How to remove cheeks without surgery

Women can not imagine life without a mirror, when exactly how his frankness becomes the cause of self-doubt and many disappointments. Exhausting themselves with numerous diets, smearing the skin with unimaginable care products, we try to see a reflection that fully corresponds to our perception of perfection. And this cold glossy canvas mercilessly reveals all our shortcomings. Although very often the undesirable features of our appearance do not lend themselves to the visual perception of to remove cheeks

Perfect face shape

The perfect face contour is not just a proportional ratio of the forehead and chin. The oval of the most expressive part of our body can be by nature square, round, oblong. And it would be unfair to call any form of person correct. After all, who set these standards for correctness? Another thing - a toned face - without a hanging chin and protruding cheeks.As well as the body, tightened as a result of hard workouts, a person is able to tell about the lifestyle and nutritional habits of its owner. First of all, to have a perfect face shape, you need to remove the cheeks and chin, clearly distorting the oval.

Advantages and disadvantages of plump cheeks

There are many arguments that convince you that puffy cheeks are good. First, let's remember that it is the round, pink-cheeked face that symbolizes the young age of the beauty. This, of course, is not about the dignity acquired over the years, but about the cheeks of natural freshness. Secondly, it was revealed that owners of puffy cheeks suffer less from facial wrinkles. This feature of the face allows you to look younger than their years for a long time. But if both of these factors are not applicable to your particular case, then let's figure out how to remove the cheeks without surgery.remove cheeks and chin

Physical exercises

It is known that regular workouts help shape a slim figure. But with the help of daily physical exertion aimed at the imperfect facial area, you can slightly correct or remove plump cheeks.

1.Taking a deep breath, take a deep breath. Then press down on your cheeks with your palms and try to resist their pressure. Exercise repeat 7-8 times.

2. Holding a pencil with your teeth, draw different shapes or words in the air. At the same time, the musculature of the face and neck should be tense.

3. After drawing air into your mouth, push it out in intermittent small jolts.

4. Tilting your head back, try to grab the upper lip with your lower lip. Do not forget to move your chin energetically. This exercise is for those who do not know how to remove the cheeks as soon as possible.

5. Train your buccal muscles with another effective exercise. Roll the lips, drawing them as close to the teeth as possible. While maintaining this state of muscle, try to smile. In this case, the eyes should look up, as if tightening the cheeks behind him. Do not stop the exercise until there is a burning sensation in the cheek area. After that, it is necessary to count mentally to 30 and relax the jaw. Repeat at least twice a week.remove chubby cheeks

Nutrition and diets

Before you remove the cheeks, you need to find out the reason for their appearance. Most often, they indicate malnutrition.Often the cause of full cheeks is excess fluid that has accumulated in the body. In this case, it is enough to drink a course of diuretic herbs. At the same time it is necessary to exclude salt and spices from the diet. Needless to say, you should first consult with your doctor. But it so happens that the owners of puffy cheeks are quite happy with their figure. And they do not want to exhaust themselves with diets that can give excessive thinness to the body. So how to remove the cheeks without losing the total weight? The best option is a special massage that will directly affect the muscles of the cheeks. In addition, the services of an experienced massage therapist will help not only to correct the shape of the face, but also to prolong its youth.

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