How to organize things in a closet

The organization of things in the closet begins with a hanger

It is convenient to use the same hangers, so that things hang at the same height - so the cabinet inside will look much neater.

Use labels

If there are a lot of things, you can organize the space in the closet with labels or photographs of the contents on boxes or boxes, so that the search does not take much time. It is convenient in the case of shoes, bags, hats.

How best to store clothes?

If possible, store clothes on hangers, exceptthe one that can be deformed. It is convenient at one time to iron all the clothes and hang them - now any day you can put on any thing, and not think before going out: what is ironed and what is not.

Periodically get rid of old clothes

Organize clothes in the closet better aftergetting rid of unnecessary. Old and unused things are clearly bad helpers in putting things in order. So, you should regularly get rid of too small and too large clothes; things with defects that can not be fixed; Clothing that has gone hopelessly out of fashion and from one that no longer matches your current self-awareness. Keep only those things that fit your style in the wardrobe.

Try to get rid regularly not only from unnecessary clothes, but also from shoes

What's on the mezzanine?

To organize the space in the closet it is importantdecide what things will "go" out of it (or go to the mezzanine) for seasonal storage. The climate in my area allows you to wear some things all year round, poddevaya under them or adding something to the top for heat. Therefore, I only remove obviously seasonal things - a winter coat, hats, scarves, gloves and a couple of winter sweaters I clean for the summer, and for the winter - just a few blouses and frankly summer t-shirts. And of course, shoes. The rest of the things I wear for a year, I leave them in the closet, even if I only wear a couple of times during the season.

This saves time in stocking stocksstorage and allows you to immediately see what kind of things are there. By the way, this approach is practiced by the author of the bestselling book "Magic cleaning. Japanese art of bringing order home and in life "Marie Kondo.

Use separators for boxes or organizers

Keep small wardrobe items in cabinet drawersor a chest of drawers is convenient with the help of organizers or dividers for boxes. Thanks to them, socks, belts, lingerie and ornaments will always be in order. Separators do not have to buy - you can make your own hands from ordinary cardboard or even ... cutting a pipe pvc.

Organizers for boxes will help organize things in a closet or chest of drawers

Here, a bathroom organizer was built from the pvc pipes, but nothing prevents them from adapting these rings and for storing the laundry in the chest of drawers or in the cupboard

Keep things only in the closet

Immediately after coming home, fold and hang them in the closet, even "for a while" do not hang on the backs of chairs or on a chair.

Everything in sight

Let everything be stored in the reach of an outstretched hand. For many, organize clothes in the closet - it's to hang or put some things closer (those that are more often worn), and others (those that are rarer) - away. But this approach has a significant disadvantage - it's easy to forget about distant things, and to find out only when they are out of fashion or unrewarded ... It's much easier to keep all clothes in plain view on hangers or shelves, and not on the top of the cabinet and not in the back of the boxes. So your everyday images will be more diverse and no clothing will be forgotten. As for the far parts of the cabinet, it is better to store seasonal clothes and shoes, suitcases and travel bags.

By the way, if you do not have a lot of things, you can use mobile racks for clothes. By experience - they are very convenient and more motivating to accuracy.

Give up the amount in favor of quality

It is better to buy a few high-quality and expensivethings, than a lot of cheap "before the first wash". Gradually introduce this principle into your wardrobe. And, incidentally, the organization of clothes in a closet with a small number of things is much easier - in favor of this, says Project 333.

A few expensive and high-quality things can raise the entire wardrobe to another level, even if the bulk of it is not very expensive

Use the bottom of the cabinet

Periodically in our closet there are things,which need repair or ironing. In order not to litter the shelves, chairs and chairs around the house or the place where the iron is stored, put two or three boxes at the bottom of the cabinet - "For repair", "For ironing" and, for example, "Give it away", where you will put clothes on categories.

Create sets of clothes for a week or two ahead

A friend of mine has very little clothes. Once she told me about her system of organizing things in the closet: it holds only six hangers with ready-made sets, one on the right and the others on the left. It turned out that she made kits, ironed them and every day for a week wore a different set: she took a coat hanger from the morning with clothes in one part of the cupboard, and, taking it off in the evening, outweighed it to another. "So you do not need to think every morning what to wear - every Monday, every Tuesday and every Wednesday I have a planned kit." Of course, this is not the way for everyone, but, perhaps, someone such a cabinet organization will be convenient - if not in everyday life, then on trips.

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