How to tie a hat from fur?

Recently, fashion has included products related toof fur. Due to the exceptional properties of the fur, the products are very light, pleasant to the touch and warm. In addition, due to their unusual texture they look very interesting and stylish.

Let's talk how to tie a hat out of fur. This is not difficult at all. For the manufacture of yarn will suit almost any fur - than fur coats, the more fluffy and beautiful hat you will get. Very beautiful products are obtained from mink fur - this fur is fluffy, warm and not too long, so that the wool is jammed when knitting. So, how to tie a cap from a mink fur.

  • To create yarn, you can use skinsmink or, more rationally, fur from an old mink fur coat or a sheepskin coat. To do this, straighten the product, remove the frayed parts. If the product is made of pieces, sew stubborn places and glue with a thin glue cloth. Then mark the skin or fur liner on strips 0.3-0.5 cm. The wider the strips, the thicker and warmer your cap will be.
  • Cut the canvas into strips using a blade,stationery or special furrier's knife. Then sew the strips in one strip through the top with threads of the same color. When stitching the strips, make sure that the fur is pointed in one direction. Coat the resulting strip into a tangle.
  • Wrap about 70 cm strip and fasten tothe right board with fur down. Moisten a little, stretch and, fixing the outer edge of the drill bit, twist the strip into a bundle. Then rewind another 70 cm, then secure and twist it again. When you have the whole string twisted, comb it and roll it into a tangle.
  • In order to tie a fur hat from a fur thread, you need to add to the fur thread a strong wool thread of the same color as the fur, which will give your product strength.
  • For knitting a thick fur thread is bestneedles number 5. Knit the cap facial viscous - so the product will be more elegant. The cap is knit, as usual - round, with a gradual decrease in the loops. When we knit a mink fur hat, the thread should not be too tight - the thread should lie down freely.
  • When the hat is ready, you can decorate it by beautifully decorating the bottom edge. To do this, take the mink tail, cut into pieces and use the hook to wind the edge of the cap.
  • To make the product look even morefluffy, it should be slightly combed and blown for several minutes with hot air from the hair dryer. At the same time, under the influence of temperature, all the jammed villi of the fur will straighten.

In addition to the cap in the same technique, you can tie a scarf, stole, waistcoat, poncho - any product that does not require regular washing.

To create a thread, you can use long-haired fur of fox or fox and the simplest one is rabbit fur.

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