How to understand each other?

It would be excellent to always be on the same wavelength asa man who is dear to you. If only you could understand each other without words. As much as it was easier, if you could read other people's thoughts. And if you did not have to put all the dots over i. But how do people understand each other?

As you have already heard or experienced: once - it's an accident, the second time - a coincidence, the third time - there is already something to think about. As a result, you are now together, and understanding each other is not easy. No, not because you are of different sex, but because you have different upbringing, a vision of the world, an understanding of how relations should develop. But are you ready to accept into your world a "strange" person with whom you could be happy? In order to become a "stranger" "native" you need to work a little. As they say: "Relationships are a huge joint work, which includes a lot of effort, patience, and overcoming barriers."

Interested in

Ask the question: "How to learn to understand each other?". It's pretty simple. Learn it better, even if you have already met for a long time.

Ask his parents, relatives: about his childhood, desires, interests. Meet his friends. In companies, you can learn a lot about your boyfriend.

Find information about his zodiac sign. This will help with what you start to win his heart and stay loved forever.

Talk on different topics: everything that you would like to know. But be able to listen and listen to the interlocutor.

Pull yourself together

In general, life is a puzzle of multi-colored pieces, in which there are both light and dark elements. Therefore, the problems that arise need to be overcome in order to correct the current situation.

Do not hysterize and complain to all yourgirlfriends: "We do not understand each other", "He does not know me at all" or "He probably wants to quit me". Although, often, any situation from the outside is clearer, and advice is certainly good. But still make your own decisions. Since you are upset, it can be difficult for you to put everything in order. But that you were "on the same wave", you need to calm down and weigh everything. Try to stay in his shoes and understand what you misunderstood or did not want to understand.

Take the first step

And how often after the quarrel you were heartbreakingmonologues? Represented, how could it be, did you do otherwise? Do we understand each other after what happened? I bet that often. And yes! If there is a conflict between you, this is the result of misunderstanding. A long-known fact: "In order to do something well - you need to do it yourself." Do not wait until it changes. Do you want every morning to kiss you and, together with a "good morning", have coffee in bed? Start doing it yourself. Also tell, that sometimes so it would be desirable to give the love and heat to the dear person.

Avoid sharp corners, going to the goal

Do not hold resentment in yourself. You can always agree. But warn that you are not an angel and do not know how to forgive what you do not try to correct. If you are to blame yourself, do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness.


Of course, you can say that no matter how much youtried to build relationships with absolutely different people, but in the end nothing happens. But again, when nothing is glued to anyone, it is worthwhile to look for the cause in yourself. How to understand each other, if you do not do anything for it. No one likes to be wrong and admit their mistakes, but this is one of the rules. "Self-immolation" can do good, but do not go too far.


Life does not stand still and you should not. Psychologists have determined that subconsciously we choose people who are similar to us. That's why you have to change to find a new type of man for yourself.

It will be necessary to change not only externally, but also internally. One beauty is not enough to make a joint life, but please note - to monitor yourself is far from important.

There is a very interesting Soviet film "The Flyingmouse "in 1979. The point is that my husband became bored with his wife. He thought he knew her as a read book. And seriously took a great interest in the stunning stranger, who unexpectedly turns out to be the most "read book" - his wife.

People communicate, are friends, because they are connecteddifferent circumstances: they grew up together, studied, worked. You can not say that you fully know those with whom you communicate. Find each other in different parts of the world and bind themselves by the bonds of marriage to those who are really good and interesting together. And you will be together until you have common interests, even if it is only a joint preparation of dinner in the evenings or cleaning on weekends. The main thing is that joint activities are united, and the consequence is comfort in your relationships. After all, you always want to go back to where it's cozy and peaceful.

You can understand each other. You can also learn this if you want. It's quite simple and affordable. But in order for you to be on the same wave, you need to act.

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