How to raise the car?

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How to raise the car?

Every driver knows that on the roadto happen, anything. To protect yourself somehow, it is necessary to have a spare wheel and a device capable of raising the car. For this purpose, a jack, auto lift, etc. is suitable.


They come in two types: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical are divided into lever and parallelogram (folding), and hydraulic - to lever (podkatnye) and telescopic.

Mechanical jacks are equipped with allautomotive cars. Lever jacks are rare, but there are plenty of folding jacks. A jack can lift a machine weighing up to 2 tons. They are simple and reliable in application, and also take up little space.

To raise a larger car, you need touse hydraulic jack. This load capacity is associated with a large weight of the jack itself. In telescopic jacks, the lifting mechanism is the hydraulic piston itself, and in the rolling hydraulic piston acts on the lifting lever.

Determined with the type of jack, do not forgetfind out the weight of your car, determine its dimensions and soberly assess your physical abilities. For example, women should take a closer look at the small hydraulic telescopic jack. Owners of SUVs, minivans and minibuses, as well as car service workers are more suitable for a hydraulic jack. This model has different lifting heights. So, a machine weighing 3 tons can lift by 390-533 mm. For more powerful models, the lifting capacity is 5 tons, and the lifting height is 50 cm.

Using a jack, make sure that yourthe vehicle is firmly locked. To prevent its spontaneous movement, you must turn on the neutral gear, then put the car on a handbrake and place a brake shoe or brick, at least under one wheel. Working with small details, be careful, because they have a "habit" of getting under the car. The lifting height of the machine should be minimally necessary to work to avoid injury.

Increase clearance (clearance)

The car in the current reality, thanks toconstantly improving aerodynamics, which reduces air resistance, is becoming faster. This leads to a reduced ride height. Because of the domestic roads that leave much to be desired, the motorist has to wonder whether it is worth continuing to cling to the bottom of the pothole, bumps or go to the car service, so that the master increases the ground clearance with spacers.

To begin with, to increase the ground clearance,think about the effect of the bumper. Many drivers recall parking in cities near high curbs, about grinding or crunching in the event of an accidental impact on them. Now modern cars have a bumper with a "skirt", the width of which is 2-3 cm. They are necessary for a successful parking. Do not forget about the second option - 12-17 cm points under the crankcase, this is significantly small for the norm of a passenger car.

Each driver chooses himself how to lift the car. There are a lot of ways. Consider them.

  1. It is easiest to replace standard tires with tires withhigh profile. Many consider this a quick and painless solution for the running gear. In this case, pay attention to the fact that disks and tires can not be put more than those that are provided by the manufacturer of the machine.
  2. You can replace the shock absorbers, which "sat down", but you can not increase the vehicle's clearance.
  3. Also you can lift the back of the car withusing rubber supplies. They are put instead of the standard ones and allow you to keep the weight of the machine. So you will not feel any discomfort in the traffic on the track. Moreover, it is considered the safest solution for driving and for car construction.
  4. It is also possible to install aluminum spacers betweena support and a body of the car. There are many advantages, among which there is a significant increase in ground clearance and lack of discomfort when driving. One minus - there are corrosive processes.

These are the most accessible options for enlarging the lumen.

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