How to pierce the ear at home. How to pierce the ears of a child

how to pierce the ear at home

If you decide to pierce yourself or your child’s ears at home, you should adopt the main recommendations of specialists in this field. After all, one wrong step - and you risk introducing into the body an infection that can cause further serious diseases. Now it will be described in detail how to pierce the ear at home, what drugs and devices will be useful for you, and what unpleasant incidents in such work can occur.

Briefly about the main thing

The auricle is a zone where all the reflex receptors of our body are concentrated. Here are the points that are responsible for the coherence of the work of many internal organs. For this reason, it is important to clearly know not only how to pierce the ear at home, but also exactly which point of it can be affected in a similar way.The least painful area is the earlobe, more precisely - its very center. The offset from this point can be up to 0.5 millimeters up, not more. It is not recommended to move down, because many nerve endings are already concentrated there, and if the process of perforation does not entail negative consequences, then it will be painful for sure.

how to pierce the ears with a gun

How to “grope” that very point

If you are first wondering how to pierce your ear without pain, then first you need to find the most painless point on the lobe. You can feel it by choosing the softest place in this zone. A similar technique can also be performed using a medical probe or a wooden stick that acts on a small part of the surface. Having found the least sensitive area of ​​the earlobe, mark it with a felt-tip pen. Similarly, we are searching for the “neutral” zone on the opposite ear. Make sure that these points as a result turn out to be symmetrical at least approximately, otherwise any earrings, even the smallest ones, may look irregular and ugly in your ears, and long adornments will give out this mistake completely because they will fall unevenly.


Particularly sensitive people, before piercing the ear with a needle, carry out the procedure of anesthesia. The easiest method to make the lobe completely insensitive is Lidocaine. You can buy it at the pharmacy in the form of a spray or gel - this will be most convenient. Do not forget that this anesthesia is local, because the person who pierces the ear will see and understand everything. If he is too impressionable, it is advisable to give him a little sedative drink before the procedure and try to adjust it to a positive wave. Also note that it is desirable to apply the drug "Lidocaine" immediately before piercing the ear at home, unless you dilute it (more on this below). Its action is instantaneous and short-lived, because you need to catch a puncture during this period and put on the earring.

how children pierce the ears video

Natural Product Anesthesia

We take one raw medium-sized potato, peel it and put it in the freezer. After the root crop is completely icy, we take it out and apply it from both sides to the earlobe that you are going to pierce.Now you need to wait until the lobe begins to grow numb from the cold. This can be determined by the characteristic redness, desensitization and lack of response to standard irritations. However, it is worth noting that this method of anesthesia is not long-term. Moreover, unlike the method with the use of the drug "Lidocaine", it does not affect the nervous system, because all that is blunted at this moment is only the sensitivity of some nerve endings on the earlobe.

how to pierce the ears of children

Preparing an arsenal of tools and medicines

Before piercing the ear at home, you need to prepare all the preparations and tools that can be useful in this difficult process. This list includes medical alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. The first is needed to sanitize all the tools, earrings, as well as the hands of a person who pierces the ear, and other objects. Peroxide is used so that in case of bleeding you can quickly leave this process. Also, it is recommended to hold earrings in it, which will be worn immediately after piercing. Next, prepare the cotton wool, needle, preferably thick (but not overdo it), and earrings themselves. Best of all, if it will be studs with adjustable clasp.

how without pain pierce your ear

Age does not matter

If we are talking about piercing the ears with a needle, in fact, it does not matter if this operation is performed on a man, a woman or a child. The structure of the earlobe is the same for everyone, therefore we will act according to the standard scheme. The role is played only by a psychological factor, which is that it is easier to tune the child to a favorable outcome of the procedure than an adult person with his prejudices. This fact can be understood by clearly seeing the children piercing their ears. Videos of this kind clearly show us that most babies do not even have time to feel the pain. The main thing that the procedure was performed by a knowledgeable person.

how to pierce the ears of a child

Exact sequence of actions

So, we seat our client (even a very small one) on a chair, tie up hair so that it does not interfere. Now we treat the ears with alcohol on both sides, after which we apply the drug "Lidocaine" on them, strictly following the instructions. Next, mark the puncture point - a felt-tip pen or a toothpick, which is iodine. Earrings must be pre-treated with alcohol, then put in a container with peroxide. We process the needle first with alcohol, then we burn it with fire and rub it again with an alcohol solution.Now pull the earlobe and put the needle to the desired point. It is important that it is located exactly perpendicular to the lobe. Before piercing the ears of children in this way, they first gently pull the ear and look at where the needle appears on the reverse side. After that, with a sharp movement, a needle is inserted into the ear and pierces it completely. Get it should be just as quickly, and you must immediately put on the earring. If there is blood, we wipe it with peroxide; if not, wipe it with alcohol.

 how to pierce the ear with a needle

What is the best way to pierce the ears of a child?

Many young parents these days do not know how children pierce their ears. The videos that can now be found on the web show us most often the fact that this is done using a special piercing pistol. There are several reasons for this. First, in this way the operation is done much faster. Secondly, the pistol will not make a slanting hole in the lobe. The puncture will be even and exactly parallel to the surface of the earth. And thirdly, the sight of a doctor or even a native mother with a needle in her hands is very awesome for a baby, but a gun creates a more positive impression. You can buy such a tool and store it at home, or you can ask the beauty salon for this service.

The nature of the procedure

Now we look at how to pierce the ears with a gun, and what is needed for this. We need: a standard medical kit, the same as in the previous case, cotton wool, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, toothpicks and the gun itself. To it must be attached earrings, needles, which you will pierce ears. Earring insert into the machine, then we put this device on the lobe. Now we set it up so that the needle of the earring looks at the intended point. Click on the trigger, after which the earring is in the newly minted hole. We wipe the wound with alcohol and put on the fastener. The same operation is done with the second ear. We also do not forget that before piercing the ears with a pistol, they are also rubbed with alcohol, and if the patient is too sensitive, then the drug “Lidocaine” is applied to the lobe.

Pierce the ears of a child

What to do after the piercing procedure

If you pierced your ears or ears with an ordinary needle, you can immediately put on any earrings, as long as they are not massive, heavy and very large. After you have drilled them into the holes, they cannot be removed for one month, until the wounds are completely healed.If the piercing was carried out by a pistol, then the needle-earrings are also not recommended to be removed within a month in order for the fabrics to securely tighten. Within two weeks, twice a day, the lobes should be treated with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.


When you know how to pierce a child's ears correctly, you can easily do this to any other person. No matter which method you choose - a needle or a pistol, it is important how you set up your patient for this procedure. And, of course, do not forget that the result is also influenced by the competence in this matter, as well as compliance with all the above rules.

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