How to survive in a zombie apocalypse? Weapons against zombies. Zombie apocalypse in real life

We live in a changing and unpredictable world. Ahead of humanity can wait for any turn. Therefore, it is desirable to prepare for the most incredible events. For example, do you know how to survive in a zombie apocalypse? Can't imagine what it is? Then you are lucky. Most of the population has already heard about the probable infections that turn ordinary people into brainless scum, having only one passion - to infect all others. Let's try to figure out how to survive in a zombie apocalypse, and whether there is, in principle, such an opportunity.

how to survive in a zombie apocalypse

What event are we talking about?

We will immediately say that nobody scientifically described a situation in which the majority of the world's population is affected by the now unknown virus. Such horrors are found in films and books.But a zombie apocalypse in real life is no less likely than a nuclear war. It can happen even more suddenly, without preparation. For example, the reason for the transformation of people into zombies will be one of the unknown science viruses, resting in the thickness of the glaciers. And the fact that they are melting at an ever-increasing rate is reported by the media regularly, and experts do not predict a halt to this process. That is, to assume the onset of such a phenomenon as a zombie apocalypse in real life is to prepare for danger. And the one who is forewarned has more chances to stay in good condition.

Who is a zombie?

The science is not able to reliably answer such a question. Probably, such developments are underway, but covertly, without publicizing the results to society. We use the information that operates in Hollywood. Zombies are people who have been attacked by viruses, actually dead people. Their main characteristics are:

  • eat human flesh, and cakes do not attract them;
  • moving slowly but steadily;
  • they prefer to hunt in large groups;
  • die with physical destruction of the brain;
  • react to sounds, light, smell.

Recommendations on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse, developed taking into account the above qualities of attackers. If the assumptions are wrong, then you will have to save yourself without instruction, relying on your own mind.

weapons against zombies

What are zombies afraid of?

Let's reason. We proceed from the fact that zombies are bodies that have retained the ability to somehow move in search of food, but have lost all other human qualities, including feelings. Fear is one of them. He, as it was found out in ancient Greece, is one of the basic instincts of a living being. That is, there is nothing to find out for a long time - the zombies have no emotions, these creatures are not able to be frightened a priori. Influencing them by threats is impossible. We'll have to fight back. Zombies can be destroyed in the only way - by destroying the brain commanding a dead body. That is, you need to think in advance about having a weapon against zombies. There are many options here, especially since humanity has been engaged in the development of murder methods throughout its history. But more on that later.

zombie apocalypse in real life

How to survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Despite the lack of reliable information about such a catastrophe, instructions have long been written. Enthusiasts successfully spread tips on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse.In general, techniques can be divided into several options that should be considered separately. There are tips for family and lonely citizens, those whom the catastrophe found in the apartment, house and service. It is clear that the rescue algorithm depends on the starting conditions. For example, if a sudden epidemic occurs when you drive in a crowded subway car or bus, there is simply no salvation. People will instantly transmit the virus along the chain with breathing or saliva, the first infected will have a snack on the rest. As a result, the gang of the dead is ready. Weapons against zombies in this situation is useless, they crush the masses. In fact, when organizing a rescue, it is important to avoid contact with the infected as long as possible, to hide, forgetting about courage. Heroism is not the place. Only the owner of atomic weapons will be able to kill everyone, since more than seven billion people already live on the planet. In case of an epidemic, most of them will replenish the hordes of the living dead.

how to deal with zombies

Loner rescue plan

We begin to consider recommendations on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse, with non-family citizens, gender does not matter. First of all, it is necessary to barricade windows and doors, that is, to isolate themselves from the outside world. Then start recounting and sorting stocks.The real zombie apocalypse in the city is Armageddon, especially at the very beginning. The dead will scour in search of prey. They will organize in flocks and attack everything moving, so it is better to wait. It will last, according to calculations, about two weeks. Therefore, you must immediately stock up on water and food. It is necessary to take only products that are not subject to rapid deterioration: canned food, biscuits and the like. Do not trade for cereals, they can not be cooked in the city. Employees of energy companies will be eaten very quickly.

the real zombies

How to choose clothes

An important point of the plan called: “how to survive in a zombie apocalypse” is the ability to equip accordingly. It should be understood that the world has completely changed, and therefore, not to fashion. Clothes and shoes should be durable, as comfortable and as wearable. Sports style is exactly what you need. Still prepare a backpack or bag, where the knife, food, water, ropes, matches or a lighter, a flashlight, gas mask, medicines, linen change. Not worth much to take. Throw away all unnecessary. Instead of documents, put a pick or screwdriver.In general, you need to focus on the tools, they will be very useful when it comes time to go. And in the city to survive there is no chance.

