried carrots (many like liver with carrots) or mix the finished liver mass with thinly sliced ​​and fried until ready for champignons.

How to Make Chicken Pate

To cook a chicken paste, boil untilfull preparedness carcass of a young plump chicken weighing one and a half - two kilograms and cool it, without taking it out of the broth. Separate the meat from the skin and bones. Grind the meat in the blender as small as possible. Add to it four steep boiled yolks and half a cup of butter, salt, pepper, add a pinch of nutmeg and, for the brightness of taste, half a glass of grated cheese or chopped walnuts. Good beat the paste in the blender, if it is too steep, add a few spoonfuls of chicken broth. Pate is ready, it remains only to cool it before use.

I would also like to talk about how to make homemade pate, as it is customary to cook it in the countryside, without a blender and other urban tricks.

How to make pate pork Ukrainian

To cook such a pate makes sense when youthey stabbed a boar in their compound. Otherwise, all the necessary ingredients will have to be bought on the market. To make one kilogram of such pate you need 0.5 kg. meat with a pig's head; 0.2 kg of pork liver; 0.3 kg. bacon with pork cheeks; 50 gr. flour ;, 2 onions; salt and pepper; 1.5 cups of broth.

Pork head thoroughly washed and cleaned,large chopped and boiled in a large saucepan until the meat begins to easily separate from the bones. Salo with a skin carefully cleaned, cook a quarter of an hour and cool. The liver is cut into slices and cooked as well. Fry the onion. Remove all the meat from the bones and double-scroll it on the meat grinder along with the liver, bacon, skin and onions. Add to this minced broth, salt, black pepper and sweet pepper, marjoram and a little fat, removed from the broth. Stir in the flour. This mixture is again passed through a meat grinder, laid out in a greased form, and baked in an oven at medium temperature.

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