Plan for family citizens

We will not repeat. We describe only the features of behavior. Children must be instructed and equipped especially carefully. They can be easy prey for even a lonely zombie. These creatures smell, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it. Everything is at hand: cologne, perfume, food flavors, gasoline or kerosene. Be sure to thoroughly water the children of any of the above fluids when you go. It is better to place babies in a backpack to make it easier to move. We'll have to travel rushes from one apartment to another, stopping for a rest. In each room should be well barricaded, take all safety measures.

real zombie apocalypse in town

Where to get food, water and weapons?

One of the most important factors for survival in such a situation is the availability of remedies. Firearms will have to look in specialized stores or other people's apartments. This is no longer looting, but a necessary measure.Try to act carefully so that the noise does not attract the dead. Do not go "hunting" one by one. It is advisable to immediately gather in groups, so it is easier to defend. You should not go to huge supermarkets immediately after the start of the apocalypse. There are a lot of unfortunate people caught by the epidemic while shopping. They will leave the buildings only after a certain time. Shift the hunt for a week or two. It is better to look for food in small shops closer to the outskirts. But they will quickly become empty, then you will go to hypermarkets. The real zombies are looking for people and animals, so they will leave the city when there are no inhabitants left. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to wait a month in an apartment, then you should use it.

how to beat a zombie

Zombie clash

Completely bypass the dead, no one will succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance how to deal with zombies. The technique is simple: destroy their brain. For the first time it will be scary, since the human form of the creature does not lose immediately. But the choice is small: either join the hordes of the living dead, or kill. To destroy the brain, any weapon from a knife to a rifle will do. Beat should be straight to the head.Cold steel is better to strengthen the lever. It is recommended to make a spear, tying a good knife to the handle of the mop. So you protect yourself from contact with the secretions of zombies, which may be infectious. Still good to look for a crossbow. Learn to shoot in the course of the battle. And it is convenient in that the ammunition can be reused. By the way, do not forget to pick up thick rubber gloves. This tool is useful for extracting arrows from zombie heads. In the hardware shop get a heavy ax. It is perfect for fighting the dead.

Where to go?

Nothing is known about how to defeat a zombie. People will have to figure this out as the situation evolves. It is important to get out of megacities and save the population. For this you need transportation, preferably a car. It can load a lot of useful tool that will save life later. Should move to distant suburbs. Choose any empty house protected by a moat or a strong fence. All this will have to be strengthened. Use reinforcement and other iron pins, sticking them into the ground. The most real zombies do not shine with their minds, respectively, they will come across obstacles and detain the whole pack. Make stretchings from cans and ropes. They will notify in time of danger.Housing should be selected near the water source, but not far from the city. Grow food will not soon, so sometimes you have to go for prey in the shops.

tips on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse

The best places to organize a base

The time of the apocalypse levels all, sweep away the conventions between the living. It will remain the only goal - not to fill up the gang of the dead. Therefore, it will be possible to claim any unallocated space. The best for survival, appear to be:

  • government country bases;
  • military units;
  • prisons;
  • floating, protected objects.

You need to unite with other people and look for such a room. There it is much easier to organize defense. All gasoline has not been consumed yet, it is recommended to find an excavator and shield the building with a wide moat. It will be great if you can fill it with water from a river or a lake.

Remote plans

As a rule, at the time of crisis, people are only concerned about survival. Those who succeed will face another problem: what to do in a new, terrible world. They will have to clean the planet and try not to ruin the human race. And this will require a lot of effort and labor. Gradually, stocks will run out, even if there are few survivors.In addition, part of the population will looting, trying to satisfy their own desires, without worrying about the future. We'll have to fend off the dead and living bandits. For this you need a lot of weapons. Your community will have to constantly replenish your arsenal. In addition, you need to collect more normal people. Keeping the defense together is easier. But each comer to take in the community is dangerous. People will have to check. A year later, if you manage to preserve the community, you will have to learn how to run a subsistence economy, grow food in the garden beds.

This is how a new era of humanity will begin, if the apocalypse does happen. And it will be completely different, not the same as now. Most of the technology will be promptly and irretrievably lost during the life of the first generation of survivors. And how the society will develop is unknown. Perhaps zombies will be defeated, and people will discover other, more advanced abilities in themselves, if they manage to save the population, of course.

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